I do believe in Channeling but I was wondering why most people who pass on to the unseen world do not have similar communication with their loved ones. It seems logical to me that our ancestors and loved ones should be the ones to give us guidance from the otherside. Therefore everyone should have ongoing communication with non-entities. If the entity known as "Abraham" can do it then why is it that it does not happen more frequently?

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Excellent Question!!

(21 Sep '10, 00:45) GS415
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Your question makes it sound like the other side (your words) has to make an effort to communicate.

It's never like that.

There is always communication available...it's all about whether you are in a position to hear it. It's you attracting it, not them asserting it.

It's simple enough to communicate with the other side.

Here's how you do it...

  1. Feel the best that you can possibly feel within yourself. If you know how, tune yourself into The Vortex using the advanced Focus Blocks method or whatever.

  2. Think of the person on the other side you wish to communicate with

  3. Feel the powerful universal, unconditional love (and communication) from the other side coming pouring through you, because that is what that consciousness is experiencing itself and you need to be a vibrational match to it to clearly communicate with it.

Most people do not experience this type of communication because they are generally feeling loss or grief when thinking about those on the other side instead of joy and ecstasy.

One other thing, non-physical communication happens every waking moment of your life anyway...it's called emotion.


One further thing I should add before someone asks...

Often you will not recognize the consciousness that you are attracting using the process mentioned above, especially if the physical form of that person tended to have negative or pessimistic personality characteristics.

This is because resistance and negativity only exist on the physical plane and that consciousness, when not focused physically, will not exhibit those attributes. So you will be experiencing that consciousness without any negativity or resistance at all and it may seem strange or different to you than what you remember of that person...but it will be who they really were.

You can deduce from this that if you attune to someone who was dominantly happy and joyful when alive, you will recognize them immediately and clearly.


answered 21 Sep '10, 07:22

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Are you basically saying that we will be able to attract people like Napoleon Hill and Thomas Edison back into our consciousness? If I am not wrong, Think & Grow Rich seems to have a chapter on something like this.. the mastermind group or the sixth sense(cant remember) where Hill would always organise a meeting with his 'council' every night consisting of people like Edison,Darwin, Ford, Lincoln etc and the likes?

(21 Sep '10, 09:47) kakaboo

Certainly, you can tune into anyone you like, physical or non-physical. But the question is...do you really want to? In order to tune into specific people, you have to become a vibrational match to them and if that vibration is far from where you are, it can be an uncomfortable experience. That's basically the difference between those who call themselves psychics and those who call themselves deliberate creators. Psychics will tune themselves here and there, while deliberate creators will hold their own vibration and attract only what is in harmony with it.

(21 Sep '10, 17:34) Stingray

@Kakaboo, actually, Abraham may already consist of edison, hill, ford, lincoln, darwin, etc.....

(21 Sep '10, 20:06) RPuls

@RPuls: maybe they do consist of those people, but the question here is regarding a specific person(e.g one's loved ones) and the council of Hill just popped up in my head. And if you say they consist of those people, then you could also say that Abraham just consist of everybody and everyone which would make no difference in whether they are your loved ones or someone you dont even know

(22 Sep '10, 00:51) kakaboo

Stingray, I fully agree with your answer. Actually I know how to make contact and I do it all the time. I put the question out there to stimulate discussion.

(22 Sep '10, 22:58) Drham
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It's not a part of the plan of the universe for most of us to be communicating with our relatives who have passed over. Yes, there are some exceptions, but as a general rule, we should not communicate. You might ask why? The so-called dead would not move on and enjoy the next plane of existence if they were to stay close to us, worrying about our problems, looking out for us, having to give advice and so forth. And perhaps it is healthier for us to live our own lives and not be looking to those passed on for help a lot. And since we all have many hundreds or thousands of ancestors, aunts, uncles, cousins and so forth on the other side, we would be just inundated with advice, information from others, unable to live our lives independently and making our own decisions about things. I think it sounds nice, and comforting to communicate with those who are gone, but when you really think about how it would go in the long run, the current system of things makes more sense!


answered 21 Sep '10, 00:56

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LeeAnn 1

Im with you there,makes sense to me

(21 Sep '10, 14:53) Monty Riviera

What is the difference with Abraham? Why are they interfering with our lives on earth?

(22 Sep '10, 22:55) Drham

They aren't interfering with specific loved ones; rather their message is for all to take or leave. It is nothing like the more personal interference we would have from a departed loved one.

(23 Sep '10, 04:27) LeeAnn 1
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Abraham is multi minds united.


answered 21 Sep '10, 00:26

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I believe this is because Abraham is not just a soul between densities. IT is a HIGHER density being. Like non physical. Treb was asked about that and he said it is 7th density or higher. Stingray said how fascinating it was. here

people who have passed but are still in the incarnation cycle are between 3rd and fourth. Look at pic here to understand better.

love n light



answered 08 Nov '12, 19:23

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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