So I am presently trying to figure out or understand not only how I have apparently attracted an unwanted situation but how to give fullest focus on a more preferable manifestation.

I am able to recognize this as a recurrent pattern or theme so can only suppose a vibration or point of attraction is active that I didn't realize had so much pull.

To get to a few specifics: last year I got a portable shed (with a porch) that I would use for my little hideaway, work on writings, music, just chill, enjoy solitude, etc. Situated it where someone had years before cleared out a space for something similar but which did not materialize. I pointed the porch towards where the view was nothing but land and hills (I presently reside where the human population is sparse to say the least). Didn't get around to winterizing it so I was so happy when the weather began warming enough to spend more time in/with it.

Well lo and behold, a few weeks ago I wake up to see a bulldozer clearing some of the ground in the exact spacious space that I so adored looking out on. Now we've known that sooner or later some of these properties would no longer be empty spaces, but that it is happening now... and more are on the way.

I guess the point to my question is less this specific episode and more that similar events seem to happen repeatedly: finding what feels like that perfect spot to finally be able to chill and do my thing... but then something comes along that upsets or uproots.

I'm drawn to work on the Bashar idea of what belief must I have to be feeling this bummed about less-than-preferable developments, that are beyond my control or I somehow actually created them, but have yet to see a clear candidate. I also like the one about all situations being neutral and we have the ability to give them negative or positive interpretations. Or the one about asking how it may serve me. However, I am still working on seeing how what is happening serves me positively.

I will say that when I determine to focus on stuff I enjoy, the bulldozer, backhoe, etc, activity out there does seem to recede. But it's impossible to not notice them because they are directly in view when I open the door.

So to cut to the chase: I really really liked not having many neighbors; liked stepping outside at night knowing no one else was out there, but I've somehow manifested an imminent influx and must bid farewell (let go? was it one of those attachments?) to that space I so loved to meditatively gaze out upon.

Again, this is just the latest incident of attracting this sort of thing.

By the way, I'm glad to have found this Inward Quest. Been browsing a lot these last few weeks, decided to go ahead and sign up, maybe find at least a little relief just by spilling this question.

asked 23 Apr '21, 20:37

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Hi @Kieth61 what is a little hideaway? It's a "comfort zone", here's the wiki definition "a comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and (perceiving they are) in control of their environment, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress" ... when outside of your hideaway you're probably feeling more the opposite, feelings of discomfort, hussle and bussle, out of control ... and the bulldozers move in ... in other words you get what you expect


answered 01 May '21, 04:48

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edited 01 May '21, 04:54

Hm I like that way of seeing it. So the limiting belief might be something like "I need my own little hideaway to feel comfortable"? And it could be replaced with a new belief, something like, "I am comfortable with myself no matter where I am or what is going on around me"?

(01 May '21, 10:04) Kieth61

spot-on my friend :)

(02 May '21, 00:49) jaz

I imagine the real Biggie Belief to prioritize would be something like, "I create it all" and whatever I am experiencing that feels undesirable.... my job is to realize I created it and it is up to m to create something I like better. ??? Also (these are new sizzler thoughts, so if I come up short in nailing the words...), I enjoy writing, making up guitar tunes, photography, etc. But I do tend to be a perfectionist; seldom satisfied. So. If one does not like a song they created...?

(02 May '21, 11:38) Kieth61

Oops, ran short on characters before getting to the point. So if someone who enjoys creating music or literature... if a poet seldom likes the poems he creates... wouldn't that create a pattern, if unconsciously, of not liking what one creates? Or creating what one doesn't like? Be it a poem or external conditions (so-called)? Which probably circles right back to: I am at the mercy of conditions outside myself vs I create it all and the degree I like or dislike is all up to me ???

(02 May '21, 12:07) Kieth61

sizzler thoughts, beliefs big or small ... in other words from your actual standpoint you're expecting more resistance from sizzlers than from small beliefs

(03 May '21, 01:48) jaz

Wow, I hadn't really looked into Expectations/getting what one expects, but doing so now, catching them as they surface, and... wow, can't wait to see how a lot of things around to bring more preferable goodies. Thank you. A mere couple minutes later... "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best" Talk about a limiting belief! A better belief is simply, "Expect the best." Or AH's "everything always works out for me" Now it's getting exciting. Thank you, thank you thank you!

(03 May '21, 14:24) Kieth61
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I would do everything in your power and efforts to find the solitude you crave. Go to a temporary park for a few hours if you cannot move. Just do it without the big concern something will interrupt your reflective moments. Silence can be found if one looks.


answered 24 Apr '21, 03:09

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Well, the thing about seeking solitude... if I would be flat out honest, this that was to be my hideaway was born out of what was felt like a need, plus I guess I did become attached to the view, the absence of houses. So I'm guessing the thing to do is to somehow let go and make peace with circumstances as they are (and will continue). I imagine Abraham would assure me that my inner being is perfectly fine with everything, and if so, boy I'd sure like to see what my inner being sees.

(24 Apr '21, 09:35) Kieth61

Screw Abraham, and be critical of your own point of views. You define 'hiding' in a manner that is coherent with healthy solitude. Abandon all of that. Go and get your solitude. If you define it as hiding you will just self-sabotage. There is a stigma in todays culture that solitude is an immoral and indecent thing, it is not. It is a medicine people require, myself included. Get your solitude. Go in a cave for a few hours, and just allow the peace to happen. When you are done, go back to life.

(25 Apr '21, 01:55) Nikulas

I was about to fill in this answer box when the words Comfort Zone came along. I got that portable shed and placed it where I did because of the Comfort Zone factor. My little Comfort Zone to do my thing (in solitude) even if it meant doing nothing. It served that purpose last year, and awesomely so, but now... guess it's time to focus on another, maybe better, Comfort Zone. Here, there, or wherever fits comfortably. I appreciate your words of counsel.

(25 Apr '21, 10:11) Kieth61
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