Does anyone know much about the Noetic Sciences and their discoveries? I havent been able to find much. The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) website is here.

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Don't know too much about it myself , but there are a few links here that may help -

(04 Feb '11, 01:45) Michaela

Welcome to the site :)

(04 Feb '11, 01:46) Michaela

Thanks Michaela :) I'm glad i stumbled across it- earlier today I was trying to remember a quote mid conversation to my Mum, googled what i could remember of the quote.. and this came up. Just what I had been looking for. It's amazing and strange- 'coincidences'.

(04 Feb '11, 02:11) realityVSimagination

From reading Lost Symbol I discovered noetics and came to this site.

(06 Feb '11, 19:48) jim 10

Started the journey then :)

(06 Feb '11, 19:57) realityVSimagination
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I had a quick glance at the website. It’s a different approach to the spiritual I guess. Why not? I'm sure there are many out there to whom this approach to awakening is beneficial.

I have to re-visit it to see where I would start if I were to pretend that I am interested in joining this organization. So I would be looking for things like what do they offer that will result in some personal growth? What approaches are they? Do they appeal to my personality?

Answers to these questions didn't easily surface during my brief investigation.

Speaking for myself, I like the individual approach. I like to be guided towards my growth from within me, which for the most part is an unknown. I don't even know what the next step is. Suddenly a feeling comes up to try something new "spiritually" and if it persists I take it seriously.

I do have a "bigger picture" within me that I am hoping is what the universe wants me to do. So it is more like "Is this what you want me to do? Because this is what feels right for this lifetime"

I don't think that for someone like me, an organization such as this is the right fit. I need constant flexibility so that there are no consequences to rejecting what had served me so far.

I'm sure there are those for whom this approach is exactly what they have been waiting for to get started. So I wish them well!

(Added later)

I took a second look & tried to check out any of the videos without registering or paying & it was not possible. I tried to register, and the only way to do it is through a payment.

(My Third trip to this site)
Something about this site fascinates me. It seems to be an attempt to finally bring the analytical methods and scrutiny of the other disciplines to incorporate what was already known to the spiritual community. Although, depending on who is behind it, the findings can be spun in different ways. The following link (I Think) describes the area and approach that is central to this organization. TEST:

I come from a different end of the spectrum. I believe in something to discover if it is true. Because, I find that irregardless of something being true or false, I cannot encounter it until I believe in it. Since I can attract any evidence of preference, I prefer to believe in the truth of things, and as I encounter the evidence, I then decide if it should be rejected.


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I get their newsletters, but have never joined. It seems they have a lot of retreats and classes, which would be at additional cost, on top of the rather expensive registration fees for joining. The classes look great; like they would be really interesting and informative, but unless one lives close to California, it would be difficult and costly to attend them regularly. Just my observations!


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I was about to post this question then I saw that Michael and Michaela did and now I want to know more so maybe re asking will help.



answered 24 Nov '10, 03:15

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