It is said that everything that I want or could ever want already exists, like in a giant warehouse where all the things that I want are waiting for me. I would love to know how this is possible?

Let's say I want to have a new coat. In the very moment that I think of it, it has been given to me. But how does this work? Doesn't the coat need to be tailored first? Or "where does it come from" that it exists in the moment that I think of it? Of course there are plenty of coats in the stores so I could buy one immediately but what about things that are limited for example?

And what does Bashar, for example, mean when he says that "Everything is here now, but in varying states of visibility/invisibility"? I have a hard time understanding this even though it resonates with me and feels true. From my human based view I would have said that everything there is was once created by humans (the coat e.g.) but it takes time to produce those things...

So how is it possible for everything to exist as soon as I think of it?

asked 16 Oct '15, 13:48

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Everything is energy, everything is vibrating at it's own charateristic frequency. In every "now" period the brain converts some of those frequencies into something that can be experienced physically

(17 Oct '15, 02:38) jaz
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That is because you are thinking serially. Our awareness is both serial and parallel. All choices are valid, because all choices have been made. This reality is built upon the circle, which is continuous. We are in a track that has already been cut. Any combination that we choose, has been chosen. Our job is to make choices and gather information to hold the world together.


answered 18 Oct '15, 17:02

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The Knights Alchemy

Thank you, @The Knights Alchemy. Your answer resonates with me, but how is this possible? Doesn't that mean that there must be an infinite number of everything, including people?

(19 Oct '15, 07:22) spacemetalfantasy

I would simply say: that if you are able to think about it, you are able to create it. and the fact that you are able to think about it means that it can exist or will exist if it does not exist yet. it could seams far fetch but just look 500 year ago, if someone told you that he though about making a plane to fly in the air with the bird. people would have said it is impossible to fly , stop dreaming about impossible thing etc.... and look at today plane exist, helicopter exist, space shuttle exist. you see we have many things now that are normal for us but in the past it was not normal and people that add those idea where though to be dreamer, wonderer, illuminated or crazy people. so you see people got the idea about it and tried to create it. it did not happen over night to have plane that fly in the sky it took some work and trial for a pretty long time to have it working. all exist in the realm of potential. now if you are able to see it and make it happen and create it then good for you.


answered 17 Oct '15, 08:32

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white tiger

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