Consider: And are humans in a state of conscious or unconscious living in their spiritual nature, and how do we know this?

asked 02 Jan '11, 02:58

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Inactive User ♦♦

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Barry Allen ♦♦

That statement is true in every measure of ideology.

We no longer live in caves or communicate in pictures.

Now here we are trying to quantify concepts for which words have not yet been invented by the mainstream.

Thank god we don't have the system of consensus from the lowest common denominator to hold us back.


answered 02 Jan '11, 03:08

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The Traveller

Smiles and pets dog :)

(02 Jan '11, 03:10) jim 10

Chuckles at wandering dude’s comment :)

(02 Jan '11, 03:13) The Traveller

@ The Traveller, very well put, and hehe hehe and puppies. Up vote for that.

(02 Jan '11, 06:36) Tom

As always your answer is unique! Caves, are we still talking about it, okay! Thank you.

(02 Jan '11, 20:37) Inactive User ♦♦

@The Traveller, and anybody else. Unfortunately, our lowest common denominator is our Leaders and their reptilian brain.

(03 Jan '11, 03:12) Tom

And our acceptance of a system where conformity is rewarded.

(04 Jan '11, 01:22) The Traveller
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Have you read any Eckhart Tolle Vee? He answers this question quite well, although its obviously only his take on it.

Found his books quite informative,he doesnt quite come across as well on u tube thou. He tends to indulge himself a little i think.

Books good thou...i couldnt put it down.



answered 02 Jan '11, 12:49

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Monty Riviera

Which one of Eckhart Tolle books are you suggesting? Please list the name of the book for me. Thank you.

(02 Jan '11, 20:42) Inactive User ♦♦

A new earth its called.Theres others but this one specifically deals with a step in consciousness.I managed to get a pdf online. Its very good.I literally couldnt stop reading it until i had finished. It had some interesting stuff regarding the human ego too. It really is worth a read Vee.

(03 Jan '11, 11:07) Monty Riviera

All levels must be represented to make a free universe. We are free to fail or succeed. We are all made from the same stuff. Picture the ocean as a sea of souls together. Scoop up some of this water with a glass. The glass represents your body. Now imagine many types of glasses being filled. The only difference between us is the glass. Inside, we are all the same. Some of us look at the others glass and say,"what a pretty glass?", or "That is a short glass". The focus should be on our self and our progression. And we will see the results. Yes this is Gods classroom.


answered 04 Jan '11, 15:15

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The Knights Alchemy

Very insightful, thank you for your answer, and Welcome to Inward Quest!

(04 Jan '11, 22:48) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank You, I am among like minded people.

(05 Jan '11, 23:16) The Knights Alchemy
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