I have been meditating and doing more vibrational work for a few months (mainly using Abraham's Gridwork and also my own focus statements). I felt as if I really 'got' the notion of deliberate creation as I was just generating emotion for its own sake, without concerning myself about any manifestations. I definitely felt better - more positive, more joyful - than I've felt before. I then manifested something that I had asked for only once and this cemented for me the notion that receiving our desires is effortless if we just focus on generating emotion and feeling good for its own sake.

However, I have a lot of momentum with regard to panic attacks and anxiety, which I've experienced since childhood. Receiving this manifestation generated a panic attack for me because I suddenly felt as if it had been too easy to receive it - and I then worried that I would be 'flooded' with everything I've put in my vortex, which made me feel hugely overwhelmed and panicky.

I realise that panic attacks/anxiety are coming up now because of the 'battered old car' analogy I've come across with regard to the Abraham Hicks' teachings. My 'car' is moving faster and so I'm more sensitive to uncomfortable beliefs/thoughts. I've also managed to manifest a couple of health issues (made more uncomfortable because I have a health anxiety issue too) since doing this work - again, I realise this is because I'm now resisting the energy I've summoned.

I just wondered what the best way forward is. I want to get rid of the panic attacks/anxiety and have been occasionally doing Faster EFT to address uncomfortable feelings. Is there anything else I can do though? Because of the panic I felt when I received what should have been a joyful manifestation, I'm now anxious about doing vibrational work and I obviously want to address this! I also want to address the health issues that have appeared.

I think Faster EFT would be good for the panic/anxiety and will also continue meditating. Is it also just a case of trying to move up the emotional scale as much as possible in whatever way I can?

I do appreciate that these issues have surfaced now so that I can address them so any advice is appreciated.

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I suffered from some anxiety issues a few years back and then came across this book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mindfulness-practical-guide-finding-frantic-ebook/dp/B004TTHD9O/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

I actually had it for a while but had overlooked it up until then. It's an 8 week mindfulness course with 8 different meditations and some reading, one for each week. The meditations are fairly short so doesn't take up much time. I have to say within a few weeks I had no more anxiety issues. I found The Bodyscan Meditation to be particularly effective, so much so that I still use it today.

As with any method though I have found that consistency is key if you want results. I hope this helps :)

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Thanks, @Satori - I will check out the book as it sounds really interesting. Best wishes.

(06 Sep '17, 06:02) Andie
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