This thought came to my mind, we send rockets of desire every single time we see a thing that we do not want for a thing that we do want, even unconsciously.

That should mean we have at least a few hundred of desires on their way to us.

So why aren't they coming? I mean, my every day life is pretty much the same from day to day, not much new stuff is happening(manifesting). And it isn't because I am noticing everything is pretty much the same, because I am not. I have only just now noticed it so I am writing this question.

I think it is impossible to have resistance toward all of the hundreds of desires, isn't it? Because one can barely think of a dozen desires he wants in this moment without thinking heavily about it. The "leting go of desires to manifest them" principle should be operating by now. I surely forgot about and let go of at least 98% of my desires, I don't even know what I wanted a week ago. The ones I forgot about ages ago, while living life, should be floding into my life but they obviously aren't.

Only explanation I could have for this situation is the one that has to with beliefs. But again, is it possible to have negative beliefs about so many desires(if not all) that didn't manifest?

EDIT Additional explanation

Every day we make new desires. Most of them we make either unconscious or we forget about them completely in a very short period of time(even that same day). If we every now and then have new desires and evenutally forget about them we should have a steady stream of new manifestations coming into our life, I would even say many daily coming, correct? But that is not the case, at least not for me, because every my day is pretty much the same. So what happens to those desires then? Why "surrendering" isn't "working"? I mean, let's say this, surfing the web you surely make a whole lot of desires; "oh that's nice, I'd like it. And look at this, isn't it pretty, I wish is had it..." etc. What happens to those desires? Why don't they ever come if we even forget about ever wishing them in the first place?

Thank you

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I do not know what is not happening, but Im only interested what is happening? Sometimes I feel stepping back, sometimes stepping ahead.........................

(31 Mar '16, 09:17) PERFECT GOOD
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Short answer: Get in the vortex.

Long answer: You can't recognize all the desires that are literally on the cusp of manifesting right now because you probably aren't in their vibrational vicinity habitually (i.e. you aren't feeling good most of the time). Get in the vortex :). As soon as you're in there, you'll notice an explosion of hundreds of things you've desired that are right in front of you, right now.


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This is such a good answer! Being in the vortex you do not care about the 98% of desires that are or aren't coming. You're so happy, appreciative, peaceful, clear, passionate about your life, your what-is now that you can't see what extra benefit you could get from your 'desires'. They come, of course they come but its never super exciting... more like, my life is amazing as it is oh look I wanted that there it is... I love my life.. oh look there's that thing I wanted, that's blah what's next..

(26 Mar '16, 19:03) Yes

Thanks for your answer! So you want to say that you don't believe in the "let go to manifest it" method?

(27 Mar '16, 07:21) Marin

One of my fave teachers is Melody Fletcher (google "Deliberate Receiving" for her blog and book, they're both great). She often talks about how reality is like a holographic room, or a mirror. We're perceiving what we're putting out, vibrationally. The thing is that the majority of us (and I have been studying this stuff for, uh, a while? and I'm just beginning to get that I am still numbered among this majority, haha!) are outputting our vibration based on what we're perceiving.

So it's like a loop. Reality isn't really that real. But if you think it's real, then most of your attention, your thoughts, are about what's in front of you, what's in the mirror. And we might want other things, and those desires become instantly vibrationally real, but those other things can't become apparent to us so long as we're still vibrating based entirely or almost entirely on what we see in the mirror of our physical reality.

Example. Say you really want a relationship, but you don't have one. So most of your time spent thinking about relationships is vibrating "Don't have one don't have one don't have one", and that is what manifests in your physical reality, that's what you keep noticing and vibrating, that's what keeps being mirrored back to you. But your wanting is for sure. It's in the vortex, held for you, it's energetically REAL. This is important to understand, I think - I feel like many of us think we still have to create it. We don't have to create it, it's done, it has been created, it's sure. It's only our constant "Don't have a relationship" broadcast that keeps us from receiving/perceiving that perfect person we've now narrowly missed at the supermarket seven times!

Abraham have said many times that at any given moment, there are 50 or 100 paths to everything you want around you, right this instant. But they aren't/can't be visible to us so long as we're broadcasting and seeing reflected back to us "The thing I want isn't here". Abraham also often say that things are constantly changing, but because most of us are vibrating based on "reality", things are changing to the same exact thing over and over and over.

I think those of us who are really good focusers struggle with this. We're so good at perceiving our reality that we get hung up on it and often can't even let ourselves just daydream about whatever it is we want - we think that's somehow silly, we should be "working on it", not realizing that the daydream is the beginning of lining up with the vibration that will let you see it in your reality.

Just my two cents. Good question!


answered 27 Mar '16, 00:05

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Thanks for your answer! I understand what you're saying but I think you didn't understand what I am saying..I'm saying that it's impossible to notice the absence of all the hundreds of desires..And if I'm not noticing their absence that should mean that they should have came by now. And they didn't, I noticed that my every day is pretty much the same just now , like yesterday. And if every day is the same it's obvious that not much is manifesting

(27 Mar '16, 07:34) Marin

You are manifesting every day, all day. You are just manifesting matches to the emotional state you are in now. I would imagine all these hundreds of desires would make you feel happy, secure, loved, passionate etc. In order to see those desires in your now you have to be feeling those emotions now, in your now. That's what vibrational matching is all about. Whatever you are feeling emotionally now will reflect what you're manifesting now. You're always manifesting.

(27 Mar '16, 11:45) Yes

If you feel happy, excited and eager in your life now. Then what is in your vortex that matches the feelings of happy, excited eager would manifest in your life quickly. There could be hundreds of things that match those emotions. If you feel frustrated, however, the universe has hundreds of experiences that match up with frustration and they will manifest for you. Law of attraction is actually pretty quick. Feel the emotion and the universe will send what matches it within hours, days, fast.

(27 Mar '16, 11:52) Yes

@yes I appreciate your comment but I'm not aiming here for manifesting in general. I'm specifically aiming for the concept of "letting go" to manifest something. Because it has been said numerous times here on this site that there are actually 2 ways to manifest something(if I'm not mistaken): 1. the one you are describing - with emotions, being in vortex, feel good about something etc.; and 2. by letting go - if you let go of something/forget about it you actually remove resistance towards it..

(27 Mar '16, 13:13) Marin

and allow it to manifest.

(27 Mar '16, 13:14) Marin

And some details about the letting go concept are bugging me as you can see. Thank you!

(27 Mar '16, 13:17) Marin

Letting go to manifest something specific is easy. To 'let it go' or give up or 'surrender' just means accepting that you don't care either way if it comes or not. You're fine without it. That release allows it to come to you. If you still want it you haven't let it go so you will not be a match to it. The desire for it is "wanting" which is vibrating "lack" - to let go and release is a match to the "having" of it....

(27 Mar '16, 14:57) Yes

Have a look at this answer. This explains having (letting go) versus wanting (yearning for the manifestation)

(27 Mar '16, 14:59) Yes

yes, yes, thank you but let me explain again the core of my question: every day we make new desires. Most of them we make either unconscious or we forget about them completely in a very short period of time(even that same day). If we every now and then have new desires and evenutally forget about them we should have a steady stream of new manifestations coming into our life, I would even say many daily coming, correct? But that is not the case, at least not for me, because every my day is pretty

(27 Mar '16, 15:36) Marin

much the same. So what happens to those desires then? Why "surrendering" isn't "working"?

I mean, let's say this, surfing the web you surely make a whole lot of desires; "oh that's nice, I'd like it. And look at this, isn't it pretty, I wish is had it..." etc. What happens to those desires?

(27 Mar '16, 15:37) Marin

They are in the vortex waiting for you. If you desire something, whether it's on the internet, a new car, whatever. You only ever desire that thing because you think if you had the thing it would 'feel good' to you. So whether it's one desire or 100 desires that you are launching each day. If you feel you would feel better than you do right now if you had that thing in your life, if having that thing would lift your spirits, give you a rush or whatever...

(27 Mar '16, 16:27) Yes

... then the desire is launched and held at a certain frequency. Let's say that you launch 100 desires today and all of them would give you a rush of pleasure to receive so the Universe saves them and marks them as a 'high/rush of pleasure' (for you). In order for you to see those 100 desires you have to be vibrating at the same 'high/rush of pleasure' frequency. Then you are a vibrational match to them. The Universe always matches frequency with frequency....

(27 Mar '16, 16:33) Yes

Look around at what you have mostly in your life and think about how those things make you FEEL. That is where your frequency is currently. There will be more things on the way to you that make you feel as you do today, now. If you want things that you believe will make you feel better than you do right now then you have to find a way to feel as you would feel if you had them, then you're a vibrational match to them and they will come to you quickly.

(27 Mar '16, 16:42) Yes

The fast way to manifest wanted things is to feel appreciation for all that makes up your life now. The universe recognizes the feeling of appreciation and says, 'ah what else can I deliver that will make @Marin feel appreciation' and then you get a rush of things manifesting that make you feel appreciation. You're currently vibrating "where are all the things I've been asking for" (I don't have them) the Universe will match that giving you days where "you can't see the things", that's a match.

(27 Mar '16, 16:54) Yes

@yes ok I understand. I thank you enormously for your effort and input friend :)

(28 Mar '16, 04:45) Marin

@Marin You're very welcome. We are a family on IQ and to help and share is the reason we're all here. :)

(28 Mar '16, 04:51) Yes

Great stuff from @Yes. To add my pov, I find "letting go" not that useful as an idea. Recently I heard a description of "focus" as "that which is included in your awareness". I find that a useful way to think of it. If I want a million dollars, but my awareness includes more than 50% "I don't have a million dollars", I'm not going to vibrate in a way that matches what the million bucks represents to me (probably freedom, options, fun, luxury, pleasure) and so it can't snap into my reality.

(28 Mar '16, 16:16) corduroypower

Or I can also think of it as letting go - BUT, letting go of the awareness of the absence of something. I find "letting go" kind of (for me) to include an element of "some third party is deciding if I'm good enough at non-attachment to deserve what I want", so it's more helpful to me to think of reality as purely mechanical. There's no external force granting my wishes, it's just about if my physical reality is focused (=mostly aware of) in the direction of what I want or away from it.

(28 Mar '16, 16:18) corduroypower
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Here's a youtube video that I think answers your question perfectly:


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