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When first learning about LOA and everything that comes along with it, it can at first glance seem like a simple easy solution to having everything that you desire and living the life of your dreams. But, the more you try to integrate everything that you have learned about the subject into your daily life, I think that most of us realize that it is not as simple as it seems. The truth is, that you can read a million books or get all of your questions answered, but until you put into practice everything that you have learned, that is the only way to truly understand just how LOA works, when you see evidence of it in your everyday life.

I believe that if it is a genuine desire of yours to understand the LOA, along with putting in the effort to integrate its laws into your daily life, LOA will automatically attract to you all of the tools required to do this.

In my case, there are many people that have helped me along the way that have opened my eyes to see and live in a reality that has always been right under my nose, but for the past 35 years, I never even knew that it even existed. And for all of you I am forever grateful for helping me to remember who I really am.

First and foremost, for all of the teachings of Abraham and Bashar. It doesn't matter if the information is coming from a book or a video clip, everything that comes from them always resonates so deeply within me. I have learned so much from them and continue to learn something new every single day. Their teachings are endless and every single time I listen to them, I feel as if they are speaking just for me.

Also, I would like to thank the LOA for attracting me here to Inward Quest :) There is so much valuable information on this site that you can get lost in for days. But most of all, there are so many people that are always willing to help, answer your questions and share their experiences with you. And I feel like the people here have been the last piece of the puzzle that I needed in order to truly understand and integrate all that I have learned into my everyday life. So, thank you to everyone here on inward quest, but more specifically:

Thank you @stingray, thank you so much for all of your systematically, highly functional post that are so organized and well explained. Even when I was new to all of this, I could read one of your post and follow the hyperlinks and when I was finished all of my questions were answered and I felt like a pro. I have put into practice so many of your manifestation experiments and they were truly just want I needed to have fun with and be able to play with reality. Most of all, thank you for the 30 day vortex challenge! This was really, the last little push that I needed and its effects have changed me forever and I am more grateful for this then you will ever know!

Also @releaser99, thank you so much for your wonderful insight. There has been so many times that your answers have brought me from a state of confusion to "all knowing." Every single time you answer a question of mine I can literally feel it click and I have no more questions because you explain it completely. You have not only the experience to answer these questions to perfection but you also have a way to make your words flow and so easy to relate to and "get it" completely.

@grace, thank you so much for all of your advice and also your spirit, that is full of life! Every time your name pops up in a question or a comment, you have a way of changing the atmosphere into something light and fun! I have always related to all of your post on such a deeper level, because you are so honest and kinda remind me of myself. Sometimes you are in alignment and doing great, other times not so great :) But you have taught me not to give up. You have taught me that it is ok to lose my way because it is just as easy to find the way back.

You have all helped me so much in realizing that life is not about what you have or what you can get, and that it is all about what you can give. Recently, I have been in the position to help someone close to me. When she looked at me with tears in her eyes because she was so grateful for what I did, it sent an emotion through me that was so exhilarating. In that moment, I could feel that this emotion was the substance needed in order to melt reality into clay that could be easily molded. This is what I am hoping to give to you because you have truly altered my life for the better and I literally could not have done it without you!

I thought that anyone could answer this question with a statement about who they are grateful for and how they have helped you along the way..

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@Jess Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it and I'm glad it helps :).

(12 Nov '14, 18:02) releaser99

You're welcome @Jess - and everyone else :)

(20 Nov '14, 09:48) Stingray

@Jess - You are very welcome and yes, there is never any reason to feel truly hopeless. We can all trip over our own feet once in a while. Thank goodness IQ is always here, lighting the way back! :)

(20 Nov '14, 18:50) Grace
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The image of a house came to mind. Inwardquest is like a house. Every question and answer is like a brick that helps build this house. @Stingray I would call a corner stone in the building of this house, through his wisdom, knowledge and not to mention his humor. Thanks Stingray! TheTraveler has also inspired me, hope he passes through these parts again soon. @Grace Luv you hun ! @ele, firey, feisty and and a truly warm heart! Wade and Jai showing how truly inspirational true love can be. @fred a man of few words, that reach down and gives me thoughts to ponder. @releaser99 you are always a confirmation that I am on the right path. @Eddie a man that has lifted the veil of reality and shared what is on the other side. And like a house there's always improvements that come up. So thank you one and all for all of your inspiration!



answered 15 Nov '14, 15:16

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@Stingray has been the most profound teacher of my entire life. I can never thank him enough for patiently answering my endless questions. There have also been many others who have taught me - some have mentored me - and shared so much with me over the past couple of years. This looks like a good place to call them out:

  • @Cory sees straight through me and likes me anyway, and taught me to like myself
  • @releaser99 gives me detailed instructions for life changing practices I use every day
  • @Catherine warmly grounds me and reminds me that I can be a grownup
  • @TReb Bor yit-NE is a virtual big bear hug and reaches me with enveloping, unquestioning, unconditional love - always
  • @ursixx love you too buddy for making me laugh when I thought I wanted to cry, and for always being there
  • @Satori can cut through the fog in my brain and reach me when no one else can
  • @Liam shows me how to use my head and my sense of humor at the same time
  • @Pink Diamond speaks my language
  • @lozenge123 is just plain fascinating
  • @Wade Casaldi writes as he thinks and I like going along on the journey
  • @Jaianniah keeps coming back from hopelessness to believe and encourage again
  • @Dollar Bill has a unique way of expressing himself and shows how to enjoy life
  • @LeeAnn 1 also speaks my language and understands the animal lover in me
  • @supergirl is a dynamo and a bright and beautiful spirit
  • @Eldavo taught me to believe that I can know whatever I want to know
  • @Michaela models what I could be
  • @The Traveller is one of our deepest thinkers, and his answers are always a rich experience.
  • @LapisLazuli is wise and kind, and makes me want to be too
  • @Nikulas once shared the same heartache as me, and thank goodness we both grew past it
  • @r0la speaks from the heart and touches me with very few words

Love you all, Grace :)


answered 15 Nov '14, 23:20

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@Grace- me too love all of them you mentioned and including and all hose who participated in this site ..thanks you all great people...:)

(27 Nov '14, 10:11) Zee

@Stingray, most definitely. One of my manifesting box requests was that I should be sent a teacher who would teach me LOA properly. Lo and behold, I (like you all) manifested @Stingray in my reality :) I'd never have given Abraham-Hicks a second glance without @Stingray's explanations and analysis.

Then come @Grace for her support and @The-Traveller for the insights.


answered 12 Nov '14, 12:42

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Nearly three years ago the Universe brought me to inward quest and it has had an amazing impact on my success with reality creation, just recently I've become a part of the quest, and although I've never asked a question on inward quest, I've never really had to, everything I've always needed to know was already waiting for me here. Stingray has been my mentor ever since I discovered the quest, and while everybody here has helped me during my practice, it has always been and continues to be Stingray's knowledge that has inspired and guided me towards the success I am now realizing. Thank you Stingray, you are a true mentor.


answered 17 Nov '14, 12:00

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My Jaianniah of course because she is my girl I love, but she has experienced so many amazing things as such as the heart of God and mind of God. There have been many in here that have meant something to me but one name pops up in my mind that changed my life. @Liam what he said when I could not figure out why my brothers would help me if they hated me, growing up being picked on. That changed everything with my brothers and I, and I am still very thankful for that response. As I said many on here have been helpful to me, Dollar bill, Grace, Super girl, Ursixx, TReb Bor Yit-ne, Lee-ann, Snow, Vesuvius, so very many. White Tiger for making me think in new ways and directions many times. Also the very many that have inspired me into finding answers within that I didn't know were there in my head. I have so many because I have been on the site since the beginning and am glad to have been here since the start.


answered 20 Nov '14, 21:00

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade - I remember that day with you and @Liam. It was like I felt the ripples of what that answer did for you. Beautiful. ;)

(20 Nov '14, 22:41) Grace
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