Hi I seem to have some trouble understanding how to go about creating my own focus blocks as in Manifesting Experiment 2:

As Stingray stated, by creating focus blocks I am not actually changing any physical events in reality, but only the way how I feel about them. But what if "How I want to feel about this?" is something that actually changes the reality of "what is bothering me?"

For example, let's say "What is bothering me?" is that "I hate it when there are many people on the bus on the train when I travel to school or work". So what would be a good example for "How I want to feel about this?" I tried "I want to take a train or bus with close to as little or no people as possible when I travel to school or work", but it just doesn't seem quite right as that is close to impossible right?

And by the way, I have listed a lot of things that bothers me during the past few days, but somehow, everything seems to start with 'I hate....______(insert phrase here)' Is there something wrong with that?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

just an observation; whenever i see "focus blocks" i feel tension and i get the image of something blocking my focus, i prefer to think of "creating my own clear focus", i suppose it's just a matter of terminology and way of thinking

(31 Mar '13, 14:18) ru bis

thanks for the silence

(03 Apr '13, 02:39) ru bis

hey @ru bis, well I suppose there is silence because people don't really know what to reply to that lol, since its not exactly a question, just an opinion/observation.

(05 Apr '13, 12:00) kakaboo

@kakaboo yes that's just what i appreciate "the silence" because there is no need for a reply, thanks for pointing it out :)

(05 Apr '13, 12:56) ru bis
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As has been suggested here already, the purpose of Focus Blocks is for you to feel better.

That's it.

Notice I didn't say that the purpose of Focus Blocks is for you to feel better to manifest what you want.

Yes, paradoxically, if you do the process only to feel better, you'll get what you want...

...but you can't fake it.

As soon as you start doing the process because you are secretly after that manifestation, you'll start introducing resistance that will slow it down or block it.

Why is this important?

Because if you are using Focus Blocks (or any other manifesting process) only to feel better, and that's all, why does it matter how realistic your ideal situation is?

I could focus on a thought of me lying on a sun lounger on a hot, sandy beach staring out to sea with 100 dollar bills floating delicately through the air around me like butterflies, and I am lying there and every so often I am just plucking those notes from the gentle breeze whenever I feel like it and using them to give to the waiter to bring me more drinks/food from the beach bar. It feels fairly impossible to me since I've never seen money flying around like that but just thinking a thought like that makes me feel better.

alt text

Abraham's Wouldn't It Be Nice If process even takes this idea of seemingly-absurd thoughts to feel better to the extreme, and it is quite effective.

Regarding the "I hate..." statements, I don't have a problem with you doing that if you are being honest with yourself about how you feel. Too often in today's society, we are taught to mask our true feelings but, because of that, you never really get in touch with how you really feel about something in order to change it.

In order to bring about effective belief change, you must get a taste of the belief you want to change. You must engage with it enough so that you lock into it for a short while and then move it to a better feeling-place.

So if hating is what you really feel then good for you! ...because it's you being honest with you. From there, having a taste of how you really feel, you can now methodically move that vibration to a better-feeling place.


I think there are some quite useful clarifications regarding Focus Blocks in the comments below so I'm just adding this update to draw attention to them.


answered 07 Sep '10, 06:03

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Does that basically mean that it doesn't matter what is bothering me or what I want eventually? Meaning I can have a thought which I want that seems impossible in my current situation ,which is related to what is bothering me, but as long as both of them are related and I feel good about that thought , it is still particularly fine?

(07 Sep '10, 12:49) kakaboo

What your ultimately want is actually irrelevant, so it doesn't matter whether it seems impossible or not...that goal is just an excuse to focus. But the next thought you add to the Focus Block must be a believable step forward from where you currently are. If you make it too much of a jump in belief, that thought will be too disconnected from your current belief to shift your vibrational setpoint permanently.

(07 Sep '10, 16:30) Stingray

The key indicator that you have a legitimate next thought for your Focus Block is that you feel relief from where you are. That feeling of relief means that you have now successfully shifted your vibrational setpoint. If you don't feel relief from, at least, the starting statement of the block, you are not achieving anything. If you always ensure you feel relief, you will always be heading in the right direction.

(07 Sep '10, 16:31) Stingray

@Stingray: "start doing the process because you are secretly after that manifestation" -Isn't that why most people do it?

(07 Sep '10, 20:55) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics - yes, and that's why many people have trouble with it. It's a fine balancing act to get it right when you are focusing with that intent but there's an easier way...just make it your priority to get into the Vortex - not to try to forcibly manifest what you want - and everything takes care of itself at the right time.

(07 Sep '10, 21:18) Stingray

That means I can have a jump in thought which may be unrelated to what is bothering me but what I want, but as long as I feel relief from what is bothering me, it's fine? E.g "I hate it when there are many people on the train or bus when I travel to work"->the next thought could be just "I appreciate the fact that I have access to easy public transport every day even though it may be crowded", that would be perfectly fine?

(08 Sep '10, 01:45) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - If you want to move a thought into a better-feeling place in order to manifest different results from it, you must feel relief on the same subject. If you want to feel relief in order to enter the Vortex, it doesn't matter what the subject is. This is why Focus Blocks (unlike Focus Wheels) flits around from subject to subject so much ...because, in its advanced version (the way I use it), it is really a systematic method for entering the Vortex http://goo.gl/QM7Y7

(08 Sep '10, 05:20) Stingray

@Stingray - Ok , let me clarify this again : So if I want to change "what is bothering me" into something better and related, I obviously have to think better positive thoughts that are linked to it. But if I just want to make use of it to enter the vortex, I can just make up any positive thought as long as I feel relief from that new statement in regards to "what is bothering me?" Not sure if you get what I mean.. lol

(08 Sep '10, 16:56) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - sounds like you've got it :) And, added to that, once you are in the Vortex, you now automatically re-approach those previously troublesome subjects at different (and much improved) vibrational intersection points. So, just by making a point of being in the Vortex consistently, you improve the whole of your life. However, because the Vortex is continually shifting and expanding (on purpose, because new desire will always be born), you will sooner or later find yourself left behind by the new Vortex and have to re-align again. It is that constant realignment that brings true joy.

(08 Sep '10, 22:51) Stingray
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If you feel that it's pretty unrealistic to imagine changing the number of people on the bus or train. How about just changing how you feel about it.

You could start by saying-

1.I always manage to get a nice window seat every morning

2.The passenger beside me is always a pleasant personality to converse with at the beginning of my day. or

3.The passenger who sits besides me is quiet and leaves me to my own thoughts, which I like.

4 My journey to work on the bus is always a pleasant ride and gives me exactly the time I need to focus on having a great day at work. etc.

You get the gist. I would definitely substitute the word hate for one with more positive connotations. Maybe just list what exactly is bothering you eg. my daughter won't clean her room - you don't need to put the word hate in there at all if you just write exactly what's bothering you and leave the feeling words till you're further into the focus block where they will have more positive connotations.

The whole purpose of the focus blocks is to get you to a better feeling place and I think if you begin with a really negative feeling word like hate, it will be hard to move up from that. Hope this helps:)


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The important thing to remember with Focus Blocks is that you need to focus on the feeling you want to have. You could have the same amount of people on the bus and still feel good if you focus on the feeling. Some examples of what you can try are:

1- I like feeling relaxed on my way to work 2 - I like to get a comfortable seat on the bus 3 - I feel good when I have a pleasant ride to work

What I like about the focus block is that nothing really has to change to make you feel good. You are working on the one thing that you have control over. yourself.


answered 06 Sep '10, 19:26

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