My left hand was itching the other day and I found a (real) $100 bill on the ground! Out of nowhere! It was like I won the lottery--talk about HAPPY!! hehe. Can anyone relate to certain things happening as a precursor to receiving money?

asked 16 Aug '10, 20:49

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Everytime my left hand itches I get money

(05 Jun '11, 03:39) Mrs. George

My left hand was iching,so I looked it up to see what it means and 5 minutes later my visiting mother gave me $50.COOL!

(01 Jul '11, 12:21) becky
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In short, you believe that finding money is preceded by an itching sensation in your hand, and therefore you now look for experiences that confirm this belief, and ignore experiences that contradict it (such as every time you found money when your hand didn't itch, and every time your hand itched when you didn't find money).


answered 16 Aug '10, 21:20

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AHA!! Thank you for the reminder!! ...I just recognized and changed a belief--thanks to you! I AM now looking for money to manifest in ANY and ALL ways!! Thanks Vesuvius!

(16 Aug '10, 21:35) figure8shape

Sometimes a dose of rational thinking is what we need. :)

(01 Jul '11, 14:15) Asklepios

Bravo Vesuvius. Brief, concise, simple.

(01 Jul '11, 14:46) Aphrodite

@Vesuvius- Whenever I am breathing I always seem to attract money.. Why is that? hahaha

(11 Oct '12, 05:50) Nikulas
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