Where are You, Darrell?

You famous comments were giving me electryfying feelings in my legs!!!

Please, come back, Darrell, please!!! And Post more!!!

asked 25 Jan '11, 15:22

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Barry Allen ♦♦

All of the material that Darrell posted was obtained from http://osho-literature.blogspot.com/; you can find all of the information there, and much more. InwardQuest is a question and answer site; it is not a place for copy-pasting other people's work.

(25 Jan '11, 15:25) Vesuvius

I'm sorry manm I didn't know You are making the RULES here :P

(26 Jan '11, 04:07) wildlife

@Wildlife: Vesuvius is not making up any "rules" that haven't been mentioned before ( http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/11353/these-notes-are-written-only-for-those-who-can-read-what-i-have-written-clo ). There is a very high quality of spiritual information on Inward Quest that has been building up over the past year and we, as moderators and committed users, are keen not to allow others to act in a way that may devalue what is already here. If Darrell has questions about the material he is interested in, that's fine, but just copying and pasting without explanation is not.

(26 Jan '11, 07:19) Barry Allen ♦♦

Sure Barry, I understand. You are one of those people that I admire because of your ability to be an observer and letting things just "flow" smoothly, wherever our emotions want to take us. We ALL want EMOTIONS, we All want to FEEL! Feel what, you may aks? In MY opinion, this personality as wildlife and other integrated personalities in my collective, yet personal, consciousness, is to feel EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.. And I have many people reflecting back from "outside" reality what I want to feel at that moment and that's how I FEEL it at that moment.. Cheers, good job mate ;]

(27 Jan '11, 08:28) wildlife
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