If the universe is truly infinite and we are constantly shifting through them at every second, then all fiction should be real, right?

Every movie, every book, every video game, every TV show, every music video, every story is happening somewhere out there right now, right? This is known as Fictional Realism.

So then is it possible to actually shift into any one of those? Say I watched a movie (a sci-fi/fantasy movie -things that don't happen in this world-, not drama or comedies) and I loved it so much and I wanted to be with those characters, in their world with their story and their problems/adventures, could I actually shift into their world?

I strongly dislike this current reality we live in. I hate the whole system and how it's all structured. Watching movies/reading book/playing games is my escape from reality, but when it's over, I'm back here and I hate it here and the problem isn't that I have too many problems, it's that I have no problems. My life is too simple. The problems seen in movies is exactly the problems I'd like to have. But those problems simply don't exist in anyone's lives, because they're not 'possible'.

So can I shift into those worlds? Where I can be in a story with characters I've seen in TV shows/movies/books/games and live in their world for a while to see what it's like.

If it's possible, then the big question is...how?

asked 03 Oct '13, 17:17

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Permanently, I don't know. But since you said "for a while", you can try lucid dreaming.

(03 Oct '13, 21:44) flowsurfer

rexorsist, if it be other than an issue of perception of; how you see what is happening in this world you find yourself in, how you are preprogrammed for it to be, do you take responsibility for your actions and ought you plan for tomorrow. if this be fiction, so be it.

(08 Oct '13, 19:48) fred

Well said, @Fred.

(08 Oct '13, 20:54) Dollar Bill
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You have that choice if you want. There are people every day living adventurous lives, just like in the movies.

Fire men, Police men, Green peace, Marines, Army, Airforce, National Reserve, Navy, Missionaries, Archeologist.

Then there are people that do adventurous things by themselves. Skydiving, Pilots, Hang Gliding, Scuba Diving, Bunggie Jumping, Motocross, Jet Skiing, Water Skiing.

While you are bored without excitement (like in movies) there are people living very exciting lives for real every day.


answered 03 Oct '13, 23:28

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Wade Casaldi

edited 04 Oct '13, 14:02

Sorry, but you completely missed my point. It's not the exciting lives I'm talking about. It's about doing the impossible.

(04 Oct '13, 15:56) rexorsist

I liked your answer Wade & I think rexorsist is missing your point.

(04 Oct '13, 16:11) ele

"The problems seen in movies is exactly the problems I'd like to have. But those problems simply don't exist in anyone's lives, because they're not 'possible'." - Can you give some examples? There are some people out there who claim that the nazis built a fortress in Antarctica where they have access to alien/demonic beings who give them special powers. That claim there are stargates and all sorts of impossible sci-fi things being kept secret. What if those people are not crazy?

(04 Oct '13, 20:41) flowsurfer

lol flowsurfer!! that made me laugh so much @ fortress in Antartica with demonic beings!But on this subject Rexorsist, i do like this quote i heard: "The real fairytale is designing a life that's so amazing that you don't want to be rescued from it." & you can do that with Law of Attraction, so that you love your life & you don't have to keep coming back to the one you currently hate... you can create adventure in it, if thats what u want..like Wade said , by you choosing an adventurous path...

(08 Oct '13, 20:09) jodie

@jodie You won't be laughing when the nazis come out of hiding in their flying saucers!

(08 Oct '13, 21:26) flowsurfer
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lot of the hollywood actors, directors and creators of these sort of movies etc.. live in a different fantasy world than normal people already. I know its not exactly real but its pretty close.

You and I also can create a super exciting life stories too where the essence of that spirit of problems/excitement that you stated can be borrowed for our own life. Its possible very much!! Start acting on your impulses however small they maybe and you will be guided more and more towards it and eventually you will be equivalent to what you wanted here in this question! Trust your inner Self's guidance and move foward - ask questions like ok what can be close to that type of book / movie fantasy for me. In the beginning it may look like a mere pretense of what you seek here in the question, but if you keep moving forward you will create an epic lifestyle.!

just sample Exmaple - one inspiration maybe is to act and act in movies that are scify fantasy style.. soon you might get into it and when the movie is made its very close to reality for you. Or if you choose to create those graphics in movies and actual movie production, that can be a thrill ride where you visualize all these fantasy new planets or alien places and to create them for Hollywood etc...


answered 08 Oct '13, 20:22

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Can you bring Fiction to life?

Sure. Have a look at Alvin Schwartz "creator" of Superman Unlikely Prophet as he converses with a Tibetan Tulpa

The Tulpa is a thought form materialized here. But he is concerned because as fewer people believe in his existence, he begins to fade. Schwartz began to see Superman take on a material existence as Schwartz wrote about Superman, and more people believed in him. Superman became part of our lives.

If you count shared reality, then Superman is more real than you, or I.

And @rexorsist if you want to go there, you can. But I suggest that being a superhero will mean focusing on that. You may need to give up your

"I strongly dislike this current reality we live in. I hate the whole system and how it's all structured. Watching movies/reading book/playing games is my escape from reality, but when it's over, I'm back here and I hate it here....."

Your energy and focus is bringing you exactly that state of mind; that state of being. We live in an inclusionary universe. What you say "no" to, is attracted to you. What you say "yes" to is attracted to you.

Focus on what you want and you will have it. That is the Law.


answered 08 Oct '13, 21:21

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Dollar Bill

@dollar bill-the links are mind blowing..;)) thanks fr sharing :))

(09 Oct '13, 05:32) supergirl

are you saying that if you focus on Superman you will become Superman and you can fly too??

(09 Oct '13, 12:58) abrahamloa
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