Everything, at the smallest level possible, consists of energy. I think that someday, scientists will discover a particle so small, it will explain both how prayer works and gravity. Opinions?

I am imagining a particle that has a positive charge at one end, and a negative charge at the other. Thus, these particles would attract each other, and if there were enough of them, they would start to create gravity. On the metaphysical side, perhaps these bits of energy emanate from us when we pray, and affect reality. I see the Universe as a web-work of these particles-which would also explain why the Universe weighs a lot more than we can presently explain. Ultimately, this web-work might just be God Himself. What does physics have to say about this idea? Wouldn't it explain a lot of unknown happenings, such as why prayer works? It would also explain how thought can manifest reality.

Just pondering in the middle of the night....Jaianniah

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Think of it like water, a boat floating on water is affected by anything that causes a ripple or a wave will move the boat regardless of how small a ripple. I think its more of a condition than a particle. This water permeates in and around the smallest particle, even those particles we haven't discovered. Therefore, ALL things are connected through this condition, particle, water, ether, intelligence, universal consciousness, God, etc...Therefore, prayers and thoughts will cause ripples.


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well actually i have read that they have been to the smallest particule possible and discovered that it is made from the same stuff!One of the most exciting discoveries of quantum physics is the realization that our thoughts affect the world around us. In the quantum realm--far smaller than protons and neutrons--quantum scientists have conducted numerous experiments with the smallest particles known.

In these quantum physics studies, it was discovered that the thoughts and expectations of the experimenter were actually causing the experiment's outcome! For instance, if the experimenter thought the particle would spin a certain way, it would! Scientists witnessed that a person's thoughts were actually causing the reaction of matter--at the quantum physics level.

The implications of this and other quantum physics studies has lead quantum scientists to understand that we have a direct effect on the world around us--our thoughts are affecting the physical world in which we live. In fact, they are discovering that the power of thought literally enables us to create reality--our own reality.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quark http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eightfold_way_(physics) so the noble eightfold path of the buddhis was not so far from the truth was it?


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This is essentially what the physicists are looking for with the Large Hadron Collider.

The "God as a web-work" is a nice idea. But isn't God in everything we see? Do we need a special particle for that, or is He all particles?

The difficulty with gravity is that, in all other forces such as the electrostatic force and the magnetic force, there is a corresponding particle that transfers that force. Physicists have been successful at finding the particles that mediate all of these forces, except for gravity.


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It is unified field theory, which says that all particles exist out of nothingness, 2 particles a positive and a negative spontaniously "erupt" from nowhere, the come into being out of no-thingness they will then become attracted to each other and collide and fade back into nothingness unless something else interacts with them. (these are referred to as virtual particles)

So the answer is no prayer works via the UFT and gravity actually works via electrons pushing on each other.


answered 22 Dec '09, 02:03

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If they keep insisting on particles for sure they will. Fact is everything is consciousness which can be particulate, string, wave, totally-something-or-anything-else, or solid depending on our state. The tendency to break things down from seemingly big solid to little particles, as effective and advanced as it seems, is one of the last dregs of human habit. Yes, they may very well find particles if they think everything is particles. Particles are also the result of a type of perception. There is only consciousness. Everything is actually formless consciousness which takes on form depending on the focus that gives it such form.


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I think that when we think about something or someone with concentration, like prayer, then our electrons pop in and out with theirs, sharing our vibration with them. I think that is how remote viewing works too.


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yes, and for vibration to exist, must move against something to form a frequency and travel – RPuls 0 secs ago

(10 Jul '11, 03:59) RPuls

All is one, so it is nothing for our electrons to be sent to the site of our directed thought. It is through the same 'channel' that we get answers from the One that is All. The same as people reading minds and doing other metaphysical things.

(10 Jul '11, 16:56) Fairy Princess

According to string theory, there are no particles. Reality is made up of infinitesimal 1-dimensional strings that curl up into a loop or stay open and vibrate. Those vibrations cause the illusion of stable objects like particles and people. So, if you don't like being an electron, change your vibration and be a positron ;D


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