I found that i sense proir earth quacks too or immidiately feel whether it is very weak.

I also sense negative or positive energies in the atmosphere.Can feel Sadness and cheerfulness in a house.

Some times while attending a marriage ceremony i feel sadness ,but later on found that the outcome of that relation was tragic or at least not good.

and some time i feel happiness on some sad incident which lateron turned good to me or to someone else.

For example: in an urgent need of money,and no way to get it before me.but my heart is happy and relax.later i found money easily.

Can this be helpful in regard to law of attarction or manifesting or how can i use this in manifesting?

asked 09 Feb '11, 05:07

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Yes, sensitivity to vibration is extremely helpful in manifesting.

Everyone has access to sensing the flow of vibrational energy through their emotions.

When there is a difference between how your broader self ("Higher Self") is focused and how your physical self is focused, you feel the difference in vibrational energy flow through emotion.

The usefulness of this sensitivity comes about because positive emotion indicates alignment with your broader self (and also everything you want in life) while negative emotion indicates a misalignment.

So being more emotionally sensitive is very useful indeed because you can sense those differences in focus earlier and more accurately, long before any physical manifestations have resulted and subsequently grabbed your physical focus, making you believe that things are now harder to change...which they are not actually.

When you feel a negative emotion earlier, you can then focus your thought differently earlier (emotions always come in response to thoughts) and thereby do a course correction earlier towards what you really want.

It is quite ironic that many people try to kill or suppress their emotions when, in fact, they represent the most useful and reliable moment-by-moment life guidance system that exists.


answered 09 Feb '11, 19:36

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Thanks stingray for very helpful reply.

(10 Feb '11, 04:51) Zee

You're welcome, Zulu

(11 Feb '11, 07:22) Stingray
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