Many wars, massacres and genocide have been made on behalf of and for religion. As an example, the Crusades, among many others. The religion has been more effective in creating wars than avoiding it?

asked 17 Apr '10, 21:19

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It is a good point that ego often gets in the way of sincere faith. I would like to add to this more, by examining Christianity and Islam more closely.

When you look at the beginnings of such faiths as Christianity and Islam, you notice that what they were originally intended to be, may not be how they actually are today. Mohammed founded the Islam religion on principles of equality, compassion, charity, and religious devotion. It's difficult to find evidence of such equality in Islamic places today, such as Saudi Arabia. What is seen today is the result of evolution over time. Societies affect religion, just as religion affects society. Christianity has changed much since the death of Jesus. There were many different interpretations of Christianity in the early centuries of the common era, but these were either stamped out or assimilated into the official view of the early church.

My point is that although there are many terrible acts done in the name of religion such as the Crusades, genocides, mass exiles, and persecutions; it would be unfair to ascribe the blame to the religion itself. More appropriately it would be the leaders and followers of that religion. The reasons for their behavior would be complex indeed, but I think most of it is due to fear, hatred, a lack of education, and greed.


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I totally concur that it is not the religions themselves that are to blame but rather those who who sometimes call themselves leaders, but all too often they let power and greed become their motivators.

(19 Apr '10, 20:12) Michaela

When people become so attached to their own ideas (or those of their faith) that they feel threatened when someone else challenges those ideas, conflict arises.

It is not unlike the bully or braggart who builds a persona that says, "Look how great and powerful I am (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain)." He need his tricks to convince people (and himself) that he is important, because he is basically insecure.

The humble person who knows who he is, is comfortable with his beliefs, and doesn't feel the need to advertise or otherwise promote them has true self-confidence.

So it is with religion. It is not faith (or the lack of genuine faith) that causes wars, it is the ego.


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It all comes down to the blind leading the blind. Nobody wants to think, ponder, meditate, and commune with their own God of their heart. People would rather follow a so called "authority" on the subject of god, creation, human relations(morals and ethics), spiritual development, salvation, enlightenment, etc... than to think, lead, act, and manage themselves.


answered 20 Apr '10, 12:44

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