Hey there i've just started meditation again and reading the master key system. Im just wondering do you feel kind of different from one day to the next. One day nothing in the world would bother me and the next im get pissed off Like being pulled in two parts? Any constructive comments please.

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What meditation ultimately does is to re-sensitize you to your emotions.

You'll find that as you meditate regularly, it will actually become more and more painful to hold onto beliefs and ideas that you were previously comfortable with - it's a by-product of having a fixed emotional range as humans do. And this pain can manifest in mood swings, irritability, even outbursts of anger.

This is a good thing!

Those previous (now painful) beliefs and ideas were not serving you but without viewing them from the perspective of your inner self (which is what meditation is doing for you), it is all too easy to get used to those uncomfortable feelings and make them habitual.

It then becomes puzzling how uncomfortable manifestations result when there is apparently nothing uncomfortable in your life...the truth being that, in fact, there is, but you are just not noticing it anymore.

Ever tried to sleep or work when it was noisy outside? Perhaps some builders were drilling or hammering. After a while, you find that you can actually ignore the noise and eventually not even notice it at all. And it's not until it stops that you feel the relief of the silence. The noise was actually taking a toll on you (perhaps making you irritable) but it was not until it stopped that you noticed how much better you now feel...as indicated by the feeling of relief.

Meditation does a similar thing. While you are in the meditative state, you experience the feeling of relief of letting go of thoughts, beliefs and ideas that were previously generating noise in your life.

So regular meditation is an excellent idea because it gives you a benchmark to judge how much you are in alignment with yourself.

But meditation by itself does not clear up those, now obviously painful, beliefs and ideas...it just highlights you have them.

But the awareness that you have them now gives you the opportunity to clear them up using processes like, for example, The Focus Blocks Method. Once you do that, your angry/upset moods will vanish.


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By practicing meditation, you are getting in touch with your deeper inner self. Quite possibly some old, latent feelings are being stirred up. This is probably a good thing, as you now have a chance to confront those trapped feelings and release them.

When I first went to a chiropractor, I remember the process of being adjusted caused me to remember some things that happened in my past that I had long forgotten about. Apparently my body was storing the feelings from these events, and compartmentalizing them. I hurt like nothing else for the first two days afterwards, as those feelings released themselves from my body. But it never happened again, and I felt lighter (and taller) afterwards.


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Meditation, especially when just started, isn't going to make you a different person. You will still have "moods" and bad days, and really good days, like before. The difference might be that you are observing it now.


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They say it takes 30 days to learn a new habit. So you have to be patient with yourself and just stay with it. Before you know it you will have more consistency in the way you feel.


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Yes, of course, you are human.

You are creating different chemicals and energy in your brain by meditation.

To get it where you want it takes lots of work.


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Try JAPA meditation. Dr. Wayne Dyer published a book entitled "Getting in the Gap" based on JAPA. It includes an audio CD. Also, some meditation web sites have free tutorials on JAPA. These sources use a rather brief version of JAPA. I have extended mine to a minimum of thirty minutes. After about fifteen minutes you'll probably have a profoundly peaceful feeling come over you and those demons from the past that have been haunting you will rear their ugly heads so you can release them which you'll find easier than you imagined.


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