My question is our @Dollar Bill's question that was never answered here, and I am basing my question on the assumption that we have all experienced this phenomenon of seeing someone yawn, or even talking or reading about yawning, and we are suddenly overcome with the need to yawn ourselves. Why would this be?

Yawning itself is explained in a lot of different ways - As occurring when you have shifting beliefs, and are releasing blocked up energy, as a signal sent from non-physical that you are translating at an unconscious level, as a cooling of the brain to boost function.

It has been mentioned here at IQ often in connection with using EFT. If found just a few examples here, and here. This is the explanation that rings true to me; it feels like the releasing of resistance when I'm engaged in any kind of adjustment to a belief that don't serve me anymore, or a signal of release of resistance in general.

Maybe the most common feelings people associate with yawning are those of being tired, or of boredom, although I have not been able to puzzle out what, if any, connection with release of resistance may be found there.

I have read a lot of explanations as to why we yawn, but I don't see why it would be contagious. Any ideas?

Also, it would be interesting to know, are you yawning as you read this? :)

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Yawning involves tensing the jaw in order to induce relaxation. Maybe it is a social signal meaning "I'm tired, leave me alone so I can go to sleep" or even "I just woke up, please be gentle"? And it is contagious because of empathy?

(25 Nov '13, 19:31) flowsurfer

Hi @flowsurfer - Yes I think you are right, empathy makes perfect sense to me, but only if yawns are associated with being tired in some way. If they are to be associated with the release of resistance, I'm not sure what could trigger others to yawn too.

(25 Nov '13, 19:37) Grace

Maybe jealousy! :)

(25 Nov '13, 19:43) flowsurfer

I feel as human beings ,when our energy is low we simply draw on others around us at any given time to return us to our natural state,or so we try.We still after all "Spirit" just having fun...Love and Light...

(25 Nov '13, 21:12) Roy

I guess yawning increases the comfort zone.

(26 Nov '13, 20:54) PERFECT GOOD

@Grace lol I did yawn when I read the title ..

(27 Nov '13, 03:27) ursixx

@ursixx - LOL see? It is becoming a habit now for me whenever I think of IQ.

(27 Nov '13, 16:20) Grace

I was attending a training course a few weeks ago. The facilitator told us to NOT stifle any yawns but to yawn!! Apparently its better to yawn openly rather than repress it. No idea why.

(01 Dec '13, 10:16) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera - I don't know either, but I can sure feel it to be true. It feels awful to stifle a yawn! May I ask, what kind of course was it?

(01 Dec '13, 14:57) Grace

A Forklift truck theory course Grace. It needs to be renewed every three years. Health and safety and all that :)

(08 Dec '13, 03:21) Monty Riviera
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Yawning is one of the obvious things that is contagious. But there are other subtle things that are contagious too. We often just don't notice them because they are way more subtle.

alt text

Try this:

  • When having a conversation with someone you like, scratch your head for a moment. You will find that he will scratch his head or his arm etc.
  • During conversation, lean back or lean forward. He will do the same.
  • They also say that smiling and laughter is contagious ;)
  • Without changing anything on the outside, try to change your vibration during a conversation. So for example, if you are talking about something boring, try feeling very happy and passionate on the inside. You will find that the other person will change the topic. He will pick one that makes you both feel happy and passionate.

Every physical movement and every thought is vibration. And what you put out is what you get back... even with those little things in life :).

See also:


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@releaser99 - Thanks! I do see your point, but it just seems to me that yawning is a much stronger contagion than any other examples of behavior. Although I have to admit, I was scratching my head while I typed this LOL!!! :)

(26 Nov '13, 12:33) Grace

I made experience "if you are talking about something boring, try feeling very happy and passionate on the inside. You will find that the other person will change the topic".

(26 Nov '13, 20:59) PERFECT GOOD
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