I've always knew that I'd be rich. I set an intention that id be the richest sentient being and or thing in the omniverse. I started getting ideas and receiving books about it. But people keep saying that I'm being greedy, that's too much or, I won't be happy. Especially on law of attraction forums. They were rude,tactless and mean to me. They say that I probably think I have to be mean to make money - which I dont. They said Id always be looking for the next dollar.

I believe my getting this much money will help everyone. It'd help the real estate agents from whom I purchase my palaces, the interior decorators, the art galleries, the vineyards, the Saville row tailors, the classic yacht dealers everybody. It'll even help humanity move forward in technological evolution.

I honestly believe it can occur but people think I'm crazy or don't take me seriously. I've contacted NASA and it's head and even the owner of all the real estate in the solar system but, to no avail.

I'd like to know how to manifest this mind blowing out of this world -literally - wealth? Lol.

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the amount of wealth you have in your life is a direct reflection of how you see yourself ... see yourself as a mind blowing person and you'll attract and receive mind blowing wealth

(06 Jan '16, 04:22) jaz
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If you truly believed that you'd be rich, you wouldn't be bothering about what other people thought of you or what other people said about you. Maybe these people who are trying to put you down actually are appearing in your life as a "test" to see whether you truly believed what you believed. If today you believed that you could take a plane from Asia to the USA, would you really care about whether people think you are crazy or do not take you seriously ? You would think that they are just talking **** and just do it !


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@newthoughtfanatic - In addition to this, if what you want feels like it would be "mind blowing" to get, you are still a long way from it vibrationally. See the principle of the Next Logical Step

(07 Dec '15, 00:42) Stingray

So I should feel at ease with what I try to manifest? I think. Have a problem as I think everything I want is out of this world mind blowing. Including things others would see as mundane like going to college,safety,privacy,getting a job.

I keep thinking that I have to work hard and be the best business man or others won't take my accomplishments seriously. Is this in opposition of my desire for wealth?

(09 Dec '15, 19:50) newthoughtfanatic

I read Jerry hicks manifested a job without employees. I wanted the same but no employers also. I think that no one will listen to me or be my employee. Is that weird? How do I overcome this thought/feeling?

(09 Dec '15, 19:50) newthoughtfanatic

Thank you both.

(09 Dec '15, 19:51) newthoughtfanatic
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Hi @newthoughtfanatic the very first step to manifest 'out of this world' wealth is to get the juices flowing discover what turns you on, what get's you really excited.

So the main guidelines are;

  • Discover what really turns you on.
  • Know what you want and why you want it.
  • Carefully note exactly where you are at this moment in time, see where you're headed and your means of getting there.
  • Money is a good servant but a poor master so learn how to direct it.
  • Clear your space and away you go.

Have fun :)


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