this is one of the hardest things for humans, remove your ego and live through the Self, of communion with the eternal, every day. Characters like Krishnamurti did, but they themselves were saying that from the perspective of Western ego, was an almost impossible, for the depth of the ego in us

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I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. Jiddu Krishnamurti

(06 Apr '10, 17:44) Robert
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I don't think the purpose of the spiritual quest is to necessarily remove or eliminate the ego but rather to become less identified with it. I think the ego or self conceptualized me is a necessary tool in our human experience but when we let it take over and cloud the perceptions from our higher self, then we create or manifest problems in our life.

I think the whole point of our human existence is for the growth of our soul and to have a fulfilled,content existence I think we have to identify less with our ego and in the process realize our higher potentiality, so we are in fact integrating both our human and spiritual being.


answered 05 Apr '10, 22:02

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Michaela agree completely with you. According to the literature I've read on the subject, I realized that for most of us would be the elimination of the ego not only painful, from a spiritual perspective, but a task that would require 100% of us. Krishnamurti used to say that only the fact of identifying less with our own ego, was in itself a mammoth task, requiring basically self-denial to give way to Being If each of us were less identified with ourselves, either is this level, I think this would be a better planet. Regards

(06 Apr '10, 00:58) Robert

Robert, the perspective that you have put upon is may be yours or of most of the people that you have been around with lately. It does not take much time to give up the ego. Just that people have to understand that they have to give it up. We all are same eternal beings, just the awareness level is different, depending on what we choose to live in. Once people get aware of what they really are, they automatically give up what is to be given up. The thing is as much possible as it is impossible. :) I hope you are getting me.

For some people, when we explain that you don't have to give up you have to accept that you are a higher being, the eliminating of self-ego becomes easier. What i believe is everything is a matter of choice, the choice of circumstances and the time-plane we choose to live in.


answered 05 Apr '10, 05:04

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I don't think you can eliminate it, not you yourself that is. Besides, nothing is permanent, so one day, that will die, too. So.. it's not possible for it to survive anyways. Or anything for that matter.

I think it's okay to have an ego. It's more about "identifying less" with it. I believe it's more like a tool, just like a sword. Ego might be handy to come in when the situation requires you to be assertive. However, at the end of the day, you'll draw back in that "sword" or ego. You wouldn't want to identify with that sword would you? You know you're not that sword right? Amazing as it is, cutting things, shiny, perfect, ninjas and samurais, and all, you know it'll disappear one day (rust and all). Same with ego. If you identify with that ONE sword, you'll probably scream at how you should be letting it go because it has past its prime. You can, just like your question, you can let go of ego. Thus, you've become a swordmaster who can pick whichever sword you want, any tool you want. Hope it helps!


answered 17 Apr '11, 15:11

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Thank you for writing that answer. I now have no need to answer. You did it for me :)

(17 Apr '11, 16:26) you
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