What are your experiences on Abraham-Hicks teachings?

I am new to learning about his works.

It made a beginner want answers to so many questions? How did Esther meet up with Abraham? How can we stay focus in the good feeling which will help keep our vibrations lifted which will help us to feel good?

It made me realize how important our conscious thinking is and how we must pay attention to what we are focusing on at any given time.

I found out the secret behind the movie "The Secret" was based on Abraham-Hicks teachings through Esther Hicks. Wow, that was amazing.

What are your thoughts on Abraham-Hick teachings?

Abraham has described themselves as "a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension" (which helps a lot!). They have also said, "We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions.

Esther herself calls Abraham "infinite intelligence," and to Jerry they are "the purest form of love I've ever experienced."

I am interested on your thoughts and ideas on the unique teachings of Abraham through Esther Hicks. Esther gets the point across sometimes in such an funny and humorous way but the meaning is still there.

It is good to learn how to improve upon your own reality through the thought process.

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Thanks Barry Allen for your help for correcting any grammar, spelling or making the thought more clearer. Thanks again for your help I truly appreciate it.

(09 Oct '09, 04:34) flowingwater

Thanks John for your help of making it clearer, correcting my spelling and grammar and your help. Thanks again for your help I truly appreciate it.

(10 Oct '09, 05:11) flowingwater
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The Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction dvd collection is invaluable to awakening to the life we want. This material is joyful, inspiring, and completely practical. The work of Esther and Jerry Hicks delivers direct connection with Source Energy and provides us with the tools to live our lives on purpose. The greatest gift we have received from this material is the understanding that negative emotions are not caused by outer circumstances. Our emotions are reflections of the thoughts we are thinking and provide us the opportunity to move our way up the emotional scale to create the life we want. Whatever we focus our attention on grows, and we have the gift of choice. We can choose to feel better, we can make the choice for joy and attract all things joyous into our experience. We always get what we think about...whether we want it or not. This is revolutionary knowledge. Jerry & Esther Hicks are sharing the keys to Living in Joy. For truly practical knowledge on how to live in Joy and create the Life you want, open yourself to the gift of Understanding contained in this remarkable Law of Attraction dvd series. My husband and I watch about 15 minutes every morning and this sets the tone for our whole day. We are always touched and inspired by the answers given to those who ask the questions which we find completely relevant to us. The awakening that takes place and is reflected on their faces is undeniable and we can literally feel our hearts opening as we connect with the joy of their experience. We watch these dvd's over and over again and are always amazed that we get more out of them with every viewing. After 40 years of searching and growing, we have hit the Mother-Load with the discovery of Abraham. Our gratitude is unbounded and we are definitely on board the Joyous Adventure of living the life we choose. We are so thankful to Jerry & Esther for connecting us with Source Energy! It is such a Joy to come HOME!


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I believe that the SECRET was based New Thought books written at the turn of the last century. Books written by James Allen, Ralph Waldo Trine and many of the authors that you can find on the Psitek website. Before them, the ideas and thoughts can be trace to previous authors such as Ralph Waldo Emerson. The authors and books can be trace back further and further in time to older manuscripts including the Bible. These are the "secrets" of the ages! But I must say, that the first books I did read were from the Hicks and I enjoyed and learned much from them!


answered 09 Oct '09, 01:09

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I love, love, love Abraham, Ester, & Jerry Hicks... I was first introduced to them by my mother. She gave me their Law of Attraction in Action 5 disc series, and I was absolutely blown away by the information that they shared. Here is a link to one of their first books that I found on the web. It will answer many of the questions you've posed... Enjoy!

Ask and It is Given - Ester & Jerry Hicks (Abraham)


answered 09 Oct '09, 14:45

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1Shonta 1

Many years ago, my mother had dealing with spiritualists - some had questionable motives and I saw things I didn't like, and my mother taken advantage of. I was put off Abraham Hicks for some time because of that, because I had a hard time getting past my reservations. However, I came back to them and tried again, because the message was so good and I soon got past my cynicism and caution. Now the message is all, and the first and only source of answers to my questions that made sense and spoke to my heart. Thanks to YouTube, and seeing so many videos there, I soon found that they are my number one resource when I need immediate answers, or soothing, or of relief and happiness when things in my life bog me down so I have trouble being happy or positive.

I love the humour and evident love shown; I love the generosity of the information in so many places, I love the daily emailed message from the Abraham Hicks site and I love that they don't spoil the effect by pressurized marketing, but just allow people to come to them when they are ready. Their products are a true inspiration. I went to my first Abraham Hicks Seminar in Denver in July, and the attention to detail, the amazing food,and the fabulous venue was a great supporting environment to have such a wonderful experience. Maybe one day I will go on an Abraham Hicks cruise!


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I am still trying to understand it all. I don't undertand why Abraham has to take over her body and not just talk to her without taking over her body. He does talk with good clarity and a way of making you feel good. But I am watching his talk of th vortex and how everyone is going to want to go to the vortex to recieve all of your things you want. But caution is always good to have when dealing with an unknown. If he had acknowledge and said yes there is an God and that he also dwell within you but he didn't say that. He hasn't acknowledge that there is an God or has he?

(10 Oct '09, 05:26) flowingwater

Abraham is a group of spirit, and Esther translates their message from information they give her directly.

This explains: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TtOZkrGwTs

This video will help you about what Abraham says about God. This Lady is the translator of one of the Abraham Hicks books into Spanish


(10 Oct '09, 16:36) Rebecca

yes i saw that one with the spanish translator and that was what got me questioning things. For to me it was not an direct answer of yes there is a God. So, that just made me question things. But Abraham does say some things that make you feel better about your self and make you see that you need to change your focus point off of the negative things and onto the postive.

(13 Oct '09, 19:59) flowingwater

Robert Schuller the evangelist teaches Positive Psychology, so would it be fair to compare Jerry (Abraham) and Esther Hicks teaching to Positive Psychology?

(01 Sep '10, 23:21) Inactive User ♦♦
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Abraham Hicks material is if not nearly spot on perfect, this I know from myself but as well from a high ranking secret society member the S.O.S. recommending "Ask and it is given"


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Wade Casaldi

Bible verse from Luke 11:9 and Matthew 7:7 Ask and it will be given unto to you; seek and you will . . . Is Jerry ( Abraham) and Esther Hicks sharing the same philosophy in Bible verse above into their teaching to advocate the message in the scripture on behalf of God?

(01 Sep '10, 23:57) Inactive User ♦♦

Abraham has helped me in several ways.I was receiving the monthly cds from them for 15 months.In August 2008 on a saturday morning I received a pnoe call from a local group asking me to co-facilitate a workshop on 2012 because they heard I had been doing a lot of research about it.I explained that I didnt hold too much intrest in it and that I would rather not. They asked again and I said Id think about it.On the Monday morning my Abraham-Hicks cd was in the mailbox and one of the disscusions on it was 2012 and doomsday prophecies.To say the least they saved me a lot of time and effort with the simple line (IT WILL ABOUT AS EXCITING AS Y2K) Thanks Abraham


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I will not buy into the doom and gloom of 2012 that is not my reality and I will not help them to make it happen. There is doom and gloom everyday for someone somewhere there little world is conlasping all around them but usually no one cares because it is not happening on an large scale to an lot of people. But Jesus cares about what happens to each individual person one lost sheep makes an difference to him. So, if we cared and try to help each other more maybe there wouldn't be search an complete melt down of society distroying itself and the environment it lives in and the world.

(12 Oct '09, 08:35) flowingwater

Agree with Mr. Unknown; We've all heard this gloom and doom song and dance before. Could make a good title for a movie though. Oh, wait...

(27 Oct '09, 00:10) Vesuvius

I really like Abraham, but it tears me apart to see that one group of spiritualists believe that we get off the wheel of life of having to be re-born by not having a deire to have desires. On the other hand, Abraham says that this idea of not having desires and of not returning to earth as a flesh and blood human is ridiculous. Funny part is I don't have extreme desires so it makes me wonder without ever seeming to have an answer. I think the biggest desire I have is to know the answer to this! LOL! : D


answered 31 Aug '10, 02:12

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Daniel 1

Esther, and Jerry teaching is the new age pipe line to the non-physical world of entities. You can choose to like their teaching, and philosophy, or you can choose to disregard it and move on. Just know that they are creating their own reality, and you have the same choice to create your own reality as you wish. They are both passionate teachers with a burning desire to share their spiritual wealth of information with anyone who will stop to listen.

My question is why should their past history be relevant now, since they have indeed moved pass those previous conditions, and up to a different level, and heights in their new founded careers?


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Inactive User ♦♦

The thing is do the teachings resonate with you or not? They certainly resonate with me and I have had personal proof that they work but as Esther/Abraham says words don't teach so I don't expect anyone else to believe that - if it appeals, try some of the processes outlined in "Ask and it is Given" for a few weeks and try to sense whether you are feeling better (sometimes I admit I do the processes and nothing much shifts!) - with dedication you should see your vibration rise and the outward "indicators" i.e. your life has to change for the better to match it.

Coming back to the old Amway chestnut, my personal take on this is that Jerry's Amway background gave him skills to help market the material then that may account for why they have been so much more successful that many others in this field.

As for their charges - you can get the book "Ask and if is Given" for about £10.00 (about 15 US dollars I'm guessing) and really if you just followed that you would see changes. There are also loads of uploading You Tube clips that are great viewing.

I don't really know if Esther Hick is actually channelling or not although I think if not she is an even more amazing person than if she is BUT the stuff does work and they give it to you in a really easy to digest format.


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English Rose

I believe the Hicks have gotten their information from the books written by Jane Roberts. Jane channeled a spirit like Abraham but Jane's work is more complicated and therefore, more intellectual. Her books can be read many times and you will find clarity sometimes that you did not find in the first read. There is real depth to her theories or to the spirits theories she channels.

The Hicks borrowed Jane's body of work, watered it down and took a leap from there. A lot of people have never heard of Jane Roberts and she died in the early 1980's I believe. I do not believe the Hicks ever met Jane but they did spend time with her husband before they began their own channeling business.


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It is my understanding that anyone can learn to do channeling, and have different entity entire their body to speak through them. So, I do not think the Hicks are borrowing Jane’s body of work etc; my opinion is, anyone can learn to do channeling etc, that is, if you are interested in that sort of thing. Apparently, the Hicks do, so it seems unfair to discredit their work. The Books of Jane (Seth) differs from the Books of the Hicks, (Abraham) but their ideas appear to be the same.

(02 Sep '10, 01:07) Inactive User ♦♦

Jerry Hicks was a former Amway distributor. Amway distributors are notorious for making money off their recruits (aka in Amway as their 'downline') by selling motivational materials, rather than the products that they encourage their recruits to sell. Jerry clearly did this when he self-admittedly traveled around the country, giving seminars on Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. Jerry claims that he's a huge Napoleon Hill fan and that he had never heard the words "Law of Attraction" before Abraham (The Law of Attraction), even though the exact phrase is explained and defined in Napoleon Hill's 1928 mega-selling The Laws of Success (a major seller among Amway distributors). In 2006, Jerry Hicks attempted to trademark the phrase "The Law of Attraction," including a statement from their project coordinator, stating that Jerry and Esther had arbitrarily created the idea "Law of Attraction." The trademark office refused the trademark.

As for Abraham, in a 1990 workshop, they discussed crop circles and how physical beings from other dimensions (aka aliens) were setting down in the fields to collect seismic data and get our attention (09/23/1990). Now, they explain that crop circles are all man-made, "without exception" (07/03/2004). They also have some interesting contradictions from 1990-present on their view of reincarnation (09/09/1990-3/22/03). They predicted a great realignment of the earth that would cause major natural disasters in 1988. But in 1993, they admitted that "In the fall of 1988, the crescendo of that energy was such that it was our very strong expectation that you were right upon it, but that energy has subsided" (05/16/1993 workshop). They then believed it would happen in 1990. Again, didn't happen, by their own admission. This contradicts their statement about seeing into our future and how they can see "more than probability" and in fact, "certainty." (07/04/2009). Jerry and Esther have since discontinued the materials that include these predictions, though they can still be found.

As for the teachings, they are rooted in the idea of the "Law of Attraction," which can be found in William Walker Atkinson's 1906 Thought Vibration or Law of Attraction in the Thought World, Napoleon Hill's 1928 The Laws of Success, and Elizabeth Towne's Love and Marraige (for starters). All of these books discuss the law, by name, and use it in the same way as the Hicks' material. The belief is simple, and so it is naturally appealing to our mind. It plays off a common lack of understanding of statistics (most people do not understand the likeliness of seemingly impossible coincidences occurring). It also plays off of confirmation bias, where you take this philosophy and the things that match it, use as evidence, and the things that don't match it, you throw away in your mental waist-basket.

Abraham discusses other subjects, such as the nonphysical realm, connecting with your inner guidance, and the meaning of life. There is no objective means of evaluating anything that they say on these subjects. The Law of Attraction is the only one that you could potentially evaluate, but there is no scientific way of doing so (as any disbelief would ruin the test).

I see the teachings as being dangerous. Despite their legal disclaimers about not dispensing medical advice, they have said that even going to the doctor's office is "looking for trouble" (05/10/2008). They also dispense advice on how to get in the vortex to release any physical ailment from your body. Even more dangerous is that, if you die, all is well (because the nonphysical is a great place to be); if you live, all is well--so there is no hope of using the success or failure of any of their processes as a means of evaluating the authenticity of the teachings. Also, there is a dangerous emotional dependence that people have on Abraham, where they are obsessed and constantly buying new CDs and attending the latest workshops because they just want more.

That said, they weren't really for me. But if you feel so inclined, by all means.

*parenthetical dates correspond to dates of Abraham Hicks workshops.


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Wow, Thank you Kyra. Your opinion might not be agreed with by some here but that is not the point. Any ideology will have "believers" and some will defend that belief. You came here and voiced your opinion on a LOA site and that I applaud. It looks like you are new here and I would ask that you stay. IMO there are no right or wrong views, just perspectives and that is refreshing!

(20 Jan '11, 00:44) jim 10

Thank you, Alcibiades, for your warm welcome. I just found this site this evening and have been very impressed by the fact that it allows such diversity of opinion. I love any venue that allows people to openly discuss and comment. Thanks again for the welcome. xoxo

(20 Jan '11, 05:11) Kyra

While all of what you say may (or may not) be true (I don't have the time right now to check it), it seems to be rather missing the point. Abraham provides knowledge that people find value in otherwise the teachings wouldn't be so popular. Simply trying to convince others not go down a particular path will probably achieve the opposite effect :) ...and just portrays you as a naysayer. It would be better if you suggest instead what is better than the Abraham teachings.

(20 Jan '11, 09:29) Stingray

Stingray, that works for me, because I am not trying to convert believers. My only goal here is in making this information available for those who are looking for it, as I once was. People can do (or not do) what they will with it.

(20 Jan '11, 11:48) Kyra

@Kyra - I took a look at your website and you seem fairly obsessed with attacking the characters of Jerry and Esther Hicks personally. So I did a bit of digging about of my own (I used to be a newspaper reporter) and I noticed that you yourself lied to obtain some of your information...claiming you were gathering pictures for a "genealogy scrapbook" when really you were trying to find out information about Esther Hicks http://boards.ancestry.com/localities.northam.usa.states.utah.counties.summit/124/mb.ashx So what does that say about your character ;)

(21 Jan '11, 19:11) Stingray

@Stingray I actually do have a genealogy scrapbook of Esther Hicks. I use it for research purposes. And it didn't take someone with research experience to find that. Anyone can easily locate it on the web with a quick search. I don't care what anything says about my character. I want my character to be questioned, because I don't want anyone to assume the truth of my research. I want them to go back and look at the findings for themselves. If you have taken this same critical eye to Jerry and Esther's work and come up with nothing, I daresay you have not looked hard enough. xoxo

(21 Jan '11, 20:35) Kyra

Actually, I've been studying Abraham's work for more than 15 years. All I got from your website was that you missed the point of what is contained in the teachings.

(21 Jan '11, 20:44) Stingray

@Stingray I wouldn't say that studying Abraham's work for 15 years is the same thing as looking at Esther and Jerry, as well as their work, with a critical eye. But if you have been studying it for that long, I can certainly understand why you would choose not to look at it with any sort of skepticism.

(21 Jan '11, 20:54) Kyra

Jerry & Esther Hicks are not Abraham any more than you are Kyra Sedgewick. You're looking in the wrong place if you are trying to equate them. As it stands, you just come across as a person in emotional pain that is expressing it with a rather obvious grudge. I don't see fair-minded skepticism in what you are doing, only hatred and destructiveness. In any case, we are all free to do as we wish with our lives - even if it is ultimately self-destructive. So good luck to you and your campaign against Jerry & Esther. Hope you find what you are looking for.

(21 Jan '11, 21:16) Stingray

@Stingray Yes, you are free to do with your life what you want. I'm just expressing an opinion here. If people disagree (as you do), they can move right along. If they find my opinion bitter and biased, so be it. But I'm still going to voice it. xoxo

(21 Jan '11, 22:07) Kyra

kyra-i am interested in any opinion that prods me and makes me think. I enjoyed your answer even tho I might not agree. I think Abraham-Hicks is the same as anything, some parts of it have saved me from completely derailing my life in the past, as with 'The Secret'. But I also spent time feeling incredibly guilty when I first started L.O.A. "My bad life is my own fault because I am not positive enough etc." It was quite stressful at times! But now I cant imagine my life without these books, or this site. It if works great, if its not for you, great also. It just does for me. xxx

(13 Jan '12, 06:27) Red Shoes
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i am learning law of attraction since two years and i have been a great fan of Abraham hicks. i believe that she has a different approach to LOA and her teachings resonates with me a lot. but i don't know why i am starting to doubt her teachings as nothing is changing in my reality despite of so much effort. lots of my friends who do believe 100% in law of attraction says that Abraham hicks is a scam ans fraud. they said that i should quit listening to her and invest in lot of other loa teachers such are rhonda , bob protactor etc what do you think guys ? do you think she is scam ? has anyone of you changed your life with Abraham technique ? please help me gain clarity on this i shall be very thankful to you :)


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Emily Smith

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