I would like some answers to this question, being that I do not know the Meaning of what conspiracy theories relates to. I would appreciate your thoughts on this subject matter.

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See this question: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1998/must-a-spiritual-quest-cross-paths-with-the-dark-arts, and this answer: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1998/must-a-spiritual-quest-cross-paths-with-the-dark-arts/2000#2000.

(16 Dec '09, 05:35) Vesuvius

Conspiracy theories exist because some people have too much time on their hands.

Most conspiracies are the product of post-hoc reasoning and confirmation bias. Post-hoc analysis basically means looking at data, after an event has concluded, for patterns that were not specified in advance. It is sometimes called data dredging by critics, to evoke the sense that the more one looks the more likely something will be found.

Confirmation bias is a tendency for people to confirm their preconceptions or hypotheses, independently of whether or not they are true. People can reinforce their existing attitudes by selectively collecting new evidence, by interpreting evidence in a biased way or by selectively recalling information from memory.

The conspiracy theorist looks at some data (like the fire patterns in the twin towers of 9/11), and reverse-engineers a theory that seems to fit the facts. He then preys on the suspicions of people to help bolster his theory.


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9/11 was an inside job because the government does a much worse job on their post-hoc reasonings than the so-called conspiracy theorists. ;-)

(16 Dec '09, 06:48) herzmeister

At the end of the day, a conspiracy theory is just that. A theory whereby a group of people claim or prove to themselves that others, usually those in positions of power, have conspired or are conspiring against the masses, for their own gain and their own agendas.

The problem in getting to the root and truth of any conspiracy -so-called- theory is in knowing which ones are real conspiracies and which ones are theories not based on facts. By the Law of Attraction, you must see evidence of that which you assume, so any direction your inquiries take will net you answers that either prove or disprove said theory.

That’s why it amazes me when people get emotional, angry or frustrated over these things. Conspiracy theorists and debunker's alike, both find what they are looking for. Who knows what the truth is.

The funniest thing I saw on this subject was George Bush saying to a group of journalists: “And let us not tolerate any outrageous conspiracy theories.” Considering that he’s allegedly one of the main culprits it’s a perfect defense/cover up maneuver, so must have fueled the conspiracy theorists fire plenty.

I think the best approach is to remain open minded regarding all theories, conspiracy or otherwise. Until such a time that you know intuitively, rationally and sanely what makes sense and ties in with your own common sense.


answered 17 Dec '09, 08:08

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A conspiracy theory is born when a passing caravan attempts to muzzle the barking dog, or when far more energy & resources are devoted to denying the said theory.

Most don't realize that the opinions they have were given to them. Including those which they must reject without examination.


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It's interesting that the words conspiracy theory tend to have a negative connotation. I would like to suggest an alternative viewpoint.

Think about the Law of Attraction.

With this theory, we are saying that as soon as we think a thought to the point where it is habitual for us, our entire Universe conspires to bring about the circumstances and events to manifest it into our physical reality.

Yes, we are saying that our entire Universe conspires...isn't that the ultimate conspiracy theory? :)


answered 16 Dec '09, 19:04

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I like this. Are you suggesting that the Law of Attraction is not a so-called immutable law? And therefore, it is just another theory that only works if you believe in it?

(17 Dec '09, 06:15) Eddie

Well, it's what those who call the Law of Attraction a theory would say. I was just representing their point of view, rather than my own. But that does bring up another issue...who is to say the Law of Attraction is not just our limited, physical interpretation of a much broader Universal Law that we cannot yet comprehend?

(17 Dec '09, 07:18) Stingray

Cool, sounds like the basis of a new question :-)

(17 Dec '09, 08:10) Eddie

Feel free to ask it, Eddie. You inspired it so you must accept full responsibility for it :)

(17 Dec '09, 08:33) Stingray

I'm free Stingray, so know that there's nothing I must do :-) Besides, I already asked a question on immutable laws. Happy to see the LOA working in my life everyday - immutable or not...

(20 Dec '09, 02:44) Eddie
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