I've heard it over and over that unlimited abundance (wealth, love, etc.) is our birthright and we don't have to earn any of that because we are naturally deserving already.

On a deeper level this completely resonates with me, but my mind constantly tries to convince me that I need to work for those things, especially money. I know this happens because I obviously have some unlimited beliefs about these subjects, so I need to work on those. I also know that I don't feel as worthy as I should :) (especially outside the vortex).

But there's one thing I still can't wrap my head around: Why is it possible, that we are able to attract any specific amount of money and it is just absolutely, completely okay? I once heard Abraham talking so someone who wanted to win a 400 millionen Dollar jackpot and the person was completely overwhelmed with the fact that he just deserves all of this ALREADY because he exists. Abraham told him, that he doesn't need to earn this money, no matter how much it is. They also once said that it is absolutely okay if someone, e.g. after having won the lottery, doesn't work at all, never gives and "just takes".

I know one (or the only) of the answer is, that we are part of source and when we, for example, have lots of money, we can expand more that when we were poor and this is what life is about, expanding of source.

So you may now wonder why I even ask this question if I already know all of this :)

The part that I still don't get is: Why is it okay, that one can just take without giving anything back? I mean, this person will need food for example, and this food needs to be grown and transported and cooked by other people. Why is it okay that said person just uses all those service without giving back? If everyone would attract millions and do this ("to just take") the whole society would collapse, wouldn't it? Or would we create other realities where this would be possible? Of course, there are people that love their jobs and continue to "work" because the love what they do, but I don't think that this is true for the majority of people...

Please clarify this for me :) Thank you.

asked 18 Feb '15, 07:42

spacemetalfantasy's gravatar image


@spacemetalfoneantasy-wealth is not our birth right.If everyone becomes millionaire,who will wash the toilets..

(27 Feb '15, 05:02) Zee
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The part that I still don't get is: Why is it okay, that one can just take without giving anything back?

You seem to be assuming that there is a shortage of ressources. With that premise, it is totally understandable that one could think that it would be a bad idea to just take without giving.

But if you keep in mind that thoughts create reality, it is also understandable that ressources expand to match desires proportionately.

Once there was a time in which people bartered apples for potatoes, clothing for milk and so forth. If you now look at the world today, it has a lot more than those simple things to offer. Why? Because ressources expand to match desires proportionately.

Many people only believe in the things that they can observe from what has already manifested. And then they assume that there is only this one pie that should be distributed in fairness.

But there is more than this one pie that we can observe right now with our physical eyes. There is a "Vortex pie" which keeps expanding proportionately to match desires. And this "Vortex pie" keeps feeding the physically manifested pie indefinitely the more people find alignment with their desires.

So by manifesting more of that "Vortex pie" into the physical pie and let it grow more, you are not only not taking away from others. You are also adding to their experience of the physical pie.

I hope this helps. And if it does, it is because once there were people who allowed little pieces of the "Vortex pie" to be added into the physical pie we are observing now. We call those pieces electricity, internet, computers, Inward Quest and so forth :).


answered 18 Feb '15, 08:19

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Thank you for your answer. You might be right, I probably think from a limited number of resources. With resources, do you think of services from people as well? For example, if I won the lottery and have a cleaning lady, a cook, a gardener, etc., I would pay those people with the money from the lottery. But what if those people become millionaires as well? Wouldn't they quit their jobs? Of course you don't know :) What I really mean is: To me it feels like I would take advantage of them...

(18 Feb '15, 14:56) spacemetalfantasy

... because they are not rich (yet) and if they were, they probably would not continue to work for me? So isn't it plain UNFAIR? Or the people that would sew my clothes, bags, etc. Would it be really okay if I would just pay them with the money from the lottery and do nothing at all (for a limited time only maybe). I just have this sentence in my mind: "Money is the value you provide to other people." So what if I'd lie on the beach all day long? I wouldn't provide anything to anyone...

(18 Feb '15, 15:03) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy "With resources, do you think of services from people as well?" Yes, I mean ressources of all kind to match your or any desire. If everyone was to align with what they really wanted, the Universe would have to manifest every persons desire. No exceptions whatsoever. If your question is about the how, I can't answer that...

(18 Feb '15, 21:48) releaser99

...This would be like asking someone in the year of 1722 how and in what ways it could be possible to talk to a friend who lives on the other side of the world. You can't expect anyone in that time to say "Well, I guess the Universe will manifest cellular phones and skype" :) But personally I would love to see a humanoid robot do my gardening and cooking :).

(18 Feb '15, 21:48) releaser99

But as long as there are still people who just love doing gardening or cooking (I know them personally) more than life itself, I doubt that those jobs will cease to exist soon. If you feel like you are taking advantage of someone who either by choice does something he loves to do or by choice does something he doesn't like to do, you may then want to explore your belief system and find those false underlying belief(s) that make you feel bad.

(18 Feb '15, 21:48) releaser99

"I wouldn't provide anything to anyone" Sounds to me like "I must do to get and deserve"

(18 Feb '15, 21:49) releaser99

And if you wanted to conclude a belief about money from the answer above, it would be something along the lines of "money is just a reflection of the Vortex pie and keeps expanding proportionately to match desire".

(18 Feb '15, 22:13) releaser99

Thank you, releaser99, I really appreciate your help. You are absolutely right. I can't accept the fact that I am THAT deserving right now. This belief of having to earn something (especially a huge sum of money/lifestyle with many goodies) is still very strong.

(19 Feb '15, 13:58) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy You are welcome. I think it's a good idea not to be so hard on ourselves even if this belief doesn't seem to change. Bashar says that a limiting belief can either act as a wall or a sign. It's our choice. Personally, I also like the idea of giving value in any way I can because I acquired the belief that it's good for me. So just acting in any way you can to give value (whatever this means to you) should be of benefit to you. http://goo.gl/DlpPi3

(26 Feb '15, 10:15) releaser99

Thank you @releaser99. Actually, your comment about the "vortex pie" has been very helpful. I think of it every day and I notice that this feeling of "having to earn something" isn't that strong anymore. I still catch myself in "wrong" thinking sometimes, but a lot has shifted. I love the idea of the vortex pie :) The universe is really generous. Thank you.

(26 Feb '15, 15:58) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy I'm glad it helped :).

(27 Feb '15, 09:39) releaser99
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I think you are concerned that you can just sink into a sea of luxury and things and lose your humanity, of sorts.

It doesn't quite work like that from inside the vortex as the dominant vibration that you're feeling is LOVE, love for self, love for all others.

Yes, you can attract vast sums of money, yachts, luxury homes etc with no effort from inside the vortex and you will enjoy all of the creating that comes at the limitless level.

But, there is also that desire in you to uplift others, to bring joy to the world :) There is an Abraham video where Esther/Abraham states that you almost need to create all of the 'things' first before you get 'it'. If there are things that you want then aligning with those things will be important until you run out of material stuff to desire. There are only so many homes, luxuries, cars, yachts you can acquire before they can become a little cumbersome. I think the video is called "I'm on the Forbes rich list" and it's a man who is desiring and creating lots of things, lots of money but he's questioning whether he should be giving money away now, now that he's got so much.

Abraham sort of implies that the creating of things is only important until you realize that you can create anything and you get pretty much all of the material things that you want and then your desires change to more experienced-based desires. I think that's where upliftment would take centre stage in your life.

From inside the vortex, you will always want to have loving moments with people you meet every day. Raising a smile from someone, offering a compliment, boosting someone's confidence, having that vibrational exchange of love is important, always, from inside the vortex because you genuinely feel LOVE for every single person you meet. I think what happens is once you have all the stuff, or you realize that you can get anything and everything your priority centres more on the upliftment of others rather than aligning with another luxury car.

I am at the point now where my work, which does uplift others, is becoming more important to me than aligning with more houses and things. When you know you can attract money easily with no effort like turning on a tap for water it seems pointless to hoard it. There are more exciting things you can be doing with your time.

There is no rush like lifting another person higher from inside the vortex (Abraham says that when you're in the vortex people that come into contact with you get their reset button pushed.) The only thing that comes close to that feeling is KNOWING that you can have a particular experience that you really want even though it hasn't quite manifested yet. When it manifests it's not as exciting, the energy rush is gone and you need something else to focus upon.

But, you sort of have to have the bank account stuffed full of money before you can realize that uplifting others and reaching for alignment feels better than the money. You have to get the money before you can compare the feelings and realize it was never about the money.

It becomes really clear, really fast why movie and music stars are multi-millionaires and can seems so troubled. They have the money but they haven't worked out how to reach for the alignment.

From inside the vortex money won't feel so important, you have it, you know you can have more whenever you want it and you know that alignment feels a million times better than creating more money for the sake of it, so it all sort of works itself out.


answered 18 Feb '15, 09:28

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edited 18 Feb '15, 09:32

I appreciate your answer, Yes. Above, I commented on releaser99's post. This explains my question a bit further. :)

(18 Feb '15, 15:05) spacemetalfantasy

Hi @Yes, just wondering what your favourite methods are for manifesting?

(18 Feb '15, 18:02) Bluebell

Hello :) I don't really have a method now as I have built up quite a lot of confidence or knowing that things will come as I desire them. If you have certain desires that you're waiting for then ME-4 and ME-5 can clear resistance - to the things that you've built up blocks towards. I used that successfully for quite a while. Now I tend to see something I would like to experience and instead of thinking of how I can get it I just shift to having it in my mind until it shows up...

(18 Feb '15, 19:00) Yes

For example, if I want to meet a certain person. I recognize that I want to meet (step 1) Source does (step 2) then I just shift my thinking to knowing the person in my mind so I think of all the things we've done together, or plan to invite that person out on a certain date. The person just exists in my mind like any other person that I already know and after a short time of doing that, they show up. It's never 'where are they', 'how can I meet them' it's more like 'That person is here already'

(18 Feb '15, 19:05) Yes

@Yes Thank you. I use that approach as well, I just thought I'd ask in case you came at it from a different angle. Always love to see how people make it their own

(19 Feb '15, 03:03) Bluebell

You're welcome! It's a lot of fun doing it that way. :)

(19 Feb '15, 05:49) Yes

@yes, are you speaking of meeting a certain kind of person and you do, or a specific person that you know and you are able to bump into them if you think about them?

(19 Feb '15, 19:26) Inner Beauty

Both, or it could be a specific someone that I don't know but would like to meet.

(20 Feb '15, 06:25) Yes

Wow, that's a great power of manifestation!

(20 Feb '15, 06:51) Inner Beauty

We all have that power. :)

(20 Feb '15, 07:13) Yes
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Because there is only Self and we are the Infinite Being. Everything is us and ours. There's no such thing as "birthright" of any kind that's all part of the illusion of limitation. Everything is Self. Wealth, Health, Love, Hate, Illness, Poverty : there's abundance of everything available. It's a question of what you want to experience.


answered 20 Feb '15, 04:42

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harsha, perhaps 'mankind' has a "birthright", forgotten by mainstream modern society for what is 'wanted' to be experienced

(20 Feb '15, 07:00) fred
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