the answer to me is definitely yes - what do you think ?

asked 11 Jan '11, 07:15

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blubird two

edited 11 Jan '11, 07:25

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes. I've used the I Ching in this regard, and it has proven to be amazing time and again.

It doesn't foretell the future, but it can guide you by hinting at the possible outcome of a situation or course of action. Some have said that it is our Super Consciousness that knows something we don't, and hence is able to pick just the right number of sticks to give a good answer.


answered 11 Jan '11, 09:37

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Pat W

thanks for your comment

(11 Jan '11, 11:28) blubird two

Simple answer, yes.

There are so many millions of people who in day to day experience would attest to this.



answered 11 Jan '11, 11:01

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Monty Riviera

thanks graham - that's the feedback i was waiting for

(11 Jan '11, 11:27) blubird two
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