So how do you know what's the best approach for challenges to manifesting in any given situation? Here is my situation: I was hoping and expecting a kind of promotion - this is not exactly the situation but this is the closest I can get to explaining it here without getting into too much detail. I was told today that my boss (not quite my boss but close enough for the scenario) has said that this would be unlikely even though he had previously seemed very positive about it. Naturally (or otherwise) I was very disappointed since I had my hopes up and had been visualising this and trying to live as if and being very positive about it. Now the boss didn't say it was impossible but basically that he may not support me in the 'promotion', so there is still what I see as a small chance. But now that the likelihood of it manifesting is so much less, it is so much harder for me to visualise it happening and believe it will. Should I:

keep visualising, expecting, believing and
work on limiting beliefs


accept that it may not have been the right thing, there may be something better out there and just be happy and grateful in whatever way I can

Would appreciate any input. I feel like whenever I get hopeful and believe all the LOA stuff is going to work, it all comes crashing down. Of course I know others including have asked about this happening before but I would appreciate help with this situation.

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Inner Beauty

If you're able then the best way to manifest this would be "to accept that it may not have been the right thing, there may be something better out there and just be happy and grateful in whatever way I can" This "giving up" or letting go would make you a match to manifesting this situation. This is a step 3 or 'allowing' state.

To "keep visualising, expecting, believing and work on limiting beliefs" is a step 1 or 'asking' state.

The problem is if you are not feeling good and, therefore, you believe that you would feel better than you do now if this situation were to fall into place for you then you are not able to let it go.

Only you can answer where you are regarding that. If you can't let go or 'give up' to allow it to come in then you're best working on the beliefs to clear the resistance but be aware that while you are doing this you are still desiring and activating the lack because you're vibrationally still asking for it to come about. EDIT: To clarify further, by working on your beliefs to try to draw this desire to you you are declaring that it's not yours. If this promotion was yours you wouldn't be expecting it or changing beliefs to get it or 'working' on visualizing you would just BE because it would be already yours.


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Thank you very much @Yes! That's very clear.

(25 Sep '15, 11:48) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty, you're very welcome!

(25 Sep '15, 12:57) Yes

@Yes - do you think the state of "allowing" is then the state of not trying to control (through force of will, or action, or just emotionally) what is coming into your life? It's almost like you're a video game character being played by someone else, but being experienced by your "self"? And you're always headed toward what you want, but by resisting/trying to control what's happening in the game this hot second, we get "stuck"? (This is probably super obvious, I'm just beginning to get it.)

(29 Sep '15, 12:02) corduroypower

@corduroypower Have a look at this answer from @Stingray: Our job is to find things we like (identify desires) and then get out of the way (feel joy) The controller of the video game (the pilot, inner being) does the rest.

(29 Sep '15, 12:20) Yes

@Yes I'd clearly read that before (and commented on it, even) but it seems so fresh and mindboggling to me now. Thanks for (re)-linking.

(30 Sep '15, 02:01) corduroypower
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Yes has a really good answer above, to TRULY allow means to ''know'' that despite the promotion not working out according to your expectations, there is more than likely something even better on the horizon. When we have certain expectations about ''how'' we think something should come about, [manifest] we're sending energies of attachment and resistance, we're not fully trusting the Universe to bring about something even better than we could expect. When fully allowing, you would look at the dashed hope from a different perspective by simply relaxing and saying to yourself ''something even better is coming'' and while affirming this truth, you're releasing your attachment to a certain outcome. You could leave this present job for a much higher paying job, be inspired to start your own thriving business, or land an unexpected financial windfall, the possibilities are endless! One final note, it is never our job to know how things play out, our minds can never conceive the many different routes that a physical manifestation can occur, that is why trust can be that final piece of the puzzle to allow a more desired reality.


answered 25 Sep '15, 12:26

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Thanks @Kreatr - when I think about the 'promotion' it really makes me sad now and I feel anger and injustice about it, so I'm trying not to think about it all and do other things to look after myself and be peaceful.

(26 Sep '15, 02:06) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty anger can be used as a powerful creative driving force, here's an article that you may find useful

(26 Sep '15, 02:28) jaz

thanks @Jaz. Good article

(26 Sep '15, 04:09) Inner Beauty

pleased that you find the article interesting @Inner Beauty :) avoiding anger is limitation avoiding any emotion is limitation, there's value in the cloudiness of emotions and feelings, clouds create the illusion without which experiencing anything as real couldn't happen, they're essencial to the reality creation process.

(28 Sep '15, 01:25) jaz
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Sometimes Abraham says, in the context of something else they frequently say ("Things are ALWAYS working out for me") that we are being "dragged through the maze of our beliefs". I take this to mean that sometimes the things we are absolutely sure we don't want are actually experiences that lead to the unfolding of the perfect thing we do want.

It's really hard when you're feeling disappointed to just be with that feeling. I feel like LOA people can accidentally sometimes tend to reinforce this in each other (not here, just in general), you know - don't admit that you feel disappointed, keep affirming, keep it together! But instead I am experimenting with trying to just really be where I am, be real about where I am and what I feel, and be okay with it. For myself, the getting to "being okay with it" is a multi-day process when I feel disappointed in something. Like when the momentum of the energy is that powerful, I just can't yet switch it around in one day. So a first step for me is just acknowledging that I feel bad, and that I probably won't feel that much better about this subject that really matters to me TODAY, BUT, that "things are always working out for me" even I can't see how that can be true right now. Then I try to let it go and soften around it as much as I can. Which may not be that much, and is sometimes - if the subject really matters to you! - very hard to do at all. So you just do what you can and do your best to stop beating up on yourself for not doing more.

I think (this is just my opinion, and I am not a LOA wizard!) that sometimes trying really hard to be positive when on the inside we're not positive at all keeps us stuck in an unpleasant-feeling place. As Abraham also says, "The Universe doesn't hear what you say, it hears what you mean". So if you're already vibrating "I'm very disappointed", admitting it won't make things "worse", it will just give you at least the relief of not resisting your own emotional state, maybe?

(I need to take my own advice today!)


answered 27 Sep '15, 22:57

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@corduroypower - thank you so much. That was very helpful. I did in fact allow myself to be disappointed for a day or so but then made sure I didn't linger there too long and moved into acceptance and now am thinking more objectively about actions I can take that might impact positively on the situation.

(28 Sep '15, 04:14) Inner Beauty

what is your limiting belief? do you believe that your boss or any one else can make something happen for you? and if they do make something happen for you will it not be to first serve their own interest? what did the boss said?( has said that this would be unlikely even though he had previously seemed very positive about it.) what is different from once he was positive about it and now is not positive about it even not sure about it? did he get what he was wanting by making you work toward something giving you a false belief? maybe what you need to learn about those boss is that in general they make other work for them, never show their incompetence and collect the success on other competent people back that are working for them. so the end result is that competent people do the job that the boss is not able to do and the boss take the success that is employee and team made possible. and if something go wrong the boss will blame the employee or the team even if he took some decision that made it happen. he will never show is ignorance or incompetence. even if he is the one taking the final decision when something goes wrong it is the employee that is going to be blame at the place of the boss. and when it is good it is the boss that made a good job even if he know nothing about the job and more then 80% of the job was done by the employee. and eventually those boss when their ignorance and incompetence show they get ejected but it can take a very long time.

so who can change something about your situation? would it not first be your self? so what do you need to do to get a promotion? or should you even expect a promotion? or maybe you should promote your self? but how is it going to work in the work place that you are in now?


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white tiger

Thank you for your insight @white tiger

(27 Sep '15, 22:19) Inner Beauty

hopes are dreamed possible
futures, perhaps one's vision
with finer tuning sees more
reachable alternatives


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