Has anyone experienced sensen no sen? meaning knowing what the attacker will do before he even moves and seeing him come at slow motion!

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

This has happened to me once, I was sparing and saw in my mind a prefect opportunity for a strike, and took it and scored easy on my opponent. I saw this in my mind happening then I repeated it as in the physical.

For my father, (My Sensei) this happened to all the time, that was how he used to spar six to eight high belt students and not get scored on while sparing. He told me every time he spared it would be like everything was running in slow motion (like my premonition for my ridge hand strike) and it was easy for him to find where he wanted to be who he needed to block who he needed to strike, punch or kick. He would see everything in the fight like it was slow motion while anyone watching it would seem so much so fast it was hard to even watch there was so much going on simultaneously.

Even when you watch Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan in a film being attacked by many people you see each guy almost separate. If they all really went at it then it would be very hard to film because there would be too much for the brain to comprehend while watching.


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Wade Casaldi

yes wade i find it very usefull to know what people are going to do before they do it! and to see them in slow motion gives you edge because you can move at your fastest speed with out anny error and if one technique fail(example hand slip on shoulder) you keep the same motion(circular motion) and follow with the next technique!(example arm around neck) then opponent does back twist flip in the air and land on is back so you can fallow him before he gets up and apply pressure point(hand on chin and knee on the ribs) and with last hand you can apply the killing shoot!

(12 May '11, 08:07) white tiger

or ask the attacker if he wants to live!and is prepare to stop is stupidity!

(12 May '11, 08:08) white tiger


(12 May '11, 08:29) white tiger


(12 May '11, 08:40) white tiger
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when i used to do mixed martuial arts i did feel the sensation of the slow motion and i was able to do well but this was well before i knew how to open myself, now that i do, if i can get myself healthy agian, we will see if it works.

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

well rob for me it happen when i was attack in a bus stop!as for health yes it is needed but the mind most be clear that is the starting point of every thing!

(26 Apr '11, 20:59) white tiger

I have experienced this once in my life.

I was driving with my ex-husband down a country road. Coming from the opposite direction was an old, beat-up red truck. This truck apparently hit a pothole, for a large piece of its tailgate broke off, and was sent spinning into the air, directly towards the windshield of our car. Time seemed to slow down for me- I instantly knew that the piece of metal was going to go right through the windshield and hit me as I rode in the passenger seat. In a millisecond, I had my seat belt off, and ducked down low in my seat. A strange thing happened at the last moment.

I saw the piece of metal suddenly get deflected by Someone or Something, right in midair. It was as if an angel reached out and hit the red metal, just enough to change the trajectory of its path. The metal hit the trim around the windshield, and did not go through the glass, as I knew it was going to do just a few moments before.

We stopped, and the truck barreled on its way, the driver oblivious to what had happened. We got out of the car, and picked up the chunk of tailgate- it was about a yard long, and eight inches wide, and looked very much like a propeller blade.

It was only then that I reacted. I had an asthma attack, realizing just how close I had come to decapitation.

I will never forget that second of clarity, though. I was perfectly calm, and was prepared as the metal came towards me.

What I cannot explain is the change in trajectory. Now that I know about angels, and that they exist, I have no doubt that Heaven intervened. It was so odd to see that chunk of flying stuff suddenly shift abruptly in the air. As I gasped and wheezed, my ex-husband and I just stared at the new dent in the trim of the car- it was right above where I was seated. One inch lower, and the metal would have sailed right through the glass. I guess it was decided by Someone or Other that it just was not my time....

Blessings and Love, Jaianniah


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yes jai i have add one accident before! my car went under a van when the tire hit the side of the car! i could see all the pieces of glass coming in slow motion! i have put my arm up to protect my eye and face! and i have felt a piece of glass hit my front tooth! the car was a wreck put i add nothing!

(12 May '11, 21:37) white tiger

I am so glad you were not hurt too badly!

(13 May '11, 01:41) Jaianniah
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