I see a lot of questions regarding how to manifest things, and that is simply through maintaining a high vibration or as Stingray likes to say, "be in the vortex".

I just want to know if there are any circumstances where you are in the vortex and have things not working out for you? Has anyone experienced this?

To be completely "delusional" and ignore all external circumstances and purely focus on maintaining a state of alignment and high vibrations, is this all we need? Are there any caveats? Or is this just the law of the universe, and nothing can stop you, even your higher self?

Let me give an example:

So at the end of this year I am going to go to Europe with a couple of friends, and the biggest worry is not having enough money to last me the whole time I'm there, or not having enough money to really get the most experiences out of my trip (rather than eating cheap food cheap hotels etc, enjoy nicer food/hotels).

Would staying in the vortex lead to things working out for me?

Thanks in advance for any answers and experiences, I feel like I'm finally at the stage where things are starting to make sense.

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@freedomdude you say:Or is this just the law of the universe, and nothing can stop you, even your higher self? I would first ask you what is your higher self? and then why do you think that your higher self is there to stop you? why do you make that division and opposition against your self? first get to know your self.

(30 Sep '15, 13:08) white tiger

@white_tiger I had a psychic reading that said that my higher self wanted me to have more experiences before my success could come. Any thoughts?

(02 Oct '15, 15:03) freedomdude

High vibrations and precision do not necessarilly go hand in hand @freedomdude, unless you're very clear about the vibrations you're sendig out you'll get a lot of things manifesting that are similar or associated with what you want. In other words you'll have different things manifesting in your life but you won't recognize that it's you that has asked for them.

(04 Oct '15, 01:23) jaz

for example you're holding a gold coin in your hand and you love gold, what you're vibrating is "love" so what you're attracting into your life is more love and not necessarily more gold

(04 Oct '15, 02:29) jaz
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Following on from what @releaser99 wrote in this thread....

The challenge may be the one of maintaining Vortex alignment despite powerful negative momentum though.

Thoughts with powerful (bad-feeling) momentum will drag you right out of the Vortex once you even slightly get reminded of them.

alt text

Like trying to fight the hypnotic and deadly mythological Medusa, if you dare look directly at your "enemy" (the bad-feeling powerful-momentum-filled thoughts), you get turned to stone ...err..I mean...you get kicked out of the Vortex :)

Since you wrote...

I feel like I'm finally at the stage where things are starting to make sense.

...you might be interested in giving the following method a try in preparation for your trip...

  1. Make a list of What things you want to have happen on your trip

  2. Also make a list (simultaneously, if you wish) of Why you want those things to happen

  3. After you feel like you've exhausted the What and Why, look at the Why reasons and think about what overall positive emotion those reasons suggest to you and try to label the emotion for yourself.

  4. For example, the reasons might feel to you like you want Excitement, Adventure, Wonder of Exploration, Fun etc. Use whatever word (or words) sum up the overall underlying emotion that you want from your reasons for what you want.

  5. Now you're going to defeat the Medusa without looking directly at the Medusa :) ...in other words, you're going to conjure up the emotion you are after without reactivating the thoughts with powerful momentum that may drag you away from what you want.

  6. Say the underlying emotion is "Adventure". Just make a separate list of experiences you've had in the past that have given you that feeling, or things that happen now in your everyday life that remind you of that feeling. (In Abraham-speak, make lists of supporting "Touchstones" and "Positive Aspects" for that emotion. "Virtual Realities" work great too)

  7. For a few minutes every day from now on, you are going to just keep practicing that "Adventure" feeling for a few minutes and then forget about it. Only practice that emotion for the purpose of practicing the emotion, not to try to make anything happen. Don't refer back to your original list of What and Why, just focus purely on the emotion only.

  8. If you daily keep adding to (or making more detailed) the past ("Touchstones"), present ("Positive Aspects") and future-imagined ("Virtual Realities") experiences that conjure up the emotion of "Adventure" for you, that will help considerably in making it feel more real and pure for you.

  9. Give it a few weeks of practicing the emotion for a few minutes a day before attempting to judge what this is doing for you in your life. You have nothing to lose (apart from a few minutes a day) and you might be quite surprised at what happens :)

answered 30 Sep '15, 04:49

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This is so practical. Thanks!

(30 Sep '15, 16:01) corduroypower

Hey @Stingray, I've been doing this for 6 days now and I feel a massive shift, thanks for this. It seems the more I do the easier it gets to get into that state. I'm pretty good with medusas, I release it with the sedona method and get into a neutral state, sometimes even in a bliss state. Thanks for your reply.

(07 Oct '15, 07:39) freedomdude

@freedomdude - "It seems the more I do the easier it gets to get into that state" - Yes, that's the nice thing about practicing the emotion directly...you get better and better at bringing it up on demand. And since, from the initial vibrational analysis, that emotion is the one you feel is "missing" (otherwise you would already have manifested the desire) then making that emotion stronger through conscious practice works wonders. Nice feedback. Kudos for being willing to try the approach :)

(07 Oct '15, 15:31) Stingray

Is anyone interested in a post (like the Vortex challenge) where people can check in about this method? I've been focusing on the word "balance" for myself since reading this. I realized that it was an underlying thing in a lot of things I want - balance in the sense of physical and emotional stability, un-rock-ability. And it's how I feel when I am in the Vortex: just really steady on my emotional feet. It's really the emotion I'm after, I am (finally, good lord) starting to BELIEVE that.

(07 Oct '15, 16:42) corduroypower

@corduroypower - My own experiences are that there are actually very few emotions underlying all my desires :) ...so it's a bit of a time saver in practicing just those relatively few emotions instead of having to tackle a multitude of seemingly-independent desires.

(10 Oct '15, 05:09) Stingray

@corduroypower I remember working that out and it was huge for me too. You realize the un-rock-ability is what actually brings the lasting happiness not the stuff. If you can find that balance with or without the stuff then you can enjoy that same balance when you do have all of your desires. You could have all of your desires right now in front of you, but if you don't have the balance your life will still feel out of control. I can now look at movie stars or rich people with everything and....

(10 Oct '15, 06:09) Yes

... from a vibrational point of view I can understand if they are quite clearly going off the rails, using drugs or in some other way 'struggling' with life. The stuff will NOT bring you the balanced state of being that we're all searching for, that is to live most of the time free from resistance. The good news for us on IQ is when you find the freedom/appreciation/empowered vibe all that you desire comes along easily. And, drum roll now you are happy and balanced and can truly enjoy it!

(10 Oct '15, 06:15) Yes

@Stingray This is a great answer, very very helpful, as usual! :)

(10 Oct '15, 06:17) Yes

@Stingray or anyone else who is kind enough to answer - is feeling 'capable' a positive emotion? I brought down one of my why's to this but not sure if that is the feeling I need to practice - although I can't seem to identify what may be underneath this?! Should I practice capable for a few minutes every day? It doesn't exactly make me joyous, but I do feel more relaxed seeing myself 'capable'

(10 Oct '15, 09:48) Inner Beauty

@Yes - You're welcome

(10 Oct '15, 10:22) Stingray

@Inner Beauty - "is feeling 'capable' a positive emotion?" - Sure it is. If the thought of feeling 'capable' makes you feel good, it's fine to use. You don't have to feel joy (which is a separate emotion in itself), just good. This is a bit more of a fine-grained approach than just "aim for joy" all the time (which is perfectly valid in itself). Here, you are deliberately giving yourself the emotion you feel is "missing" from your life otherwise you wouldn't have the initial desire.

(10 Oct '15, 10:26) Stingray

@Inner Beauty - You don't have to identify the emotion perfectly...you may well tweak the emotion to something different over the coming days as you start to get used to feeling it. Better to start with something not quite right now and make it right later, than not to start at all :) Some feelings like "Wanting Freedom" can be a bit tricky because they can have a lack-tinge to them (like Gratitude) but 'capable', I think, is okay.

(10 Oct '15, 10:32) Stingray

Thank you so much @Stingray. Will start practicing!

(10 Oct '15, 11:24) Inner Beauty
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To be completely "delusional" and ignore all external circumstances and purely focus on maintaining a state of alignment and high vibrations, is this all we need?

Yes, this will always work.

Are there any caveats?

While the idea of "just feeling good" all the time (or most of the time) may seem too easy to be true, it usually really isn't easy for beginners.

And by "beginner" I don't necessarily mean somebody who is just discovering these ideas. A beginner can be anyone from just learning about these ideas to someone who was involved with them for 50 years or more.

A beginner is simply someone who hasn't practiced being in the Vortex every day for the last 30 days or so.

the biggest worry is not having enough money

Depending on the momentum behind your worries regarding that deadline, it can be even more challenging to maintain high vibrations for the next 30 days or so.

Because those worries might kick you out of the Vortex a few times. And if you haven't developed a good level of emotional self-awareness and coping skills yet, being kicked out of the Vortex could be so surprisingly uncomfortable to you that you might give up this whole "just-feeling-good-all-the-time" idea then without ever experiencing the real benefits of continuous Vortex alignment.

So technically speaking, the idea of staying in the Vortex will always work for anyone who is commited to that idea. The challenge may be the one of maintaining Vortex alignment despite powerful negative momentum though.


answered 28 Sep '15, 10:01

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While it is good to practice vortex alignment on a consistent basis, it can be challenging when there is any kind resistance involved, even more so when vortex alignment is based on a specific desired outcome. When getting into vortex alignment to manifest a specific desire or outcome [attachment] rather than getting into vortex alignment for the sake of just ''being'' in an aligned state, for the sheer joy of it, it could be difficult to maintain that alignment consistently as well as predominantly, this is because a person may be offering a vibration of attachment to a specific outcome, which will always carry resistance along with it, and until that resistance is dissolved, maintaining vortex alignment for long periods of time will be difficult. It would be beneficial to get into vortex alignment with no specific expectations and see what plays out, as long as you put vortex alignment first above everything else, and maintain that alignment [dominant focus] above everything else, the Universe could line things up and surprise you with desired outcomes above and beyond what you would have expected regarding your trip to Europe.


answered 28 Sep '15, 22:54

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Great answer!

(29 Sep '15, 04:22) Yes

I religiously practised being in the vortex for more than 30 days.

About 0.00% of my life changed.


answered 28 Sep '15, 10:27

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Can you describe your experience of being in the vortex, and how you achieved it? From your answer, I assume you were in it for something rather than just for its own sake? @stingray

(28 Sep '15, 13:17) freedomdude

Are you invoking one of the many escape clauses?

Anyway, what do I know? Try it for yourself and find out.

(28 Sep '15, 13:47) cod2

"From your answer, I assume you were in it for something rather than just for its own sake?"

What, you mean like planning to go to Europe and worrying about not having enough money?

(28 Sep '15, 18:26) cod2

Well when I get in the vortex it is a state of not really caring whether it happens or not, life is okay now as it is. I'm not always there, but thats what I mean with "high vibrations".

(29 Sep '15, 02:40) freedomdude

@freedomdude That is how I feel in the vortex too. The conditions around you are irrelevant. You feel good, you see the positive in everything. Even contrast has a "neutral" feel to it. There's nothing on the outside of you that can topple the feeling of security and peace....

(29 Sep '15, 04:14) Yes

... it sounds like you're there more often than not. Keep reaching for the feeling of being happy where you are, appreciate all that is around you now. Soon you'll tip into eagerness, eager to see how the universe will arrange your trip with all good things. Whether you set off on it with the extra money you need or not! The universe is very very creative. Enjoy!! :)

(29 Sep '15, 04:19) Yes

@freedomdude Also, a good test for you regarding knowing if you're in the vortex is to imagine the trip happening with no circumstances changing so no extra money, so 'cheap' food, hotels etc. If you can feel genuine excitement for that version of the trip then you're in the vortex. In the vortex you don't distinguish between good and bad so there would be no "luxury is good, cheap is bad" feelings. It's all good it's all life, it's all exciting, it's all there to be explored for the experience!

(29 Sep '15, 04:29) Yes

"Well when I get in the vortex it is a state of not really caring whether it happens or not, life is okay now as it is."

This is from a guy who has started a thread asking: "Can you have high vibrations and still not manifest things into your life?"

And also from the same guy: "So at the end of this year I am going to go to Europe with a couple of friends, and the biggest worry is not having enough money to last me the whole time I'm there"

Keep up with the self-delusion. It's working.

(29 Sep '15, 05:44) cod2

@cod2 I did the 30-day vortex challenge and for the majority of the 30 days I "thought" I was In the vortex. But I wasn't. Something happened in my life that made me realize it, and I've never been able to get back that same feeling another time. It's a kind of feeling where you feel invincible and nothing will stop you, you just want to shout to everyone you see how great you feel and punch your fists in the air for no reason. It's really very difficult to describe with words.

(29 Sep '15, 07:00) kakaboo

Personally I feel the vortex word has been used so many times on this site that its sort of like beating a dead horse and the meaning behind it has become clouded and blurry. But ignore the word vortex for now and think of the few times in your life when you felt really ecstatic and happy because something great happened in your life, you should actually be feeling EVEN better than that. if not, you probably just "thought" that you were in the vortex, like me.

(29 Sep '15, 07:02) kakaboo

The times I am in the vortex (not that often) I can tell, afterward, because I get that feeling of "Yes, even the contrast is great! Everything is great. I can handle everything. This is going to be good." I feel very - I don't know, optimistic? Or powerful. Like, calm, because I know that everything is cool. It's hard to describe. (And it's not really the way I imagine the vortex will feel when I'm out of it.)

(29 Sep '15, 11:58) corduroypower

ok, now it's my turn: Describing vortex is easy for me; it's like the best damn drug in the world. Pardon my French

(29 Sep '15, 12:16) Marin
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those external things money food etc.. are only desire for stuff of this world that are created and decided by human being in this world. it is not about being delusional. on the contrary get to know your self first. then you can manage better your self and the choice that you can make in this external world. for example some people are poor in this world but they want to play I am rich and will not buy the cheap stuff but will buy the high price stuff. the result is that they do not have money to pay their stuff for the rest of the month. and they are always in trouble trying to live like a rich when they are not rich. then they laugh at other people because they have not this or that, what they do not realize is that the people that they laugh at can buy even more stuff then them because they save money and make better choice that are more paying in the long run. example using a credit card and paying it at the end of the month at the place of not paying it and having high interest, or using a credit card at the place of interact card that charge you service 1$ to 3$ each time you use it. so in the long run the people that they laugh at can pay their stuff and save money to do other stuff. and them that pay a lot just to play rich do not save money and are always in debt.

so you see the person that make good choice according to is budget as no need to play rich to show other then he is something. and the one that play rich because he as the desire to show other that he is something else not following is budget at the end of the month is short on money and food. just take the example of the interact card if you use it 3 time a day for lunch and just put it at 1$ of service charge it is 3 $ per day 3$ per day 30 day a month is 90$ per month 90$ per month 12 month per year is 1080$ per year. so do you prefer to have 1080$ in your year or to use that interact card and not to have 1080$ per year just to show that you can do like the rich people to show that you are something else and laugh at other people that have probably more money then you? who is delusional? could have took other example of people paying for messaging that have some cost and is limited in the number of word that you can write at the place of using email that is free and not limited in word. why try to live like a rich when you are not a rich? better to live according to your budget and save some money to maybe one day be rich or at least live a good life with out being to poor. but you have free will so you can make any choice that you want! the choice and the responsibility of those choice is yours.

for desire many want to manifest a lot of thing some that are needed and some that are not. as long as you can be wise enough to know what manifestation is important to make and what manifestation is not important to make. fee know what is important and what is not important and that they can do with out or is not needed in the present moment.

is it better to do more at lower cost or to do lest at higher cost?

it is like people that visit house that are more then 5 time over their budget in case that they could pass at the bank to get it. even if they could get it they would not be able to pay it. so why waste time and gas to go visit that house that you have no money to buy? it would be better for you to save that money and when you will have money to go buy a house according to your budget to buy it make the payment and keep it.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 29 Sep '15, 20:23

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white tiger

edited 29 Sep '15, 20:38

most of natures laws have depth,
are other than linear
whose words cannot
describe that spherical

perhaps zero point ought be
your search not the vortex


answered 30 Sep '15, 17:37

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Coming to this conversation 2+ years later, I'm curious to find out @freedomdude, how was your trip??

I had a similar experience where I'd dreamed of going to Greece for over 30 years but it just wasn't happening. I finally made it there but it was because of 1 reason only: I finally made the decision to go come hell or high water. I ended up going alone because I got fed up of waiting around for someone to share the trip with.

Once I made that decision, the Universe began to collaborate in making it happen for me. I was excited and looking forward to having an amazing experience! A lot of great things happened during the trip but I also had some unpleasant experiences. Overall, I'm convinced that if I'd continued to "wait for the right moment", I'd still be waiting.

What's ironic is that prior to making the decision to go on the trip, I was feeling burnt out, fed up, irritated, unambitious, bored, etc etc etc... and while I was planning my trip, I was still worried about some things in my life that could go wrong (family health issues, lack of work/income, etc..) In the end though, everything worked out despite the negative worrying thoughts swirling around in my head. And yet, I had some so-called negative experiences while I was on my trip despite literally flying high emotionally (because I was feeling so good, having such a great time).

How is this possible?

Abraham talks about taking "inspired action" vs working yourself to the bone to make something happen. I've traveled a fair amount in my life but never have I worked SO hard to bring all the elements together for a trip! Planning that trip became a full-time job that drained me but I feel that if I hadn't done all that work and just left it to chance (or to "inspired action"), I'm not sure I would've had as much luck (in booking affordable hotels for instance) and the stress of being forced to book hotels out of my price range would've made things worse. I do trust the Universe... but why didn't it make things easy on me? Why didn't the "perfect" accommodations just show up online vs me spending weeks looking for them before I could finally book them?

So this bears the question: Where do you draw the line between waiting for inspired action and just going out there and doing whatever needs to be done? For all I know, if I hadn't gone ahead and taken action, I'd still be waiting for that trip to happen.

Of course, this applies to everything in life that you're waiting to manifest. When do we "stop waiting" and just go for it already?


answered 14 Mar, 16:18

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