Bashar often say "act on your highest excitement". My highest excitement changes every day or every hour. I have a goal on something that I really want to do. Imagine where I am now (point A) and where my goal is (point B) to be a straight line. My highest excitement(s) would look like branches on the straight line leading me somewhere else other than that goal because my highest excitement changes frequently.

Let's say my main goal and the thing I really want to do the most (can also be highest excitement) is to venture in this certain type of business. I'm already half way there as I followed my excitement and worked on the project on my way to that main goal. Now another excitement came up, which swerves me on a different direction: working on a design project for a client. And another, and another. None of these occassionally sprouting branches or excitements relate to the main thing I want to do or to be, but they often overpower it.

How can follow my highest excitement of the moment without sabotaging my main goal in this space-time reality?

asked 29 May '16, 22:21

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Is acting on your highest excitement the way to selfsabotage?

No, it isn't self-sabotage...quite the's the way to self-empowerment :)

You ultimately want any goal you are chasing because you believe you'll experience some particular positive emotion from physically achieving it. By following your highest excitement, you are allowing the broader part of you to find ways to allow you to experience that emotion in the shortest time possible.

And, paradoxically, once you are experiencing that emotion dominantly first, you'll place yourself in the optimum vibrational state to also get your goal...if that goal is a genuine vibrational match to the emotion.

Following the guidance of your broader self (which is what "highest excitement" is really about) is the fastest way for you to get anything you want. See Is life really just about living in a state of bliss?

Your logical, rational, physical self may think that because the goal isn't manifesting the way it originally expected then something has gone wrong...but it really hasn''s just that your physical self does not have the capability to see the higher-level view of where things are going.

alt text

For example, let's say that your goal is become the boss of some huge multi-national corporation. Your broader self may understand that the real reason you want this is because you want to experience emotions such as "invincibility", "power", "strength", perhaps all stemming from an underlying feeling you are chasing of wanting to be "in control".

So by following this inner guidance you might end up manifesting physical life circumstances such as, say, winning more at sports, doing more public speaking, perhaps even cleaning up your bedroom.

All of these might seem unrelated to you becoming a "Big Boss" but they're actually directly connected if you consider the emotional element of them...wanting to feel more "in control" of things. (See How can I stop manifesting frustration?)

So when you say in your question...

My highest excitement(s) would look like branches on the straight line leading me somewhere else other than that goal because my highest excitement changes frequently.

...if you are following your highest excitement then the reason that you are being led somewhere other than that goal is because your bigger, broader self has actually found a shorter route to those emotions you are craving.

The most direct route to anything you want is the one with the strongest positive emotion

And like I said earlier, the paradox is that as you experience those feelings of being "in control" Now and make them habitual, your physical manifestation of being "The Big Boss" is coming to you as fast as it possibly can, often by-passing much of the physical effort you thought you originally needed to do.

Just as an aside, Bashar teaches that you keep going with the task you choose as your highest excitement for as long as you are able to continue with it...until something pops up in your physical reality to prevent you continuing with it.

So you don't really change "highest excitement" tasks as often as you might initially think.

See the comments in this thread for further information.


answered 30 May '16, 04:10

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edited 01 Jun '16, 07:22

Thank you, Stingray for your answer. It's usual of me here in IQ to take days or weeks after reading the answers to respond. That's because I really try to live the answers and compare it to my experience. The past week I did act my highest excitement and did things that even seem to look like procrastinating and totally opposite to my "long term" goals [cont...]

(05 Jun '16, 23:25) sagchiq03

I agree to your answer greatly and there was one "excitement" of mine that I followed that changed me and actually pushed me to the direction that is my highest excitement (the point B I said in the question).

There was this group I was so concerned about that I would contribute a lot to it every day. I acted on it and spent days in contribution then something bad happened within the group that faded my strong relationship to it and gave me a wake up call. [cont...]

(05 Jun '16, 23:26) sagchiq03

Doing this thing is not "good" or "bad" but it didn't turn out to be worth it. It gave me an immediate wake up call on what I should do next. The strong desire to ditch the group and do something else seems to be connected in the bigger picture. It seems that there is some sort of synchronicity happening that I can only see only if I do what I "know" I have to do, even if that's only a temporary part of the picture. [cont...]

(05 Jun '16, 23:26) sagchiq03

But questions rise after this. I tried to relate this scenario to someone I know who's a drug addict. It seems that his "highest excitement" of every moment is to be high (as in drug high). But the way I see it, he's acting on this excitement for years and not leaving it. So how can he leave this trap if he'll act consistently on what he wants or needs?

(05 Jun '16, 23:26) sagchiq03

@sagchiq03 - "a drug addict. It seems that his "highest excitement" of every moment is to be high" - Are you sure? :) See the difference between feeling better because of relief from (emotional/physical) pain and feeling better because of alignment The way to leave the "trap" is to deal with the underlying pain. Preventing an addict from partaking in their addiction only causes them to find other ways to suppress the original pain

(08 Jun '16, 05:08) Stingray

I realized just now that when someone says "get your mind on the end goal first" it actually means not being attached on the end goal, but on the "end feeling".

(17 Feb '17, 21:09) sagchiq03
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do not focus only on the goal, the target, the end of the course etc.. because you are missing the most important the present moment. in that present moment you can experience and enjoy many things. to self sabotage your self for a goal that might or might not happen in the future would be probably the worst that you could do. in the present moment what do you find interesting is there something to experience in that? that you have never experience before. something new to find out? or to learn about? you see sometime you will find other stuff that you like. some of them go hand in hand with other stuff some other are not related. you never know what the future will bring so experience and enjoy the present moment. for example you could look at Michael j fox or Steven reeves that add a bright future before them as actor one got a sickness and the other accident. that ended their carrer. look at some company that where at the leading edge that add over a decade of advance on every one and the next day the company is close. good example would be a.v.roe canada. 1400 people loosing their job in one day. I am pretty sure that they expected to work there all their live. doing something that they liked. some of them found some job back at nasa or in other aviation company some other probably add to make a complete change of branch. doing something that you like to do and enjoy is very good. you see it does not matter that you like more then one thing it makes you more versatile. you never know when knowledge about those things could be needed. we could talk about people that add passion and often those in power told them you are not intelligent enough, your idea will never work, people will not be interested by that. look at Albert Einstein as a child he was consider slow in is intellectual development. Steven Spielberg that was told is movie would not be appreciated by the public. so you see if you have a passion about something or like to do something try it if it works it work if it does not then it does not. if you do not try you will never know. experience and enjoy.


answered 03 Jun '16, 03:26

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white tiger

The second and third part of the formula are "to the best of your ability" and "with no expectation of a particular outcome".

So what you need to do is take time and clear the negative belief that says you need to fulfill any particular goal in order to be acting on your highest excitement, or that you need to fulfill someone else's expectation in that regard.


answered 14 Feb '17, 04:46

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I know this has been posted a year ago but I have noticed my thinking behavior in the past just now. It is the fear that acting on the highest excitement will lead to nowhere that keeps me from acting on my highest excitement. Because acting on the highest excitement makes no sense for the conscious mind. It looks like it leads us to nowhere. But now I understand, maybe. A bit.

(17 Feb '17, 21:29) sagchiq03

If you're referring to the Secret movie techniques you may be sabotaged already because to manifest anythin& one must understand the Law of attraction is but one of the three laws of the universe which are mentioned in detail in most of the Abraham/Hicks books and recordings. I have been with these teachings for about 25 years so anyway test them;Ianifested a unicorn once too see if I could detach from negative expectations I focused on a picture of a unicorn appriciating the myth andagic as a symbol of imagination, I then went bodysurfing for two hours came back to beach house and hit the on button to telivison, wouldn't you know the universe scheduled a children's story that day called The Last Unicorn and I never touched the chanel doal...


answered 30 May '16, 07:04

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that is nice it makes me remember when I was a kid I would think it would be nice to have that episode of that series playing I could remember what I liked about it. I would get home open the tv and it was that exact episode playing.

(10 Jun '16, 04:15) white tiger
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