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There is no emotion in my body that I can respect in relation to my behavior. I have learnt studying my culture that in my heart there is no real respect I can think on that this I can something real that I can hold on. In fact there is nothing such a thing like 'only for me'. If anything like that it is all equal in relation to every human being. Then what is the point that plays along with me. The answer is nothing. Nothing except the time bounded activities that burst out and deliver me (in regards as an activity or dialogue conversation) as not to become an obstacle in the flowing process.

Is there is any thing that is called new? Think about it. New is just something very stupidity that makes us excited in unnecessary baggage. Excitement which is no means to carry on if it does not fulfill any one of the individual requirement as part of their survival factor. What is new? First time in life experience is termed as new. No, no that is not new. For me new is a giant monster that I always waited for it. Hours, Days months and years together I have waited for it. And it has eaten all my life. There is nothing called new.. new... if anyone has teach me that there is nothing called new but there is all the time called fresh.. try to be fresh always, my life would be different. That, this, after all my bone breaking experience I have removed the new term in my life. Sorry for post If anyone feels bad and thanks for reading.

asked 08 Feb, 05:34

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What the hell are you on about? Can you clarify your question and see what youre asking?

(13 Feb, 05:44) Nikulas

bang on...

(20 Feb, 07:39) PERFECT GOOD
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Hi @PERFECT GOOD after having read your question several times trying and get the gist of it :) here's my answer I'd like to give you.

The only thing that really matters is the dynamic spiritualized energy (for want of a better term), that holds together physical things, without which nothing happens, and to some extent we can control that energy.

There's nothing ever new under the sun meaning nothing is truly new, things that seem new are just sorts of echos from past happenings. So it all boils down to personal choices and opinions, it all boils down to what we choose to believe ... I hope that my answer makes sense to you,


answered 23 Feb, 02:32

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@Jaz There's nothing ever new under the sun meaning nothing is truly new... (It is truth and I like it.. but many persons unlike the truth to believe it)

(13 Mar, 00:05) PERFECT GOOD
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