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Does anyone use live chat, does it get busy at certain times?? Ive logged on a couple of times but im the only one there. I wasnt really looking for a question in particular just thought id see whose there. Is it mainly at night? Thanx xxx

asked 26 Nov '11, 10:31

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Red Shoes

I have done the same thing!!! I cannot believe that we are not chatting away like crazy in that chat room...We have been begging for it for two years; now we have it, and nobody is using it! Miss Red Shoes, I would be very happy to chat with you!

Actually, I'd be happy to chat with ALL you you--Let's get into the chat room, people...I am sure Simon paid a pretty penny to get it for us; let us not forget that this site is not just a site for smart people to write about spirituality- it is now a family of like-minded people who want and need to socialize!

Please get into the chat room!

See you there!

Blessings and Peace,

Jai (which rhymes with "Hi!" LOL)


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answered 26 Nov '11, 13:01

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jai is it even working? i have seen people on it but no one is talking. so maybe it is not that the people does not want to use it. it might be that something is not working with it. if not then it is that some people does not know how to use it. or that some people does not want to talk on it. i think we should decide of a time to test this out to see what it is exactely. do you agree? i also would be happy to chat with all of you.

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answered 26 Nov '11, 15:16

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white tiger

Okay it looks like I need to say something here. Generally chat groups that are just social get on at any time and many people are there talking about anything and everything. But groups like this one are different.

Generally a time or a few times are picked where everyone will meet and discuss a chosen topic for the session together. This is organized and then there is a guarantee that those interested will be attending via invitation to this chat form.

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answered 26 Nov '11, 20:45

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Wade Casaldi

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