Please tell me what you do as a shaman, and how does this help you to help others? I guess, I must of heard the word shaman, but I have never taken the time to research the meaning of a shaman. I would very much like to hear more about this, and to learn how can someone become a shaman?

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To be a shaman means to have no doubt. Someone can learn to become a shaman by eliminating doubt from their experience. Shamans know the truth and they can do anything. Often times shamans go on a spiritual journey and bring back information from other spiritual places. Peace


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Abandoning any certainty, every comfort, every teaching, undertaking a long physical psychic and metaphysical 'journey', supported by a spirit guide, to the edge of madness ... and sometimes beyond ... an experience that involves the 'gift' and the 'calling', experiences almost impossible in a socio-cultural context like ours.


answered 26 Sep '12, 10:43

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