I live in a high-rise flat and is on the tenth floor, yet I often get weird insects and bugs in my room for some reason. These insects and bugs are a lot bigger than the normal mosquitoes and flies and I have no idea how to identify them...

Weird thing is even when my window is closed almost completely, these bugs & insects still somehow manage to find their way into the room... and when I open my windows completely to invite them to leave they are just stubborn or they can't find their way out. Another thing is that they always seem to appear only after midnight (12AM), and I dont get any of them in the daytime, afternoons or evening.

Another even weirder thing is so the bug is unable to find its way out after a few hours.. and so I just go to sleep leaving it alone and can hear it flying around in the background. But every single time I wake up, they're gone..?! even when my windows are closed...

It makes me wonder whether all these bugs are extra-terrestials in another form trying to send me a message? lol.. anyone has had the same experience before?

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Instead of finding out why as for me I'd move!

(23 Apr '11, 08:02) Wade Casaldi

I love bugs. They're the bees knees!

(21 May '11, 18:54) you
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Some flying insects I can communicate with.Bumble bees, regular bees,and sometimes wasps.They leave the window they flew in when I explain that there is nothing here for them. In the manner you would tell a child to go out and play.Mosquitoes and flies are hopeless they just want to feed. It works for me. I live out in the country now so we get a lot of insects here to visit. I try to take out as many as possible of the ones that wander in.and show my children that there is no reason to fear insects.
I wonder with you being on the tenth floor if that would also attract a larger insect? Needing to be larger to get at that height? and if you apartment is not hermetically sealed !, Nature will always find a creep hole to get in.


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Hermetically sealed? What's that? Thanks

(23 Apr '11, 12:54) Fairy Princess

How do you explain to them? in normal human language? lol..

(23 Apr '11, 16:43) kakaboo

A clean room that nothing from the outside gets in.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermetic_seal

(23 Apr '11, 18:07) ursixx
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Insects migrate due to change in environment. They may appear weird because you have not seen the species before?

Insects are mostly nocturnal so they fly around at night and goes in hiding in the day isn't surprising. Perhaps you need to open the windows to let them out if you are at home? In my country, most of us stay in high rise apartment and we still get insects - crawlies or fliers.

Bees and most insects are attracted to sunlight. So if they are trapped indoors, just open your windows and curtains (turn of lights in the room) and they will seek the light.



answered 29 Aug '12, 04:23

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Someone told me the other day they saw someone kill a insect that was study droping something on him and when he lite it with a lighter and burned it it hollowed like a woman they took off runing to here that sound coming from a insect. Now, we have scientist experiment on insects and sone are going to excape and mixed with other insects.

Any thing probable and some things are very possiable. I don't know what could be brought back in the space crafts. Because insects can get in just about any thing. Maybe in the day time they are not gone but just sleep.


answered 23 Apr '11, 03:16

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Dear One, I hate to tell you this, but this question has a very simple and non-metaphysical answer: Your apartment is infested with all of the various types of cockroaches there are in the world!!!!! The clue to this is that they come out at night to hunt! You are NOT attracting them, and they do NOT care if you talk to them!!!!! You need desperately to call your building superintendent and get your apartment SPRAYED.

In fact, the whole building needs to be sprayed and soaked in something akin to DDT.

I think it is swell that you have developed a relationship with your visitors, but in fact, they carry all sorts of nasty diseases and need to go!!!!

Please DO NOT ask me how I know the answer to your question!!!!! Just accept that I do.

Blessings, Jai


answered 23 Apr '11, 07:54

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haha lol... but they dont look like cockroaches to me and they dont look like they are here to hunt...

(23 Apr '11, 16:43) kakaboo

I think that bugs and insects are of a high vibration, e.g. they can see colours which we can't, like ultra-violet. Since I moved here nearly 3 years ago I've seen all sorts of insects and also at times of the year when they shouldn't be there: different sizes of flies, some doing odd things like repeatedly flying in the same loop on and off the door frame; a few months ago, about October, I was still getting ladybirds outside on the wall, and also for a few weeks I had these huge bright green bugs on the outside wall, had never seen anything like them before. I wonder if it is by raising our frequency, we can access these insects in our reality.


answered 20 Jan '13, 11:02

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