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Bashar - The Physical mind

Bashar - How physical mind and higher mind can work together

asked 04 Jan '13, 14:11

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@Cory- This is excellent Cory. "So when you stop needing something to make sense, you will make dollars, it really is that easy". love it. Thanks for sharing:)

(04 Jan '13, 14:47) Satori

@Satori You're welcome. I had a feeling you might like this:) We do literally logic and over think things to death. We just need to be easy and allow things to play out as they will.

(04 Jan '13, 14:54) Cory

@Cory- I agree, every time we try to second guess the Universe / Higher Self we paddle upstream. "Nothing we want is upstream. Abraham :)

(04 Jan '13, 14:59) Satori

@Cory Thanks for sharing. I love this idea of surrendering and letting the higher mind do everything. It feels so freeing!

(04 Jan '13, 15:28) releaser99

@releaser99 You are welcome. Yes, it is freeing. That's the whole point of releasing resistance in a nutshell. Let the higher mind do the where, how, and when, and we just allow it to come in due time with a powerful knowing-ness that it is already done.

(05 Jan '13, 01:45) Cory

Love it, end of stress.

(05 Jan '13, 03:00) Nikulas

This is perfect for me today.Thankyou. Today especially I just said "whatever"! lol :)

(05 Jan '13, 06:07) clearheart
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why do you limit your self.of course you can know what will happen.if you see someone burn a red traffic light in a place with a lot of trafic you all ready know that there will be accident even before it happen. if you know people around you,you all ready know what they will do reacting to different event or circonstance.if i say to you 2+ you all ready know that it is not 0,1or2 onless i add - or negative value. even people interaction you know that people are piss off when they meet each other or talk about some subject. if you see a boss not paying is employe, stealing or being bad with the client you all ready know that is business will go down the drain. even if you did not determine the see the more truth you know or have experience the more easy it gets and you do not have to think things literally to just become a fact that you see. if you know from experience that person A as a value of 9 and person B as a value of 3 when they are together they have a value of? 12 you see simple fact that do not need to make you think things to death. it might even save or help you in your life to think once in awhile. it will help you make better choice. and have a better life.


answered 06 Jan '13, 01:30

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