Whenever things start going well in my life and I become positive and optimistic about the future something negative happens out of the blue e.g I would be happy with the financial situation and start thinking of all the things I would do with an improved cash flow and a client would cancel their order out of the blue or postpone it.

Why does that happen? If I was negative and negative things kept happening I could say its a self fulfilling prophecy but the strange thing is it happens when I'm happy. I am a really optimistic person and even with everything in my life falling apart I always feel that one day everything will become alright but it is as if the Universe is trying to strip me of my optimism.

Actually I have noticed that the reverse happens when I get really negative and when I'm feeling low and just want to give up something good happens to get me back on track. Why is this happening and what does it mean? Can someone please answer?

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@I Think Therefore I Am: I experience this same exact thing. Have you come to any more realizations on it since asked?

(25 Aug '10, 17:45) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics: In the beginning I had a very hard time and I started to realize that it was not a simple matter of just trying to feel good but a lot of really deep rooted limiting beliefs had to b discarded and everytime I worked on those beliefs I used to get massive headaches as if my sub-conscious was resisting it in soe manner, however over a period of time I now find it easier to be positive and when negative things happen I just tell myself the Universe has something good in store for me at the other end.

(26 Aug '10, 06:31) I Think Therefore I Am

Absolutely great answers! Very insightful. Thank you.

(11 Nov '10, 16:39) Tara
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Some good answers here already with much for you to contemplate.

I'd like to add some additional points for you to consider.

Consider your existing belief about, say, your financial situation to be like a battered old car.

alt text

How do I know that belief feels like that to you? Because otherwise you wouldn't be trying to get different manifestations to the ones that the belief is already giving you (e.g. trying to get an improved cash flow)...you want something more now that the current belief is not allowing you to have.

Your belief about something operates independently of how happy (or not) you are in the moment. It is the habitual thought pattern into which you have acclimatized regarding that subject.

As long as you drive a battered old car (your belief) slowly, it will probably keep you moving around. They won't be necessarily pleasant journeys (joyful manifestations) but at least you will get around.

Like most people who drive battered old cars, you just kind of get used to all the quirks with it. In fact, over time, you can grow to enjoy driving that old thing (you believe you are happy)...even though it is old and battered, you have got used to it and even other people can grow to accept that you are just that eccentric person who drives that battered, old car.

And, to be fair, the car may be serving you well at that slow speed. (happiness can still come about from the alignment of a small desire with a restrictive belief...the restrictive belief won't interfere much with a small desire)

Now assume that one day something happens in your life that causes you to want to drive that car faster. Maybe one day you see someone in a new sports car who drives really fast and seems to be having great fun (abundantly wealthy) and you decide you want to be like that.

alt text

So you start driving your battered old car more quickly to be like that person (you start focusing more deliberately on wealth).

So what happens when you start driving a battered old car like a brand new powerful sports car?

The chances are that you are going to keep losing control of it and end up crashing again and again...

alt text

...battered old cars just can't cope with those increased demands for speed and manoeuvrability (your existing belief about your financial situation contains too much resistance).

It's not your fault though.

When you are starting out in your driving career (start becoming more deliberate about focusing in your life), there's no real way for you to know just how fast you can drive your existing car (take action with an existing restricting belief in place) before you lose control of it and crash. That sort of thing comes with experience.

SIDE NOTE: Your emotions actually indicate to you whether your desire for what you want is in alignment (or not) with your belief about what you want but, remember, we are discussing a situation where you may be relatively new to "manifesting" and may not realize consciously yet just how much informational power exists in emotion

After a number of crashes, you just start to instinctively know when you are driving too fast (when your current belief is too restrictive) and, as a result, you sense that it's time to get a new car to drive at the new faster speed. (mold your belief more deliberately into a better place).

This crashing that happens when you first start driving faster (getting more deliberate) is quite common actually with many people and is nothing to feel bad about. It's just an indication that you've decided to drive faster.

Of course, people who drive slowly probably don't crash much - and even if they do, the speed is too slow to cause much damage.

So why not drive slowly instead?

That's simply because there is no satisfaction or thrill in slow driving. Look at the lack of passion, energy and focus in those slow drivers. You instinctively don't want to be like them...and they are only like that because they have forgotten they can drive fast because they have restricted themselves to those slow, old cars.

Driving fast is what everyone naturally wants to do! You were born to live life in the fast lane!

So just remember that crashing only indicates that you have a car that can't cope with the new speeds you wish to drive at. It's not that the universe is trying to stop you driving fast (it's just an indication of change happening, not a deliberate stripping you of your optimism), it's just that those crashes (manifestations) have now made you aware of the limitations of your current vehicle...something you may not have realized before when driving slowly...and that is very useful information to know.

Once you get used to driving a new faster car, you'll be zipping along and those crashes will seem like distant memories.

Regarding the other point about things happening when you finally give up...what is it that you are really giving up?

If you think about it, you'll realize you are not giving up on your desire (because you can never un-launch a desire), you are only giving up on your resistance to your desire.

So you are, in fact - by giving up - putting yourself into an excellent place to receive your desire!

It's paradoxical, I know, but these subjects are full of apparent paradoxes and, often, at the point of paradox is your greatest power...it's the point of perfect balance...like a tightrope walker who is hovering between falling one way and the other.

The most efficient way to manifest what you want is to desire it strongly and then give up on it ever coming.

But you can't fake the giving up bit.

The complete manifesting process always involves dealing with the apparent opposites of focus and release at some point.

That's why it can be useful sometimes to make yourself think you are assigning the task to something or someone else (like "the Universe", "God" or a manifesting box) so that it helps you get into the feeling of giving up. i.e. releasing your resistance to what you want.

Hope all this gives you a few further insights into your situation.


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Awesome! Loved the illustrated examples, treated with humor, but all true...well done.

(02 May '10, 13:55) LeeAnn 1

Thanks Stingray! As usual your answer is very complete and easy to understand. The example of the car is great.

(02 May '10, 19:56) I Think Therefore I Am

Thank you folks. You are most welcome.

(02 May '10, 22:34) Stingray

Thanks for your great contribution to these questions.

(02 May '10, 22:50) Frank 1

You made me smile :) Thanks

(03 May '10, 01:45) Roy

@Stingray: "The most efficient way to manifest what you want is to desire it strongly and then give up on it ever coming." Is this the traditional method? I have never heard of giving up on it?

(25 Aug '10, 17:45) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics, I believe religious people call it Let Go and Let God. See also: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2915/manifesting-experiment-1-how-to-get-what-you-want-effortlessly

(27 Aug '10, 06:21) Stingray

Hi Stingray!. Thanks to your current answer that pointed to this one, I finally got a chance to discover this wonderful answer that I obviously missed when it was originally posted. I wonder if all of the participants here truly comprehend the depth of your answer, and especially your understanding of the subject. You have managed to convey the true magnitude of power that exists within the slightest and subtle shift in preference and belief systems that we constantly desire to hold on dearly as if our sense of normalcy depends on it.

(26 Aug '11, 04:57) The Traveller

I am glad to have read this answer, for I have learned a lot from it. I am looking forward to putting the understanding from this into deliberate application. Your explanation and analysis makes me realize that, while I have had success in certain areas, with regards to abundance, I have become a hoarder of old ideas whose company I have thoroughly enjoyed, not realizing that they are also getting in the way of what could be. So thank you my friend. You have given me a new enthusiasm for re-evaluating and cleaning out the old junk that now occupies my consciousness.

(26 Aug '11, 05:09) The Traveller

So, when we can't let go of something, or release it, or let go and let God, then it is limiting beliefs that keep us clinging to the desire.?.

(05 Oct '11, 13:36) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - "Limiting belief" is a bit of a circular phrase really. If a belief doesn't stand in the way of something, it's just a belief. But eventually, like the cars being driven too fast for their condition above, that belief can become "limiting" simply because we have outgrown it. Limiting Beliefs don't keep us clinging to our desire - our desire is just our desire - but limiting beliefs stand in the way of us moving to a new vibrational place of alignment with that new desire

(05 Oct '11, 15:15) Stingray

@Stingray, I had not seen this older post before, thank you for pointing it out. This is wonderful! It's exactly what is happening to me right now. "This crashing that happens when you first start driving faster (getting more deliberate) is quite common actually with many people and is nothing to feel bad about." That alone is worth the price of admission. :)

(20 Jun '12, 17:15) Grace

Clasical Stingray, this is truly something all LOA enthusiasts should read. Great stuff and very true.

(21 Jun '12, 04:04) Paulina 1

@Stingray does the car here purely refers to your current beliefs? Or is it beliefs + something else ? And let's say if I know that I have "Crashed" my car, what are some of the things I can do to help rectify it - is it only about examining my current beliefs and try to change them again?

(28 Dec '14, 07:13) kakaboo

@kakaboo - The car itself represents a current belief. If you've crashed your car, you can either drive more slowly (try and squelch any belief-busting desires) or get a better car (upgrade your current belief system to something more "allowing" of your new level of desire)

(03 Jan '15, 14:54) Stingray

@Stingray ok. but if one were to just aim to get happy and ignore his old beliefs, it can still work to get to the place he wants right? sort of like "cheating" your way through. I've probably asked or seen this before in other ways but just didn't get it, because of the part "your vibration is where you last left it". But just being happy would help to change or instill new beliefs, no ?

(04 Jan '15, 04:24) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "if one were to just aim to get happy and ignore his old beliefs, it can still work to get to the place he wants right?" - If you could stay in the Vortex 100% of the time, that would work. But no-one projecting in physical form can achieve that. See Can hypnosis change your limiting beliefs? And you wouldn't want to stay in the Vortex 100% of time anyway because that defeats the purpose of the physical life experience.

(04 Jan '15, 06:42) Stingray

@kakaboo - On the other hand, staying habitually happy will do quite a bit of belief clean-up "automatically" for you, often without you even being aware of what is happening. See A Vibrational Twist in the link in the previous comment. This is what the 30 Day Challenge is trying to help people achieve.

(04 Jan '15, 06:49) Stingray
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If you read over what you have written, I think you will find the answer. You wrote just how you feel, and that is the problem....you believe, even at the best of times, that something bad is lurking just around the corner. Somehow, out of habit, you have let that idea into your belief system, and now have found plenty of reason to reinforce it!

I used to believe the same thing, and it won't be easy to shed of yourself of this thinking overnight. At least, for me, it took some time. You'll have to practice a lot of appreciation, and you'll need to cultivate the feeling that you deserve all the best, all the time. At times you may fall short, and at times may have to constantly replace negative thoughts with positive ones, but in time, you can shake this belief and habit. Little by little things will "go your way" more often and you'll gain confidence.

I highly recommend any of the Abraham-Hicks books, or CD's, to help you with this change!

Best wishes....


answered 02 May '10, 03:21

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LeeAnn 1

Good advice :-)

(02 May '10, 06:44) Eddie

Good answer LeeAnn.

(21 Jun '12, 04:09) Paulina 1

This is a perfect example of the Law of Opposites, simply stated when you want something you get the opposite so that you can have the thing you want.

Lets say for example you want to be more patient, so you pray "God please help me to learn to be more patient, I know I don't have much but I also see it is harming my relationship, Please give me patience!"

The next thing you know is you have situations right and left that test your patience, this is wrong that is wrong you are stuck in traffic!!!! You are feeling like "why Lord why?", everything is so off and wrong, "maybe it is some Job thing I am being tested?"

Simply put the answer is you wanted patience and to have patience you need something to have patience about, while giving you the opposite you have the ability to find what you seek.

If you want to shine with the glory of God for God don't be surprised if you fall into a deep dark pit of despair, to shine for God you need a dark place to bring light to, when you bring the light to this dark place you have what you wanted.

My pastor read a story he reads once a year about a man that asked for courage and received something to fear. He asked for strength and received trials and tribulation.

He said he received everything he needed to get what he wanted.


answered 02 May '10, 05:57

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Wade Casaldi

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This is interesting.

(21 Jun '12, 04:08) Paulina 1

My two cents worth.. : - )

I find that we want change, and beg for change, but when change comes, we panic.

I try to look at my life as using what could appear to be stumbling blocks as stepping stones. I was retrenched and that pushed me into my own business.. There is always good in every situation.

Maybe the customer that canceled the order would not have been able to pay you.. that would have caused more stress than happiness.

When it comes to cash flow, try focus on that feeling of having all the bills paid and how good it makes you feel.. the rest takes care of itself. It works for me every time.

I work for myself and if I think I need a break the work disappears for a few days.. then I go.. ok, I need to pick up the cash flow.. and in a few days the work flows in. Its like a muscle, the more you work it the stronger it becomes.


answered 03 May '10, 09:44

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Etienne Olivier

When good stuff is flying out of vibrational escrow like it right now; I hoot and cheer it on. If it slows I rampage appreciation reach for the best feeling, focus blocks etc. But now I'm starting to realize I gota hoot everyday. Yes have own business know what your talking about. Come what may I'm getting up at 430 AM tomorrow to meditate. Yes even If I get a cancelation or hit the Lotto. Life out there let's take it. Let's hoot. Every great quarterback has some interceptions. The great ones find a way to win. Let's be Great. Remember we already are Great, so no worries!!! Hoot and keep hooting.


answered 11 Nov '10, 22:37

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Should get a negative thought, just say to yourself thank for sharing that. Then for the best feeling thought.

(11 Nov '10, 22:51) Tom

Perhaps it will help you to know that your situation is not isolated, unfortunately it is one of the daily challenges of life. As you are well aware, we all have what one can call Sunny days, and in the same token Rainy days and it is all a part of the nature of things, and how they works. You have to understand that we live in a world of good, and evil, and it is said that all humans have these inborn traits of good and evil in them.

So we cannot experience life, without the good, and evil, or the negative, or the positive. But we do have choices in life, and we can weed out the bad weeds, and keep the good ones. So, you have the tools to work with, therefore it is basically up to you to create your own reality using these tools! Let things work for you, and not against you. Good luck.


answered 12 Nov '10, 02:21

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