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this is the dream i have add in summer 2009 i was in a cloud place with lots of light a very beautifull and peacefull place that seamed more real than reality! then out of the mist i have saw a white tiger coming out stoping and looking at me in the eye there was no problem and lots of respect! then it started to walk toward me again! then another white tiger come from my right and they both came to rest each by my side!we spend lots of time together resting! then they have started to move away and the first tiger that i have saw turn is head and look at me eye to eye and said (by thought) that they would always be near i just need to call them if needed! so anny one made dream like this?

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I think this is your power animal, for example in karate I can take on the quality of an animal in a fight. The tiger is for me in Shotokan karate, I can imagine myself having him within me. This gives confidence authority and power. In the Chinese arts such as Kung-fu there are many power animals even some bugs, like the Bear, the Tiger, the Swan, the Praying mantas, the Panther, the Monkey ect...


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Wade Casaldi

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yes wade i agree with this! they add there own life force!and i vibrate at the same energy as them! balence at the purest form! i did not need them yet so i did not call on them!but i enjoyed it and if they want to come talk with me the door is open they are welcome! in chinese the tiger is the protector of the dead they kill demon! in budhism:Samantabhadra [All-good] Buddha is also associated with the tiger.

(07 May '11, 19:37) white tiger

wade you that does martial art you have seen the question about sensen no sen? if not go see it! it was a very good experiance to have!even if the circonstance was not good because i was attack! well the tiger made a leep in balance!smile!

(08 May '11, 04:43) white tiger all animal have virute!

(08 May '11, 04:57) white tiger
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The white tiger is one of my power animals. I was on a shamanic journey with Grandfather Coyote, and we traveled to Lapland. There I met an old woman (in the journey) who presented me with a gorgeous white tiger named Shanna. It sounds bizarre, I know, but after this happened, I began to see white tigers everywhere- T-shirts, posters, statues, TV geographical specials, etc. Unbeknownst to me, my father had a beautiful statue of three white tigers; after he died, my mom sent it to me, and it was such a welcome gift- and an affirmation, too.

Having dreams of animals is often an indicator of your power animals. I just journeyed shamanic-ally instead of dreaming. Now, when I journey, I often will travel with Shanna and Shadowwolf as well. Both of my power animals come from cold places- perhaps this is a nod to my Norwegian heritage- I do not know for sure. I have mentioned my power animals in other IQ postings. They seem to me to be an important key to my spirit world.

Thanks for your question. I hope you have more great dreams!

Blessings and Love, Jai

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thank you jai! i have add one last night and it is not the first time i do that dream!i floot very fast over the street like i would be on roller skate but going faster then a car and i always go in the same house and there is a few people there!i know that a pass a railroad turn left after a while there is park on my right then a little side walk and the house!

(07 May '11, 23:36) white tiger

what is also strange from that dream is that i always see the place first from the air!(top view) and i view my self as in the physical and i experiance it from in and out at the same time! meaning i experiance the moving of that physical self and i am out of my self and all around at the same time!

(07 May '11, 23:51) white tiger
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