How would I go about finding my power animal and how will I know when it is the right power animal ?

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Michael 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I discovered that my power animal is a gorilla. The gorilla stands for leadership, problem solving, and communication. thanks to everyone that helped me in the right direction

(12 Feb '10, 23:13) Michael 1

Roy, mine felt like a giraffe and now I'm feeling a funny!

(01 Apr '11, 08:00) Miranda 1
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Some Native American tribes had a culture of identifying with a particular animal in the wild. This article might help you understand the process:

How to Connect With a Native American Power Animal


answered 07 Feb '10, 20:35

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Native American are very close with nature and we could learn a lot from them. They are attune to their spiritual side.

(08 Feb '10, 10:14) flowingwater

Sometimes, you just "know".

When I was a youngster, I was carried to safety after my many beatings by a large, Arctic Wolf I named Shadowwolf. He would let me ride him, and we would lope away to the snow. I never felt the cold- and then he would build a deep den in the snow. I would go to sleep with him in the den, and all the pain would melt away as I slept. So, as an adult, I have journeyed with Shadowwolf and we travel all over the world, seeing beautiful places and things. So I knew that the Arctic Wolf was of course one of my Power animals.

Once, Shadowwolf brought me to Finland, where I met an old Shaman woman, who presented me with a white tiger. Thus my second Power animal was given to me.

My sister knew of my attraction to Native American lore, and bought me "Medicine Cards" to work with. These you can buy at any bookstore, and they might guide you to your Power Animal.

I was also horse crazy as a young girl, and I believe that at some point, I will be involved with horses, but that time has not come for me yet.

I just always knew what my animals were- but I understand how it must be if you do not know. You must do as Lorraine says and trust your intuition, and ask. The pictures will be given to you!

Blessings, Jai


answered 08 Feb '10, 11:12

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During that time of you getting beatings I am glad you had your Shadowwolf with you to help you heal and forget the pain of the beating and to carry you off to places of learning, wonderment and protection Jaianniah. I am also glad he was with you also into adult hood as well. I hope the white tiger was a great help as well.

(06 Feb '11, 12:43) flowingwater

Thank you, flow, for the great comment and encouragement. Yes, Shadowwolf is still with me..thus all the pics of wolves around my house...Hmmm...You have gotten me to thinking- I have not traveled with Shadow for a while...Maybe I should...Yes, I will! Thanks! Blessings, Jai

(07 Feb '11, 05:58) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - always wondered where white tiger came from. :)

(24 Sep '12, 16:26) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill- I hope you are not suggesting some sort of manifesting here...LOL :)

(29 Sep '12, 04:50) Jaianniah
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I've always had a connection with animals, and there are specific ones which have come to me during Shaminic Journies which have allowed me to realize these are, in particular, my Power Animals. I have also worked with Medicine Cards and it was revealed which are my Totem (Power) Animals. The ones which are not included in the cards, but which are always showing up in my life, are definitely also part of my Power Animals.


answered 08 Feb '10, 14:30

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justTheo 1

In native American culture many people are shown this in vision quest after they achieve manhood or womanhood. They are taken out in the wild and given peyote (or whatever the specific tribes hallucinagen was) and they were taken on a spiritual quest with a shaman. Now as to do this it will truly be a matter of insight. When you are in a deep meditation ( not necessarily drug induced... but to each their own). This will usually give you the answer. The main issue is trusting yourself. When you do this in deep meditations, it is a great thing and you can learn much more. I also suggest that you might use a sensory deprivation chamber. These are generally good as well. If you do not know a shaman I suggest you look up the specific ritual if the native American journey is your thing. Also if you live in the south west U.S.A. then you can find a church in arizona called the Payeote Way Church. It is expensive but I have heard alot of good things about it. You must "donate" 300$ plus the 50$ church joining fee and you are in. You have to fast there a whole day then they will take you out to a spot in the wild and drop you off. You are shown how to brew the tea extra.If you think that this is for you click on this, so anyway this does NOT come with a shaman so only attempt if your heart is strong! Hope it helps, love n light, rob


answered 15 Apr '11, 14:10

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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I was wondering this same thing just after reading a book on the subject. I rather thought I would be an elephant or a dolphin. When I closed my eyes and mentally asked what my power animal was - a picture of a lions head appeared as clear as day in my minds eye. Then there was a flash of light from his left eye (?).

I was left shocked and delighted. I was also left wondering why it was a male lion, I was rather expecting to be female as I have a strong nurturing element to my personality.

Some of the best things happen behind closed eyelids, Michael, why don't you give it a try.


answered 07 Feb '10, 22:44

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Inactive User ♦♦

My first thought was that of being a dog. I have always felt that dogs were a bridge between people and Source for me. I have never known any beings who are such expressions of selfless perfect unconditional love and joy.

We have six dogs, four are rescues. Each are their own personality. Distinct.

When I was a commercial photographer I had a van with a platform on top. I would drive into the mountains and spend the night on top of the van, sleeping out under the stars.

I was studying the Qabala which involves astral projection to the various centers. One night, high in the Georgia Appalachian mountains, I was projecting into animals. I was a large bird soaring on wind currents. It was incredibly beautiful.

But the most intense was being a dog, loping along, quickened by the night scents, the dramatic temperature changes, and seeing through a dog's eyes, feeling the ground under my paws.

I came upon a shining being. An incredibly beautiful creature. I felt my love expand and grow toward this god-like being. I could not quite see him. Could not get close, but I felt our bond, and through that bond, Something greater whose Presence expanded throughout all creation.

Somehow our minds melded and became One. But he was high atop some large object, lying down. I stayed the night and walked away the next morning.


answered 25 Sep '12, 06:04

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Dollar Bill

This was an interesting and powerful vision, of the dog looking at me. How he viewed this human on top of the van, though he had no word for van, or human. It was all sensory input. Entirely in the moment.

When you project into an animal, or yourself in a past life. You take on the characteristics of the person / animal. You see though their eyes, sense through their senses, think with their mental patterns.

(28 Sep '12, 19:01) Dollar Bill
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