as anny one feel other people pain and when the pain leaves you the person is relieved of there pain? like you go somewhere and in another room someone as headache and the more you go near the more you feel it! and you ask him you have headache? and he say yes! and you feel it go away! and tell him it as gone now? and he say yes how do you know? other example you walk in the street and someone very hill pass on your side and you continue to walk and 5 house down on the road you feel like you are going to faint the person after is feeling better but not cured!

asked 23 Apr '11, 06:16

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white tiger

edited 23 Apr '11, 06:49

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if those are not act of god i don't know what it is!

(23 Apr '11, 06:22) white tiger

Hello, white tiger! You have caught my attention, of course! :o) I hope you enjoy Inward Quest. I re-wrote your question so that people would understand you better- I hope you do not mind! Blessings, >>>>>>>>>>>>>

(23 Apr '11, 06:51) Jaianniah
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Hi White Tiger and welcome to I.Q.

Yes this is known as empathic healing, it is not something you need to do, it happens as a transference of energy. Empathy we feel the other person's pain, sympathy we feel for the other person but do not feel the other person's pain. I believe God transfers energy when it is needed, as in one is stronger and able to handle the problem better than the other.

This has happened to me years ago when I was in the hospital dying. I was extremely low on energy and I was near gone, I was in my bed and I was talking to my mom I had been feeling like giving up and I was so close I got too close and changed my mind. At the moment I changed my mind two nurses walked in to my room and my energy shot back up to where I could handle it. The one nurse looked at the other and said "I feel tired all of a sudden." The other looked back and said "You too?" and the both left, God made a transfusion of spirit energy. From this point I was well back on my way to full recovery.


answered 23 Apr '11, 07:04

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Wade Casaldi

yes i have read about empath and took the online test 95% judge and lowest one was 70%. but empath impose hand me i just walk around being me normal self! and people that deserve it get some pain removed!

(23 Apr '11, 07:11) white tiger

Yes that is how empathy works, you are right. :-)

(23 Apr '11, 07:44) Wade Casaldi

The feelings I seem to "catch" from other people are usually their irritation and anger- I have to go away from these people as fast as I can! I cannot be near people who are exuding negative energy, as I get pulled down by this. I AM learning that I have a choice about this from Wade, and am practicing very hard to learn to not take on negative energy. I HAVE caught headaches from others, as if they are "contagious". I hope this helps you!

Blessings, and welcome, Jai


answered 23 Apr '11, 06:55

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thank you! i am french! and i can make error no one is perfect in this world!and yes i feel people emotion and though sometime and it is not always fun i try to by the less possible where there is to much people!

(23 Apr '11, 07:00) white tiger

but people that get healed i think the deserve it and get healed for the merit they have(or good act they made in this life)

(23 Apr '11, 07:02) white tiger

Bonjour, white tiger! Ca va? Je parle un peu francais...Bonjour! Bienveue a Inward Quest! merci pour ton "comments" et tu as une nouveau amie! Blessings, Jaianniah

(23 Apr '11, 07:12) Jaianniah

j'aime les amie! alors tu est mystic? tu as des vision! ces bien de voir l'univer de a a z dans une fraction de seconde je comprend ton etat d'etre!

(23 Apr '11, 07:18) white tiger

Oui, je suis une mystic! Vous observez ma question, "I Saw The Mind of God", n'est-ce pas? Cette vision et tres superbe et tres enorme...Merci alors, et pardonnez mon francais mal....LOL! Jai

(23 Apr '11, 07:24) Jaianniah

no problem no one is perfect but with practice someone gets better! yes i have seen it ! me i have through meditation went to god you can see it in some answer i have give! around here!

(23 Apr '11, 07:27) white tiger

Thanks for the conversation...and for all the answers to my questions...I will try to read them all is late here, and I have to get to bed! Good morning to you, there on the other side of the ocean! Say "Hi!" to France for me! Jai

(23 Apr '11, 07:39) Jaianniah

i am in canada! good night! see you soon!

(23 Apr '11, 07:41) white tiger

No fair to you both Jalanniah and white tiger I can not read or speak french :-) but it sounds so beautiful when spoken to me. I gather from it that you are a mystic white tiger? Welcome to inward quest and it is nice to have your questions, answers and comments. In case of a mis- understanding I was not upset at all of you both speaking french. I just would like to have the comments with understanding unless it was meant to be private that is all. Peace&LIGHT to you bot.h

(11 May '11, 17:33) flowingwater

flowing water one can learn to speak french! or just use translation service there is full of free one! just copy paste and translate!

(11 May '11, 18:46) white tiger

Ok thanks I will have to look it up I want to learn how to speak about 3different languages and french differently one of them one day I have so much going on in my life and I am trying to pull in the postive and prosperity of wealth and raise my vibrational frequency by thinking and speaking postive. I need help and I know my Lord Jesus will make a way out of this proverty. Continue to enjoy this site there are a lot of great and informative and interesting people on this site. Again welcome and continue to respond to the questions ask and answered. white tiger

(12 May '11, 02:09) flowingwater
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YES, I have one time in a dream state I received a neighbor servere pain and in the dream state it did not last long because of the severity of it if it had I could not have stood it. When I awoken I knew the pain had been real and they carried the neighbor to the hospital.

I guess she transferred it unbeknowest to her conscious mind. I haven't felt anything like that again. But I have felt a serious remover of my energy from like someone plug up to me and fill their tank up until I felt like I had to go and lay down and go to sleep (I was almost completely drained) to replenish my energy or die that the way it felt I did not see or feel anyone but I knew someone, thing, entity, being, or person did it. I look up down and around nothing but the energy was pull from me from afar I guess that is still a mystery. That's why I stay prayed up with Jesus and his holy angels I stay plugged into God's power.

I guess if people can send you healing energy they can remove it if you don't have your psychic shields up and reinforced to keep intruders out and blocked. I know mentally if someone we love gets hurt or we tell about getting hurt and for a fraction of a moment we feel it. But is not the same that is empathy .


answered 11 May '11, 18:13

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well for me empathy is to feel other people stuff even if they did not tell you even if you are not aware from it before you feel it and assest what it is where it comes from and why.

(07 Aug '11, 12:13) white tiger
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