Do I specifically have to focus on the car, the money, the house, the lover, etc.

Or can I just focus on what I already have to feel appreciation and fulfillment already and due to the vibe it will naturally come without having to meditate and keep thinking about the specific thing(s) all the time?

If I am around something that I do not like, is it ok to find any excuse to appreciate it anyway even if it's one or two qualities about the bad situation or thing so that I can have an energy of fulfillment and appreciation anyway?

Or will the fact that I am thinking about it at all keep it here in my life?

I heard Bashar said: "Circumstances don't matter only state of being matter"

I think the problem that most people have with this is that, they feel that if they learn to accept and appreciate what they don't like or if they are not fighting against the things that they consider to be 'bad', it may just continue happening again and again staying in their lives.

What do you think about this?

asked 12 Apr '14, 02:51

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arpgme, he thinks each has the potential to understand their purpose within creation and whether the awareness becomes conscious and to what degree is directly proportionate how well each knows themselves

(12 Apr '14, 05:47) fred

I know that. I'm asking about whether Law of Attraction only responds to thoughts (such as thinking about that fancy car in order to attract it) or is it responding to emotion (feeling like you already have what you need in order to attract it).

(12 Apr '14, 06:48) arpgme

LOA is not necessarily responding to your thoughts but more to the emotion that your thoughts create. This is why most people find it hard to manifest something specifically because when they focus on something that they want, they are usually focusing on the lack of it in their life without even realizing it.

(12 Apr '14, 08:40) Jess

Ultimately we do it for the feeling of what the thing represents for us anyway, so the thing should be used to conjure the feeling and the state of being. Then walllwcin those feelings and you'll see more of what that feeling represents in your life.

(21 Apr '14, 05:03) Focus Dude
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It is very powerful to start to feel grateful/appreciation for the things that you have now. Because when you are in a state of appreciation LOA will bring things into your life for you to appreciate. In order for LoA to manifest something in your life you must be in a strong emotional state. For example, just like anger or rage will start to manifest more things on that same frequency almost instantaneously, appreciation is also a very strong emotion on the opposite end of the scale that will also bring things into your life matching that frequency almost instantaneously.


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I agree. I think appreciation and excitement are two of the most powerful positive emotions and they put you firmly in the vortex. Once you're in the vortex and you stay in there, the vortex changes your vibration on all the subjects that are important to you. i.e all the subjects that you have put in there. So, if you have put a house, lover or car in there the vortex changes your specific vibration on those subjects and then they manifest, usually pretty fast too and then more and more comes.

(12 Apr '14, 10:30) Yes
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