From The Master Key System, Lesson 20...

The secret of power is a perfect understanding of the principles, forces, methods and combinations of Mind, and a perfect understanding of our relationship to the Universal Mind. It is well to remember that this principle is unchangeable; if this were not so, it would not be reliable; all principles are changeless.

the above is paragraph 6 of part twenty of the master key system by Charles haanel.

I do not understand what he is saying.

what is this understanding of the principles, forces, methods and specifically the combinations of the mind?

if i look literally at the words it does not make a lot of sense to me . but I feel as if there is a principle or a secret that i do not understand.

what is the different combinations of the mind?

this is my second time that I am working through the book. it is a difficult book to digest

I don't have much more to say about my question.

all help will be appreciated

this is my first post. thanks everyone

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See if this analogy makes things clearer for you...

alt text

Imagine a reservoir (or water tower) full of water as shown in the diagram. Imagine pipes leading from the water reservoir to faucets (or taps) in people's homes.

  • Universal Mind = reservoir of water
  • Mind = flow of the water through the pipes
  • Brain / Your Physical Reality = whatever you decide to do with the water when you turn on the faucet

So this phrase...

The secret of power is a perfect understanding of the principles, forces, methods and combinations of Mind, and a perfect understanding of our relationship to the Universal Mind.

...can be translated as (in this analogy)...

The secret of power is a perfect understanding of the different ways you can use the flow of water that comes out of the faucet, and a perfect understanding of how the water gets to your home from the reservoir

Hope that helps.


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@Stingray Love this analogy. Another great one from you!

(23 Nov '16, 05:26) Yes

@Yes - Thanks. You're welcome :)

(23 Nov '16, 12:33) Stingray

@stingray thank you for your answer.please give me some samples of how you can use the flow of water. thanks

(23 Nov '16, 15:32) nankwe

@nankwe - "please give me some samples of how you can use the flow of water" - Isn't that what the Master Key System book is for? :)

(24 Nov '16, 03:31) Stingray
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Power comes, if you want to call it that, I see it as the ability to have your desires easily and effortlessly satisfied.

That ability comes when you understand that the Universal mind/God/Source/your Inner Being operates on a very high, positive level.

Your Source only sees good, positive, love, excitement, joy, vitality, clarity in EVERY situation in this life. If you imagine Source stands at the top of a ladder and if you want the power of Source within you then you need to get up to the top of the ladder alongside Source. And, you can only reach to the top of the ladder if you feel happy, feel love, feel joy.

Source will not move down to you, if you're feeling anything less than that, so if you feel ANY negative emotion. (Any emotion on the emotional scale other than positive.) the second you feel that negative emotion you are on your own.

If you're feeling anger, worry, doubt, frustration, irritation, powerless, unworthy, any negative emotion that power is not available to you.

You will probably have lots of desires and at the root of those desires, the essence of the thing that you want, is to feel those positive emotions. So, all the things, experiences and desires that you want are up there at the top of the ladder with Source.

If you are not at the top of the ladder feeling those positive emotions then you can't feel Source and you can't see and feel the things that you want.

You will see, translate, who you are. So, if your dominant emotion, the emotion you feel most readily, is anger you will come across people, places, situations that match anger.

If you can find a way into the vortex, to the top of the ladder, to walk through this life with Source/God/the Universe walking with you, operating through you then you will feel powerful because you are in complete alignment with your Source.

You will see all the things that you have ever desired because they will pop in pretty much the instant that you want them. Even if they don't manifest physically, instantly, then you will have such a feeling of knowing of their presence that they have to manifest. And, you will have total, complete expectation that they're on the way very soon. (Plus you're so bouncy and happy anyway that they're not hugely important.)

If you want to manifest whatever you want whenever you want it, which you can, that's what you came for. Then all you have to do is think only positive thoughts, which trigger only positive emotions, that becomes your dominant vibration, you match up with Source and have access to the abundant POWER of the Universe.

If you cannot grasp how Source feels about life, so that you can reach for it, spend some time with children. They leap out of bed first thing in the morning, full of joy and excitement about the day ahead. They don't want to lie-in, or sit around talking about problems. They are full of energy and enthusiasm, what's next? what's next? what's next??

That's how Source feels about life. If you can reach for those emotions and maintain those feelings consistently, every single thing that you want will drop into your lap, no exceptions. How's that for power? :)

"When you receive the idea (desires), it means you were in the vibrational vicinity of what was already done so you got a whiff of the trail, when you’re consistently there (consistently positive) you just get whiff whiff whiff whiff whiff, which means it keeps being fun fun fun. You see people in the world doing that (living their desires) they don’t contradict their own thoughts, they don’t contradict their own desires (they don't think negative thoughts about their desires)." ABRAHAM


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@yes thank you for the effort you put into the answer. it really helps and I definitely want to be on the top of the ladder. thanks

(23 Nov '16, 09:11) nankwe

@nankwe You're very welcome :)

(23 Nov '16, 09:57) Yes

He is saying that when you recognize that you and the Universal mind are the same as one, and that you are part of the WHOLE Universe, not separate from it, you can connect your energy to the universal energy and manifest and create the life you want. Think of yourself as a circuit of energy and the Universe is the main source and hub where the energy is stored, when you connect to that hub, your energy is at it's greatest strength and you can create anything you want for your life.


answered 15 Jan '17, 22:41

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