It is said that everything including us when broken down into its purest and most basic form, is "light" or energy.

How can we use that information to impact our life and others for the better?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

See yourself as a master manipulator of energy!

See your consciousness as the instrument of this control

See yourself harnessing this power not only when you are concentrating on joy, but see yourself using the same power when you are concentrating on fear as well.

Realize this truth and choose what you expose your consciousness to from this point onwards.

Catch yourself when you are entertained by disastrous news, horror movies, stories dealing with violence & torture as entertainment, etc...etc..etc

Realize that each of these moments is not just innocent is a moment of powerful prayer and attraction.

Understand that each time you expose your consciousness to ideas you are building a filter in your consciousness.

This filter filters the unlimited energy potential that is flowing through you into a filtered preference of experience.

Understand that you are constantly converting this flow of unlimited potential energy flow into a limited energy flow through a set of choices that you believe as "TRUE"

Understand that you are the master & architect of your expression of unlimited potential, and it unfolds within the confines of what you believe as "how things are supposed to be"

Understand that you can at any moment change the results of this energy flow as it flows through you.

Understand that that moment of power is NOW and it has always been NOW because it is the only moment that actually crosses paths with physical reality

Use that power that is flowing through you to create your joy and catch your fear and transmute that fear to joy as well.

Choose to find your joy NOW where ever you are at, in life, for IF you cannot find it within NOW you will never find it anywhere else.


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The Traveller

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wow, very well put, thanks.

(02 Nov '10, 02:40) Back2Basics

AwEsoME! AwEsoME! AwEsoME!

(02 Nov '10, 17:29) figure8shape

Thanks! Appreciate the comments.

(03 Nov '10, 18:57) The Traveller

Love all your answers you are simply someone special. Thank you.

(17 Jan '12, 05:36) Paulina 1

excellent the traveller. the only thing you have forgot is that we are all being of light and should help out each other and if anny of us needs more light ask from the heart the source(god) for back up.

(17 Jan '12, 20:57) white tiger
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By helping us understand that what we see is an "image," a projection of the underlying reality. Once we know that, we can begin to gain understanding of that underlying order, and by seeking such understanding, obtaining enlightenment.

Enlightened, we are in a better position to help others.

But don't wait until you are enlightened to help others. Paradoxically, helping others can help you become enlightened.


answered 01 Nov '10, 19:50

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thank you, very true about helping others!

(01 Nov '10, 19:52) Back2Basics

very true vesuvius.

(17 Jan '12, 20:59) white tiger

The more we understand about the spiritual aspects of our being the better for us to create the life that we want. We do not have to understand everything about how the energy works to create life. It all comes back to the law of attraction. If we understand and apply the law then we can make the energy work for us.


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We can use our light, and energy, both as individuals, and as a group to heal our society, and the world at large, by doing our part. We are both the light, and the energy force that keeps the world at large moving, working, vibrating, and manifesting more of the same to reproduce, strengthen, and improve our human nature, and intelligence to access the higher powers. Because we are all from the same energy source, and has been apart of it from the beginning of its origin, this means we are already using it, and is expanding in it.

Modern society has improved and has expanded their technology through the use of this same light, and energy. Even though we are still learning how to use this energy to our best advantage, we have evolved scientifically into the studies of human nature, biology, and science; and religiously and spiritually we are using the LOA to manifest and create a better life for our self, and others.

The more advanced we get the better we will get on how to use the energy effectively to enhance the lives of all humans, and to set lasting bench marks for our future generation to improve on where we have left off. So using the light, and energy to better our self, and others, and the world at large is a continuous developmental process, which gives us access to our higher self and to transcend spiritually.


answered 02 Nov '10, 05:20

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Inactive User ♦♦

very true we are using the internet right now to do that sharing and it use fiber optic with light.

(17 Jan '12, 21:05) white tiger

Hello Back2Basics, the energy involved here is that eternal energy that has been influencing the physical universe since the beginning of time ... it is named life force, chi, universal force etc. ...

It has been harnessed by inventors since the world began ... the earliest mention of electric phenomena can be found in ancient Egyptian texts, more recently in 1884 Nikola Tesla invented the alternating current electric generator that changed the world in which we live.

Karl Von Reichenbach (1788-1869) named it odic force and discovered that it is a universal property of matter, not only present in living things but also in magnets, crystals, light, heat, and that it is generated by friction, sound, light, electricity, sunlight, stars, planets, chemical reactions and especially by the biological activity of plants, animals and humans.

He further says ... the distribution of odic force that interpenetrates the material structure of the universe, is variable in space and time. It can be accumulated, transformed, deviated, transmitted and irradiated by objects and from one person to another. The odic force is bipolar as is magnetism and electricity; "negative" can be perceived by a clairvoyant as a blue light - and "positive" yellow/red.

So with a little imagination this subtle energy can be put to good use in our everyday physical world ... have fun :)


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blubird two

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I like your answer Blubird and especialy all the books you read fasinate me.

(17 Jan '12, 05:41) Paulina 1

@Paulina - my pleasure, have a great day :)

(17 Jan '12, 06:39) blubird two you might like this one also. and listen to what he say about the golden light.

(17 Jan '12, 22:05) white tiger
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