Day before yesterday my friend was doing sudarshan kriya at 9 a.m. facing window. She was on half way and suddenly she was scared.

As soon as she opened her eyes there was a black image in front of her staring at her continuously. It was outside the window. After that incident she is very restless and disturbed. She is continuously feeling afraid at her home.... What is the meaning of that incident? Can you please guide us for the same?

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To clarify, I added the link within this question myself because I had not heard of this technique and thought others might not have heard of it either. I don't know if the article that was linked is what the question author had in mind when asking the question.

(31 Mar '12, 17:03) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you Barry for sorting that out, my answer assumed that the link existed in the question. Therefore, I will adjust it accordingly.

(31 Mar '12, 17:53) The Traveller
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Hi rooh

Barry Allen was kind enough to provide the link in your question to clarify our understanding.

The technique that you refer to, and used by your friend, is only available to those who seek it from the organization created by the founder of the technique.

The "technique" is available only to those who learn from a "guru" or teacher from within the organization.

Therefore, your friend is supposed to seek the advice of her "teacher" concerning her problem.

The funny thing is that if this question was intended to awaken curiosity with the technique you speak of, you are highlighting a "problem" instead of the promised "freedom from all of one's problems" as implied by the curiosity video on their web page.

I have a simple explanation, which may not be the cause of your friend's problem, but this answer is more meant for you rather than your friend because, as I mentioned before, your fried is supposed to sort out her problems with her instructor who taught her this technique.

Here is my idea.

Stand (or sit) in front of your window that faces the morning sun and look at your own reflection in it, as it will stand out due to the sunlight falling on it.

Keep staring at your reflection for some time, and then change your gaze to any blank wall inside your house (or a surface that is less in brightness than the reflection you looked at).

You will find a ghostly dark silhouette of a person staring back at you for some time. It will usually go away in a minute.

Our eyes work this way to carry over and bridge our vision over the gaps of non-existence.

I am going to get into something way-out there and unfortunately may spawn many ridiculous questions but here goes.

We simultaneously exist in many dimensions and we "flash" in and out of existence in this place called reality.

The rate of this is obviously much faster than the 24 frames per second used in movie projection.

That 24frames per second is fast enough for us to have a continuous experience in the theatre.

The rate at which matter itself resonates is not specified anywhere but the concept can be found in the Seth material.

Therefore, we essentially take a constant snapshot of this dimension with all our senses, and this ability of our eyes to "retain" that snapshot allows us the experience a continuous existence in this dimension.

So theoretically by shifting or widening the "breath" of your snapshot you can start to experience other parts of your simultaneous dimensional existence, the closest of these being the lower astral and the higher dimension from where you are at.

So, theoretically, the shift can be accomplished by your consciousness and the resulting effect of it can be felt by your senses.

Once again, theoretically, the shift can be accomplished by modifying your breath.

So continuing "theoretically, of-course", Depending on how you modify your breath you can shift or widen your "snapshot" of reality to either include "here + the lower astral" or "here + higher dimension" or widen your perception to experience "lower astral + here + higher dimension"

Your friend can be instructed by someone to experience the "here + lower astral" version of breath modification.

Therefore, it all comes down to "How much do you know about the effects of playing with and modifying your breath?"

That is why I always advice anyone to ask advice from you inner self, and not others.

If your friend had sought the advice of her inner self, she would have educated herself on everything that is available on the cause and effect of "breath modification" before trusting the guidance of someone else.

When someone tells us to put our hand on fire, we do not do it because we know what it can do.

Most people have no idea how seemingly spiritual activities like awakening the kundalini can cause serious harm, if you are not prepared and you are clueless about its consequences on the un-prepared.

If somebody is asking questions here on awakening the kundalini, you already know that they are not ready for it.

This is not the place to ask such questions because at that level of knowledge any wrong advice can cause serious harm.

Breath modification (which seems to be at the root of the technique that your friend is using) is even more dangerous than the path towards awakening the kundalini.

Anybody asking question about breath modification should not be doing it in the first place.

By the time you have learned enough and are ready to do breath modification, you will know that this is not the place to ask such questions.

It is no different that the irresponsibility of discussing dangerous explosives in an open forum like this.

The results your friend may or may not be experiencing are a very good example of why she should not have tried it without understanding what she was getting into.

Simply put, do not try breath modification, from any teacher that you trust, until you really understand what it is capable of doing to a human body.

In addition, for those who are inspired to investigate my answer further, do not ask me more questions about it based on the ideas I am sharing here.

You can discover them by doing your own research.

Moreover, hopefully by the end of your research, those who are curious will have the wisdom to follow their "self" with caution and not blindly follow anybody who promises them spiritual awakening.

Tell you friend this.

The window to save your soul is not closing by Dec 2012.

Do not be in a hurry to complete the journey that your soul is awakening you to take.

You have waited many lifetimes to be here.

This journey was not meant to be accomplished in a short time.

As long as you follow the wisdom of your inner self, you will be safe.

(That means not getting your spiritual advice from anywhere else but the "self")

By the way, if you did nothing at this time to your "spiritual progress" you are still progressing because everything around you is progressing.

You are shifting without any additional help to do so.

Most of what we learn (about consciousness) is more counterproductive to your progress because you are adding complexity instead of taking away the complexity.

We are (apparently) shifting away from a dimension of easy manipulation to a new paradigm of "hard to reach", at an automatic pace along with everything.

So, some of the techniques out there may have an ulterior motive to keep us still "within reach" of further easy manipulation.

You also have to consider the possibility that everything I have said here is complete and utter nonsense and in realizing this, dismiss it accordingly, and then go about with your normal physical lives, where you actually exist 24hours a day.


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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! I am not warning about slow breathing and fast breathing where the in-breath and the out-breath is the same length. You can do that all you want without adverse effects. I am warning about the change in rhythm and time between the in-breath and the out-breath where each of them is different. In this case, educate yourself as much as possible from ancient yoga techniques and proceed with caution!

(31 Mar '12, 17:05) The Traveller

after reading your article in the article it say that it is a vision of your self so i would say that she as saw the darkness in her,her inner darkness. can you be afraid of something in you? if you do not like what you see change it with faith. you have free will after all and nobody else can make it for you.

you will say it could be a demon out side of her self. i will say i do not think so. and even if it was; fear only gives power to darkness what ever the kind of darkness. so have faith do not let fear come in you and swallow the light. you are the light in spirit make that light shine in truth and love. what ever darkness she face and fear she only have to know that she is in God and God is in her with faith and what ever the darkness makes happen to her the darkness will get it to the same mesure. Darkness will not stand or go in the light.


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