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I have been asked by some people if i'm afraid to die. I always tell them that i am not prepared to die now, i still want to accomplish some things in life and I still want to see my kid finish his studies, see him get married and all.

Are you afraid to die? Share us your thoughts on death.

asked 06 Oct '09, 08:45

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No, I view death as a transformation of energy from one form to another...


answered 06 Oct '09, 17:54

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It is strange how one thinks about such topics as they travel thruogh the journey which we call life. As a youngster I didn't fear death. I actually looked forward to it. Even though those were the most care-free of my years. When all was blissful. When I enjoyed my life more. Now with added stress & fear in my life. I can't say that my thoughts are the same. I guess I have learnt to worry & stress. And so I stress about death and the unanswered questions. The uncertainties are what I am most afraid of. Which in effect means I don't know what I am afraid of.

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answered 06 Oct '09, 19:48

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Well... to be honest I would have to say Yes. It's hard to imagine my body being dead, I'm getting used to it now! Knowing that death can come at anytime, in anyway and in any place can be unsettling if given too much thought. Is it better to know or not to know? Why my interest, why anyone's interest, in the spiritual, metaphysical, etc. Is it really a search for the unanswerable? To find proof positive that there is some kind of life after death? Would this sooth us and make us feel better... less afraid?

In life when I am faced with something new or unknown, I sometimes feel anxious, sometimes afraid. It is a new experience! Then why should I not be afraid of death? Death is a new experience, an experience that I don't think anything in life can prepare us for. It is very much the unknown. Will I ever know it, understand it? Probably not! If I do go on to another life, a different realm, most likely it will be with a different consciousness than the one I have here on this plane of existence. Will that consciousness know the answer I was seeking?

I think we all are, at least a little, afraid of death. Why else do we do whatever it is we do? To keep death at a distance by keeping busy with material pursuits so as not to think about it or looking for assurances in spiritual quests? Think about it! And tonight when you lie in bed, imagine yourself being dead and think about what that really means... and then ask yourself if you are afraid of death?

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answered 07 Oct '09, 13:13

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In the past when I was younger and didn't understand things,I did fear death. However now as I have experienced life and come so close to leaving this plane on numerous occasions. I have come to accept that we are here to learn our lessons individually and to draw true understanding and helpfulness from it, and in turn help others where we can. We may judge situations as we may not know the fullness of the whole. However all is as it should be and there is nothing to fear. We are energy and energy cannot be destroyed, it just graduates to a higher frequency of existence carrying along all our learning while here.

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answered 07 Oct '09, 14:07

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What is the opposite of Life? There isnt one, the opposite of death is birth, LIFE goes on forever so there is nothing to fear in my opinion. Have an awesome day. Roy

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answered 10 Oct '09, 14:59

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After some spiritual practice physical death stops being such a big deal, because you understand that it is nothing more then a transition. As for things that you want accomplish in this lifetime you should trust that the Universe/God is protecting you and death won't come before you've given all your gifts. If you believe that everything is in perfect order that will become your experience.


answered 06 Oct '09, 09:10

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If you believe in an afterlife, then death is just a bridge by which you cross over to the next world


answered 06 Oct '09, 12:52

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There are times when I do not fear death and times when I do fear death. For me I guess its got a lot to do with my state of mind and emotions.


answered 06 Oct '09, 13:06

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I don't fear death but there are ways of dying that I would not choose!

Abraham Hicks definition of death - irreverently calling it 'croaking' because they say there is no such thing as death, just moving into our true alignment with source - was such a relief. This is an interesting segment describing death and also the grief of others' passing that I found yesterday too


answered 06 Oct '09, 14:39

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When it is my time to die, then I would not be afraid of it.


answered 06 Oct '09, 16:56

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I am afraid to die, as much as I have quite often been afraid to live. "Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die." Lets be honest. As much knowledge as we aquire here on this earth; there is a great fear of the unknown. Death and the spiritual plane are huge unknowns(mysteries) to us as living human beings. I also wonders if babies fear being born...

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answered 06 Oct '09, 19:16

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Do babies fear being born? Hmmm... well they do cry when they enter this world! :)

(07 Oct '09, 05:24) John

I agree with Naomi, there is always some fear in uncertainty. Sure, we may understand on some level that our personality and consciousness will live on, but we may not know if it will be unpleasant to separate from our bodies or not. We may fear the process of death, I guess I am saying. I think that is only natural, and resisting it is futile.

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answered 06 Oct '09, 19:26

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Only the timing of it.

I want to see my children get older and have families of their own. I want to meet my grandchildren. A lot of people in my family have passed away young and left children so, I am aware of how that passing affects those children left behind to grow up without a parent.

Old age is preferable. I know older people close to 90 who have a wisdom about death that comes from living a long full life. Not that they are happy about it but that they are calmer and more accepting due to getting a chance to live a good life.

A friend of mine faced death at 54 and he was angry. He was leaving behind his partner,his young children, many friends and a great career. I completely understood his feelings.

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answered 09 Oct '09, 13:00

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Life and death is one set of reality which we cannot avoid. That is process of universal movements. And reality of life and death is soul with fresh and without. So, if we deeply realize this reality, there will be no more afraid. But there is one more thing we need to consider is that there is eternal second death. First death is just separation between soul and body, but second death is annihilation of our soul. Actually, this is the main reason of meditation in Daoism becoming Immortal-being. The purpose of human life is in seeking eternal life; life of soul with or without fresh.

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answered 10 Oct '09, 05:18

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Cosmic autumn

I have no fear of dieing because the Bible says "He that heareth my word and believeth on Him that sent me hath every lasting life" Romans 10:9 "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thy heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved'

  1. Realize that you are born in sin
  2. believe that Christ died for your sin

Prayer: Lord, I believe that I am a sinner, and I cannot get to heaven on my own merrit, save me for Jesus sake and take me heaven when I die. Thank you Jesus!

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answered 10 Oct '09, 06:32

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Several respondents have touched on what concerns me the most about death; the manner in which this particular body will be disposed of...the possibilities of violence, extreme discomfort whether physical or otherwise. Could this be the area where karma has its place? The idea of what death actually might be does not bother me for I see it as a transition to another state of being dependent on all that we have done in this life and, dare I say, in all the previous lives.

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answered 10 Oct '09, 15:41

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I've recently found that I'm more afraid of life than death. Death is certain, intagible, consistent, joyful, and carefree. In my eyes it is our natural state. Life is full of variables and uncertainty, although any good and entertaining story has resistance in it. Now it seems better to enjoy what I am and that would be alive so living is being accomplished although not neccesarry seing as how it is a gift.

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answered 10 Oct '09, 18:45

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At 45 years of age, I realized that I'm probably past my halfway point. That gave me pause. Not because I am necessarily afraid of dying, but because I now have a renewed sense of urgency: what am I going to accomplish with the second half?

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answered 13 Oct '09, 04:41

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If my doctor told me i had only six minutes to live, i wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster. - Isaac Asimov

To die will be an awfully big adventure - J.M. Barrie

I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter - Winston Churchhill

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. - Norman Cousins

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answered 13 Nov '09, 02:04

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Some nice answers to that question here :-)

I believe in eternal life, so do not fear death. That doesn't mean that I'm reckless and constantly put my physical body in harm's way. I love and enjoy my life 99% of the time and see no reason to end it anytime soon.

Happy Croaking 8-)

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answered 13 Nov '09, 06:31

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I once read this and I really, really like it: 'Death is what happens to people when they become bored with life.'

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answered 06 Oct '09, 23:56

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No, I don't fear death but I am not ready to die. I don't want the circumstances to be painful or the process to be painful. For there are different ways of dying.

But I put my trust in Jesus and his holy angels to see me through what ever the process and on into the other plane. For we all have an spirit that dwell within each of us and God says it wll never die. So, it will only be our physical body that will die and return back to the dust from which it came from. For God made us out of the dust and molded us and breathe the breathe of life into us and man bacame an living soul.

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answered 07 Oct '09, 14:59

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Interesting answer Vesuvius. Perhaps now is the time for you to sit down and reflect.

Life is a meaningful journey to prepare us for union with God.

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answered 14 Oct '09, 00:57

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