Well, every time I meditate, my arms or head move like someone's controlling it. I have ghosts in my house. Could they be trying to communicate? Am I a medium?

I can also see them- sometimes clearly, like another human, or in my head. I can hear them talk, like it's a second thought- if I concentrate. I can see them before I fall asleep completely. They have commented on my supernatural poster, saying it's great. I'm so confused! Am I crazy, or am I a medium?

I can feel when they're watching me, and they tickle me. I can feel their presence as well. They have told me their names as well, and follow me everywhere I go. One of them has red hair, green eyes, pale complexion, freckles, oval-shaped face, skinny blue jeans and wearing a blue hoodie. He has a six-pack; I can see it through his shirt. One time while I was sleeping, the bed shook like someone was getting in it. I felt energy right by me. I touched him, and the energy moved like shivers. It's no one I knew. He died from melanoma cancer. A huge tumor developed in his tummy and took his life.

Am I a medium?

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Dear @XxemogirlxX, You are clearly exhibiting a natural psychic ability. As souls, we are essentially non-physical beings and therefore, we all are "psychic". In order to add some flavor to our endless existence we tend to do a lot of experimenting. This often involves "Playing" around within the confines of time and space environments. These "constructs" are created with built in limitations (physical laws, gravity, etc.) that are designed to challenge our creativity in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons that are unique to each individual. In the same way an astronaut puts on a spacesuit to walk on the moon, we put on a "flesh" suit, which enables us to operate as incarnate souls living on the earth.

We do not lose our non-physical so-called "Psychic" abilities when we decide to experience these brief lifetimes in the flesh. However, we do generally choose to suppress them for the most part for the sake of our purposes here. For whatever reason, you have chosen to allow your abilities in this particular lifetime. It is up to you to determine why that is. I would suggest you make finding that reason a high priority in your life. There is likely more to it that simply attracting discarnate souls in order to make friends. Most people whose social circle is made up of ghosts do end up in an institution of some sort.:) That may not be fair or even justified; that's just the way it is in our current society

"Ghosts" are just people who are afraid to return to their "home world". They are generally troubled souls who fear they will be judged or punished by some unloving, uncaring God. There is the possibility that your discarnate friend who died of cancer was made to believe that the disease was "Gods" punishment for some perceived wrong and that further judgment would be forthcoming. From all that I have learned about the death experience, nothing could be further from the truth. No such judgment or punishment awaits any of us on the other side. Such a belief or perceived guilt, however, might be good reason to avoid that tunnel and fear the light waiting at the other end. I cannot say that that is the only reason one might choose to linger here on earth but I strongly suspect that fear of some sort is involved.

Allowing these souls to get attached to you is an enabling gesture that provides them the means to literally "ground" themselves to the physical world. Ghosts are not some kind of supernatural celebrities to be coddled or looked up to in any way. Even though they generally mean you no harm, they can become annoying or start behaving poorly towards you just like the living often do. You would do better to approach them as a firm but loving parent would deal with a misguided child. The "novelty" of your mutually shared experience will eventually wear off and just like the acquaintances you have amongst the living, your ghost friends can become difficult to be around and much harder to ignore or avoid.

My advice to you would be to, look for a metaphysical bookstore in your area and spend time researching the subject Seek out a few of the legitimate, well-reviewed psychics living nearby. Find one or two that are willing to offer you direct guidance in developing your skills and you might even discovers some opportunities that can lead to a career as a psychic. Know that you are not alone. We are living in a time where many people experiencing an awakening of sorts, a raising of the collective consciousness is occurring worldwide. Experiences like yours are happening with increasing frequency. Understand that you, Tiffany have immeasurable worth to all that is. With proper guidance, you can learn to use your ability to benefit others as well as yourself. Hope this helps!


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@i4cim2b- What a great post! Well said, and good advice. Also, I have met a few people who were actually sick, and when they saw ghosts, they were hallucinating- in both cases, they were women suffering from advanced diabetes and kidney failure (uremic poisoning). I have had to direct them to their doctors/health care professional. But really good post. ♥

(20 Dec '14, 02:23) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah-Thank you!

(20 Dec '14, 21:04) i4cim2b
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