Two years ago I started saying an affirmation "there is a hidden justice at work in my life and affairs and it becomes visible now". I read about this affirmation in a book. It said that those who uses it would have people ,things and, situations change or leave your life if they needed to. One example was of a female college who felt she was mistreated by a professor because of her race. As she said the affirmation she felt that her problem came from within and how she felt about herself and, then the situation soon righted itself.

The first time I said this affirmation I felt the same feelings as the girl. I'd would say this affirmation for 15 minutes everyday for four months. I didn't get that feeling again during that time. I started saying it again after a period of stopping. I'd do it like this. I'd close my eyes and say to more self "I am relaxed" for one minute. Then for five to ten times I'd repeat the affirmation. This is how I do all of my affirmations.

Another affirmation I say is along the lines of "I have realized the consciousness of the I am that I am which is a focalized center of power in the cosmic manifestation of power". I put this affirmation from a book I read by William Walker Atkinson. In it it speaks of source being inside you also known to beginners in this teaching as the "I am I" and to those more advance as "I am that I am". It'll revamp your health and accelerate the law of attraction.

I felt slight realizations of this I am I. In the book it said that one shouldn't feel the pride that is it you doing the work or you'll lose the power of source working your behalf. At one point I felt a strong power inside of my self and a sort of pull and a feeling of pridefulness at all I accomplished though I accomplished nothing up until that point!

I started to affirm that the "minus entity" was gone and the "plus entity man made in God's image" was within me. According to the teachings in the book "the magic story". When I first said this affirmation I felt something watching me like in the book "the magic story". Then it never happened again.

That is until a month ago. I felt the feelings of the first two affirmations while sleeping.

My question is how can I have a prolonged experience of these feelings while awake? Thank you.

asked 05 Dec '15, 21:36

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he has found that following
up with searches and readings
expands the circle of
knowledge known and desired


answered 06 Dec '15, 08:06

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What do you mean by "searches and readings" - searching inside yourself, searching through books, and or getting a tarot card reading? May you please be more specific?

(06 Dec '15, 15:10) newthoughtfanatic

through books or topical writings, it is your individuality that governs the search

(07 Dec '15, 06:16) fred

Thank you.

(09 Dec '15, 19:36) newthoughtfanatic
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