Richard Bach once said:

Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you.

Do you agree? Why or why not?

asked 18 Dec '09, 18:45

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(19 Dec '09, 07:40) Stingray

I have come to experience this as truth. Here is how I see it, all consciousness comes from a super-consciousness, call it God Consciousness if you wish. So here is this vine and each of us are like the leaves growing from the vine, each seemingly separate, but each coming from that same vine. So each consciousness seems to be learning on it's own separate. However all the leaves are connected to the same vine, and so what one learns all learn, but do not know so at a conscious level until that person attempts to learn. In this answer we see how one affects all and all affects one, as the Three Stooges used to say "One for all and all for one" something like that. Everything is connected similar to the 100th monkey theory I believe that humans don't need that critical mass of consciousness, it is there for anyone to tap into.


I remembered reading a story of a mathematician going to India and meeting a guru there that could supposedly answer any question. He gave the guru a math question, extremely hard question actually a formula question, he then said, "if you can answer any question answer this!" The guru said "I do not understand this but you will have your answer in an hour", in an hour the guru wrote down the answer and handed it to him, it was perfect! This infuriated the mathematician and he said, "You must have cheated! Impossible! How could you know this answer? This is my own question! I have been trying to find the answer to this myself! You're a trickster you read my mind! Something!" The guru again said, "I do not understand what I wrote down, the answer didn't come from your mind, just as you said, you did not know the answer yourself." This convinced him, I hope to find this story again someday to save, it has to be out there in cyber space someplace.

I have just tried searching for this story in vain, I tried every way I could think to word it, I can't find it. I don't know where I read it from, it could have been a book, I hope others have heard of this story too.


answered 19 Dec '09, 03:15

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Wade Casaldi

edited 19 Dec '09, 05:11

Wade, you may like this enlightened master. He is enlightened & teaching in America, Canada, and India right now. The organization that is growing out of his work is called the life bliss foundation. You can find out more from, but here is my warning. I can see a cult starting to grow out of his efforts. He is not the one creating it. Those running the organization seem to be driven by monetary gain. So check out all the YouTube videos on his speeches. But follow yourself (your inner self's guidance). Don’t follow anybody else.

(19 Dec '09, 05:27) The Traveller

Much agreed, I never follow anyone like that, I like Wayne Dyer but I'm not a follower, I like Depak Chopra but I am not a follower, I like Harry Palmer but I am not follower, so I will be happy to hear what he has to say, but I will not be a groupie everyone has good and bad. Things I agree and disagree and that is good, it keeps me centered.

(19 Dec '09, 06:09) Wade Casaldi

I agree and I don't agree at the same time.

I think there is a certain value or quantity of knowledge that can be described by the concept "All that is". This is everything that has happened up to now in every way conceivable. However, this is unfolding within a moment called "Now". In this paradox of Now there is a constant passage of time. So there is a constant growth of sorts happening. It is like looking at a bubbling pot of soup in the now moment.

So this "Everything that has happened" or "All that is" has never finished happening and it is continuously expanding within now.

I believe that at any moment you take a snapshot of that "Now" there is a boundary defined by the limits attained by "All that is"

If your consciousness is participating in the expansion of that limit then you are at the leading edge of consciousness in that moment. But we constantly play with that edge of possibility by, on one hand, referring back to our database of familiarity, or "Looking back at what we have accomplished", and then on the other hand, to focus our consciousness into the unknown of unlimited potential.

So it's possible that we are constantly straddling the knowledge of "what is possible" & looking beyond that "that what is possible". Interestingly both those ideas are the same word "what is possible", only the feeling is different, (and one has a question mark at the end of it).

I believe our true excitement kicks in when we are at the edge of that known potential, and actively involved in the leading edge of consciousness. In other words "To boldly go where no man has gone before". Of course to do this it doesn't help to be all knowing.

So this could be why we can't remember our previous lives or the existence of our greater self from the perspective that we are contemplating these thoughts right now. We have chosen to forget who we really are so that we can volunteer to push the limits of what is possible. By playing in this place of forgetfulness we get to accidentally stumble on new definitions of potentiality.

If we already know everything in this point of reference where is the joy of discovery? Don't you remember that great feeling of the first time you did something? It's so much fun when you don't know what is supposed to happen or what is going to happen. I believe, This is how new things are allowed to happen that have never happened before & the universe rejoices in the discovery.

Is it not so?


answered 19 Dec '09, 03:19

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The Traveller

Beatiful quote! I agree. Why? Because the guy is right :)


answered 19 Dec '09, 01:14

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