What are some techniques to replace thoughts of doubt? or How do you get into the attitude that your desires have already been given but they haven't come across your consciousness yet?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

When doubt tries to creep in RPuls, I usually start reciting affirmations to diffuse that negative energy that we associate with doubt. Often if we give doubt any kind of leeway it can take a stranglehold pretty quickly. Constant repetition and practice are what diffuses it best for me.

Quiet imagining is what works best for me regarding fostering an attitude that the desire has already been received. I've never really been able to visualize images very well but just sitting quietly meditating on the desired outcome I've been able to feel it coming closer.

I think Stingray's process of the focus blocks is probably a great technique to use when doubt comes knocking.


answered 03 Jun '10, 22:42

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I agree with Michaela, that replacing doubt with a positive affirmation is key. In addition, we have a policy in our yoga studio to help curve doubt. Everytime someone says, "I Can't", or "I'm not good at..." they owe 25 cents for each occurance of self doubt. The money goes to our friends suicide foundation. And they stop saying, "I can't" pretty quickly. To know the truth is to know You Can!

Love and Light


answered 04 Jan '12, 05:24

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Yes Brian, i agree "i can" is the magic key that opens the door to all possibilities ... have fun

(04 Jan '12, 07:14) blubird two
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