Dear All,

I am asking this question out of my own experience in the last few days and I seek clarity from all of you.

Let me put this in form of a situation which will make it easier to understand.

I am looking out for a job and whenever I go for an interview there are 3 feeling places (timings) that I experience regarding the outcome, namely:

1) Feeling which I have before going for the interview and just before the interview

2) Feeling which I have immediately after the interview

3) The sustained feeling which I have much after the interview

I have been trying to maintain a dominantly good feeling in all these 3 timings but some how not getting the desired results. In a case where I was in a state of knowing (That it is mine) before and after the interview and much of the time for the sustained period, it didn't work out in the very last phase. I must admit that when I checked with them in the end, I wasn't in a very positive vibration. Which makes it all the more confusing for me, that isnt my vibrational offering uptil now working, and all that I offered till now did not work because I was not in the optimum vibration at the fag end, when it was time for me to receive the news.

I want to know where am i going wrong so that I can correct my self. I sincerely look forward to feed back from all of you.

Thank you so much :)

asked 28 Jan '11, 06:34

Sourabh's gravatar image


I wouldnt woory too much about a few stray feelings. I believe the BALANCE of how you predominantly believe and feel is more important to sustained results.

Im in a phase at the moment where my feeling occasionally fluctuate and to be honest ive had a bit of a struggle BUT the bulk of my feelings are good.

My rationale is that the negative situations we all experience are the results of a lifetime of misguided thought and failure to listen to our emotions and re direct thought. I must reason from that ,that a few negative thoughts and feelings wont tip the balance much.

Your obviously (from your question) very in tune with your feelings and im sure you have already done much correctional work.My feeling is that the aggregate effect of this will, and is taking place.

The interview isnt proof positive that your determination isnt paying off.Youve already mastered the art of listening to your feelings and working towards correction.

Ive been thru something very similar,in fact im going thru it. There will always be the odd vibrational blip. I console myself with the fact that my cummulative thinking will win in the end. I have no doubt yours will too. Graham


answered 28 Jan '11, 08:42

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

Hey Graham,

Thank you so much for the encouragement!! This really lifted my spirits. Yes it is true that I have been working upon my vibration for some time now and I feel that I have crossed the tipping point.

I predominantly feel good these days and I know that even if I am not receiving (immediately) all that I have asked for, it is coming very soon for sure.

Your response has reassured me that I am on the right path and may be if that didn't happen, something better and closely matching my request is coming soon.

Thank you once again and God Bless :)

(29 Jan '11, 12:49) Sourabh

Hi Sourabh,

You mention that you "checked with them in the end" and you weren't in a very positive vibration. First of all, were you starting to get anxious and that's why you checked with them? It might mean that even as you experienced the good feeling of assuredness in your first two timings, you didn't believe it 100%. That's why doubt started to creep in and you felt compelled to check with them.

The other thing is something Stingray often says - don't do anything when you aren't feeling good. It's very true. Try to get yourself feeling good/light-hearted/happy first, using whichever method works for you. For me, it could be as simple as watching a sitcom, or a little more elaborate like Stingray's Focus Blocks method. Only then, when I really feel light and carefree, do I proceed to take action on anything.

Hope this helps.


answered 28 Jan '11, 08:56

Pat%20W's gravatar image

Pat W

Hi Pat,

Firstly would like to thank you for such a simple and logical, but insightful answer. Yes you are right in saying that I got anxious and that is why I checked with them and that some doubt had crept in. I also was feeling slightly over confident in the beginning because of which I told some of my friends that I am sure to get through. May be after I told them there was some kind of insecurity about me not keeping up to my word. I realized this and I surely learned a lot from this incident.

(29 Jan '11, 12:42) Sourabh

I also agree with you that one should always come to a good feeling place and then do something. Stingray had advised the same thing to me in one of my questions. However may be some stress had built up which lead to my vibration dipping for a while. I have surely learned a great deal from this experience and I am grateful that this happened.

Thank you once again for making me realize where I went wrong.

God Bless!! :)

(29 Jan '11, 12:42) Sourabh

Glad to help. Btw, I read somewhere (not sure on this site or not) that it's best to keep our desires to ourselves before they manifest. Somehow, saying it to someone else may introduce another person's skepticism, which then affects the manifestation.

(30 Jan '11, 05:03) Pat W

Yes, I agree and I too have read it somewhere. In fact I also have been advised by IQ members earlier. May be I had forgotten and this was a reality check for a good reminder. I am really glad that this happened to me. Thanks once again! :)

(02 Feb '11, 13:22) Sourabh
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