Just saw a fascinating documentary called "Afterlife" where they talk about the "sameness" of NDE, regardless or race, religion, age, gender, geographic location. We are all apparently hardwired similarly.


I have had a few experiences where I was almmost killed, but never an experience of heading down the Tunnel and being snatched back to my earthly existence.

Have any of you had that experience?

asked 14 Jun '12, 07:09

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Dollar Bill

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I had an experience when my appendix ruptured and I was 3 days away from death. The only thing I experienced was being on the operating table in the hospital and talking with the Anesthesiologist about beer and he said I would be under in just a second.....next thing I remember was I quickly became conscious with a distinctive "sucking air" sound like opening a vacuum sealed container.......it was very vivid. Nothing else

.....that's my only experience


answered 15 Jun '12, 14:47

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