This question comes about from watching some of Rob's channelling videos of TReb Bor yit-Ne

I can't find anywhere obvious related to those videos that the concepts can be discussed with others, and the ideas seem relevant to IQ, so I hope no-one will mind if I bring them up here to examine more closely.

So I guess this is probably a question for Rob (or his source) to answer but I'm happy to hear from others also.

Here's my question...

I was watching a video with TReb Bor yit-Ne (Rob's source) where it was explained that on TReb Bor yit-Ne's world (in the Capella system), those inhabitants had refused to give up having an army on that world - though that army was used for "defensive" purposes only.

You can hear the exact wording from the video here

I don't really know where I stand right now on ideas of "Galactic Councils" etc and I've yet to encounter any alien beings other than the ones that apparently follow me around from time to time :) But I've eaten my own skeptical words enough times in my own life to be willing to be open-minded to new ideas.

So, for the past several days, I've been mulling over this idea of an alien race with knowledge of "reality creation" refusing to give up an army, because it seemed surprising, and I just can't find a way to reconcile that approach with my understanding of how universal law operates.

To my understanding, a focus on defending against something can only attract the thing you are defending against.

I remember Abraham once talking about this idea regarding Jerry Hicks. At one time, Jerry was quite involved with fight training and he found that he was encountering street fights regularly during that period of his life. Abraham explained it was his focus on protecting and preparing himself for those fights that was also attracting them. That focus was attracting the vibrational matches of fights...defending and attacking are two ends of that same aggressive-feeling vibration.

I encountered similar manifestations in my youth when I would spend a great deal of time focused on how to defend myself physically from the "bad guys" in my life and, as a result, there seemed to be a never-ending stream of them out to get me wherever I went :)

So I'm finding this idea of TReb Bor yit-Ne's race refusing to give up arms a bit troubling to my understanding.

I can only assume that TReb Bor yit-Ne is a rather insightful, perhaps unusual, being among his race, and others of his race (the ones who make decisions about military matters) might still be in that defending or attacking kind of mindset.

I would be interested to hear Rob's view (or his source's view) or if anyone else has a different idea.

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edited 08 Apr '11, 11:31 also in my session with Rob source he talks about the defense of his planet.

(08 Apr '11, 22:00) ursixx

That was a great session, Ursixx...the speed of consciousness is "the speed of light to the power of 10" and Abraham originates in the "7th density or higher" . Fascinating ideas :)

(09 Apr '11, 07:24) Stingray

by the way, how di you get the visdeo to come up EXACTLY on the time you wanted? that will be usefull. i just posted somthing on the question and if i would have known this iw ould not have had to write out teh time on the video to show. if you can explain this i would be VERY greatfull, :-) thank you !!! love n light, rob

(09 Apr '11, 17:09) TReb Bor yit-NE

ohhh yes, i forget the info fo the sessions from who asks what lol. i forgot that you were asking about the army as well ! :-) i appriciate your great questions ursixx :-) love n light 2 u all

(09 Apr '11, 17:20) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Rob - if you want the YouTube video to start at the 1min, 45sec mark then add #t=1m45s to the URL e.g.

(09 Apr '11, 19:00) Stingray

I watched that video and was wondering how an army from one density attack a planet from another density and how an army from one density can protect their planet from beings from another density?

(10 Apr '11, 03:10) Fairy Princess

@stingray thanks !! @ Juniper, these answers in a simple form are spoken of in the vid above that ursixx posted, if you are not up to watching the whole video to get a simple answer than i will explain, when you are going into a lower density you are able to see and interact with them because you have already experianced them, (exept 3rd, 2nd n 1st all co-existing) when you try to go from a lower to a higher,then you are only able to interact when you have the energy or consiesness to persieve them, most humans do not, you can only interact with them if they mannifest in your density otherwise

(10 Apr '11, 03:55) TReb Bor yit-NE
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here u all are, i thank u all for forcing me to look at the fact that my subjectivity and my core beliefs can be affecting me more than i would care to admit! i wished u could all experiance him like i do when i am with him in medditative state, i know my lack of intelect affects the way he comes through and this doesnt happen when i am. any way weather you "like" or "accept" his answers,, here they are!!!! i hope it is ok if not, i am not sure what to tell you, i know he changed my life for the better and his info has helped sevral dozens of others, i suppose when you have been exposed to info like this for as long as you all have its easier to pick through it . any way love n light n here u go!!! prt 1 prt 2 prt 3


answered 10 Apr '11, 05:11

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks so much for this, Rob - I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. The idea of the Law of Attraction operating differently on a collective basis than an individual one is an idea I've not considered before. I'm going to have to reflect on this idea for a while before replying - if a reply is necessary. But thank you (and your source) again :)

(10 Apr '11, 08:57) Stingray

I'm choosing this as the accepted answer so that it appears at the top. I think it would be helpful to others following this thread in future to hear TReb Bor yit-Ne's own direct answer to the question first since the question was about something "he" said

(10 Apr '11, 10:15) Stingray

thank you, i went to bed with doubt that i might have had major issues with connectivity, i woake and talked to him, he tells me to watch the vid and see what i feel in a less frustrated state, it helped, i think more than anything what he says to me that made me realese my fear is " it is not my job to show u my validity, it IS my job to show you yours", after i watch that vid, i just get an email inviting me into a channeling group, they sayd they have been watching the messages and invited me, this group is a popular so i was happy to have this verrify as well, thank u 4 hellping me as well

(10 Apr '11, 13:26) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks to Rob and TReb Bor yit-Ne for a fast response. I'll remain open-minded and guess I'll understand more about this stuff as and when I need to. I agree with him Rob, just be yourself and speak your truth, no matter what. No justification is ever necessary :)

(11 Apr '11, 00:15) Eddie

thank you eddie, i realy appriciate that especialy comming from a guy who is very passionate about finding the truth! love n light to you all! oh by the way i was just asked this morning to join a few of americas top channelrs in the Brother Veritus´ Community which is the ones known as the galactic federation of light channelers! i am exited and thank you all!

(11 Apr '11, 01:10) TReb Bor yit-NE

Nice one, enjoy the channel’s circle Rob... Oh, btw for clarity's sake, I don’t believe that war’s bad if those who’re indulging in it need to learn something from it. Consider this: I’m one of the most peace loving people you’ll meet, but I love playing the latest war game videos; the virtual reality, strategy, weapons and teamwork etcetera. No one dies, although egos get hurt { :-) } and I’ve never felt like killing anyone outside of that reality and I never will!

(11 Apr '11, 07:52) Eddie

lol, ty eddie, i appriciate it, i do not still know if i am going to join it but i was invited, they said before joining i had to do some reading and i am going to have to see what the protocall and to see if my source wants to join this, ty and kkep on the games, they are fun and can actualy teach you alot about yourself and build prob;em solving skills, love n light

(11 Apr '11, 08:45) TReb Bor yit-NE

after watching and reading more of the g.f.o.l vids, i as u all know, never joined them lol. but i am moving along now starting 2nd book soon

(11 Aug '12, 11:16) TReb Bor yit-NE
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When I was a kid, my dad told me to be prepared in my mind for defending myself physically. I don't remember exactly what he said, but my response was to imagine an attack and me defending myself. I don't know at what age this started, but I did get many attacks on myself as a child and even as an adult. I always defended myself. Even from a sexual predator when I was eight. The thought has occured to me that by creating those images in my head, I caused them to happen. I quickly changed my mind though because I knew I didn't want to blame myself for being attacked. But now that I am aware of the LOA, I can see that it was my thoughts that attracted it. I have been aware of the quality of my thoughts at various times in my life. I have forgotten again as well and got caught up in life. Now that I have been introduced to the LOA, I have good reason to be mindful of my thoughts. This all led me to think that in planning a defence, we project on ourselves the attact (Before I knew LOA). I too have thought that if we didn't have a military, we wouldn't need one. However, since we are a collection of people with free will to think what we want, we collectively must agree on this or it will not work. A house divided cannot stand. If some of the people are in a good mind that creates peace and harmony, and some people are in a mind that is fearful, hateful, and angry, they will create war and pain and suffering. They won't allow the peace an harmony to be the thought of the day and so the need for military remains. We would all have to be of one mind to overcome the need for a military.

Now as far as channeling goes, I take it all with a grain of salt. What I believe about Satan is that he can spin a lie up in truth so that it all seems true.


answered 08 Apr '11, 14:54

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Fairy Princess

well fairy princess being in harmony does not mean picking a side. you are in harmony there is no side to pick. you just know it like you know black and white. is a white tiger black or white or both colours?

(07 Nov '11, 05:56) white tiger

(07 Nov '11, 05:59) white tiger

I also find this a bit hard to digest. I guess my skeptical mind is still on the fence as to the authenticity of this entity. Although I realize that most of the channelled information coming through Rob is loving and uplifting I also think a dark energy or dark consciousness would be cunning enough to provide 99% uplifting material in the hope that the darker message contained in the 1% would reach a widespread audience.

I'm not inferring that Rob is a fraud or inauthentic in anyway but I'm just not totally convinced that the entity coming through is the real thing.


answered 08 Apr '11, 14:32

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Assuming that the source of this is sound, and i think for the purpose of this answer i will do, then:

My first thought is that a race who have a pretty good handle on reality creation would be in my mind a little further ahead on this matter than we are. I know this sites full of individuals who believe in this but i feel generally were not as a race really sold on this concept.

So i think its a shame that a more advanced race spiritually are still stuck in the same rut that we are.I know ive made a bit of a leap in announcing there further ahead of us,but im doing it for the purpose of an answer.

It would seem that a generally accepted view of reality creation still doesnt work "all" the bugs out of a societies problems.However the alien society still on balance,even with there army and lack of total understanding,be a better society than the one we enjoy. And i know im generalising there too.

I also think(second thought ) that although we may well create the majority of our reality,there is still some scope for other factors to play out in our lifes scenarios.Maybe you wouldnt agree with this Stingray,and im not saying that your wrong, "BUT" it may be that others share my feeling for this,even others from this alien race.

It could be their hedgeing there bets a little!

Now i may be faulted in believing this,but i can assure you that i do. Perhaps they do too, and perhaps there wrong as well!

They may be further down the road than we are, but not a million miles ahead.



answered 08 Apr '11, 15:00

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Monty Riviera

Hello I did NOT see this quite soon enough lol. I am sorry that I did not, I will explain this to you in the best way and the exact way it has been explained to me. The fact is when it comes to the law of attraction all "deals" that you make before your life come from a "non aware" side of your consciousness (if they were not then your awareness of them could greatly effect the outcome), and are not available to you until you have completed the physical being cycle of your entity, NO MATTER HOW ADVANCED THEY ARE, whether it be in the mental, physical or spiritual (also remembering that we are not "fully" enlightened until we are able to access ALL of this info after physical existence!)

Therefore you can NEVER be aware of the free will of "integrative" or "aggressive" entity's and if it is in their own "attraction" to take what is yours, you should also understand that this race was mixed with an animal race, much like we were and still carry their warring nature, they have learned to contain this to a purely defensive form and my source is only a spiritual advisor and not a military man.

It is not fear of the threat of this army of the ancient reptilians attacking them that makes them keep the army; it is the well known advantage of them taking this planet as a strategy. The ancient reptilians want this area of the cosmos in their control because it is one of the only 5th density planets that are not under their full control in this area. If they gain control of this planet then they have the tactical advantage of moving the lower density (4th) beings in and out of the area to do things that the higher density beings (5th &6th) can do; like manifesting everything instantly, all new races into the fourth density are not manifesting things as well or instantly as the higher ones can.

The idea of instant manifestation is correct in the fourth density but it is not until towards the end of that curriculum, so if they need supplies, more men, food, or whatever else they haven't learned to manifest, they have to wait for other, higher densities to get it. I suppose the idea of the killing of loved ones also plays a part in this, probably more of one than I would like to admit, but even if you know for a fact that the ones who do not survive will come back, it is still a loss of somthing you love.

I do understand all of your issues. Belive me I spent two years investigating whether or not I should share this with anyone because I was not just worried about all the issues of people mocking me or belittling me I also know that channeling an entity that you are not 100% sure is comming from a good place can be VERY dangerous! I know that. I was told by a man who deals with alot of great channelers and some of the most famous in the world. His name is Wynn Free. I talked to him 4 over six months about my entity and after mulling it over with him, I am sure it was safe.

I know that you all are not calling me out, but you are calling me out :-) I would (as well as him) would expect nothing less!! I do see why the army is an issue and that is why I am soo aware of the reason, I have went over this with him alot. We talked for weeks as I explained my ideals of a perfect and loving race is not one wth an army, but he did assure me it was needed, everything else he has told me, including several correct predictions about goings on in the near past, had always been correct and seemed to be great, I also asked a man who does all the P.R. for David Wilcock (or at least he claimed he was?) about my source and he tells me that in channeling, sometimes your consciousness or sub-conscious interferes and if a small prtion of it makes no sense, then you should dissmiss it; that is what he says David Wilcock's stance was on this is.

This does not seem very right to me but even by my own admissions I am a rookie to this. I do this to try to help others as much as my source has helped me, that is all. I am not doing it for any other reason, I have never charged a penny and when I was offered "donations" I never took them. I know that to some this sounds so rediculous, but this is what I have been told. Now you all have said that you do not doubt my reasons for sharing but JUST in case someone does I want to make sure that you all understand this!!! I hope this helps?!?!?!? love n light, rob


answered 09 Apr '11, 00:23

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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another issue i will bring to light, in the 5th density possitive, you stop having just unconditonal love, you learn the immportance of responsibilty and the gaining of knowlege, wehn they are holding there planet they are fufilling a responsibilty not just to their own race but in others to protect this planet, sometimes you do not want to do things but you must do them because it is your responsibility, weather it is a self imposed one or not! IE. having an army when you believe in love and doing so even when the penalty requires that you cannot join the council that you are searving :-)

(09 Apr '11, 00:32) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks for the answer, Rob. I'm going to have to think this over for a while. Until fairly recently, I would probably have attributed all these intergalactic power struggles and "battles" as someone watching too much science fiction. Then I came across a Pleiadian channeller who made the point that the inspirations that those science fiction writers receive must come from somewhere...and that has really made me think twice. Probably like most people, I tend to think of us in physical and then everything else non-physical. But it does make sense that human reality and all our earthly...

(09 Apr '11, 06:06) Stingray

...conflicts and power games may just be representative of a broader picture going on beyond this planet. From that point of view, it would also make sense that our Earthly governmental structures (such as councils) may be just be physically-manifested mirrors of other non-Earth civilizations. As I said, I'll have to think this over for a bit. If you are okay with it, I might post some further questions in future, either based on this or other information from source.

(09 Apr '11, 06:12) Stingray

Can you clean this up a bit, break it into smaller paragraphs, and run it through a spell-checker? It's very nearly unreadable.

(09 Apr '11, 06:15) Vesuvius

@ vesuvius i will try, i am sorry and i wrote this in a hurry, @ stingray i will never be upset or thought to harrased by anyone questioning my source, i do it all the time. that is teh ONLY way to see his validity! at first i thought that you didnt care for me but after talking to you several times, i do now see that you are just doing your job as geting to the bottom of the issues. i belieb that most who just acceppt what they are handed are feeding into the very way of thinking that we are agianst, thank you for being kind even in your doubts, thank you all :-)

(09 Apr '11, 15:32) TReb Bor yit-NE

there you are !! spellcheck! as far as sentance structure and paragraph? well this should make it MUCH mroe "readible", hope that helped ! :-)

(09 Apr '11, 15:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Rob - Yes, I am always interested in new and different perspectives. There is a saying that you'll never know what your house looks like until you take a walk outside :)

(09 Apr '11, 19:03) Stingray

@stingray, i had my source speak about this 4 you, he covered for the other veiwers the same things i already said that he spoke of to me but he also added a few things that i was never made aware of before! i will post it soon. when i do i will send you the link ok? lnl, rob

(10 Apr '11, 03:22) TReb Bor yit-NE
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We have Abraham (non-physical beings) channeling (or insert word) information through Esther Hicks and Bashar (4th density future self being) channeling information through Darryl Anka, and many others, such as Kryon. Anyone who fully believes in the reality of this knowledge (and its source) and the method of dissemination, shouldn’t really have a hard time believing that beings from other worlds or universes can and actually do channel information.

If you cannot allow for that possibility, you may want to scratch the term ‘law of attraction LOA’ from your vocabulary and use any other words which describe exactly the same principle that governs this universe and always has; because Abraham (or rather Jerry & Esther) have claimed that particular term ‘LOA’ as their own :)

I've watched about two thirds of Rob’s videos so far and wanted to watch them all before commenting on them, nevertheless...

Regarding the armies

In my view, anyone who still believes they need an army to protect themselves has not fully understood reality creation. Even if aliens had previously invaded, because our beliefs dictate the reality we perceive and experience, simply refusing to believe that another invasion will take place means that in the reality that you personally perceive and experience there will not be an invasion; even though an invasion may occur in a parallel reality.

Anything other than that would be a violation of our free will (choice in every moment) and that is impossible. We all create and get to experience exactly the reality that we buy into, no exceptions.

Any kind of defense, by its very nature, implies preparation for war. Attack and defense are two sides of the same coin. The moment visions of defending for an attack are believed in and bought into, the opposite side of the coin - potential for attack, by definition, must automatically be created. Hence the war game will always be perpetuated by wrong thinking or thoughts which do not serve us.

So what’s going on here? Obviously, Rob and TReb Bor yit-Ne are not bad entities trying to pull a fast one - I don’t believe it’d be possible for a negative entity to spread so much love and light for the purpose of trapping a few unaware souls (I don’t buy it!). I suggest that the reason this being is reflecting ‘seemingly sound’ information along with, in my view ‘out of place’ information, may be due to the Rob’s own beliefs, definitions and state of consciousness.

This suggestion is based on the idea that each ‘other’ in our reality is a reflection or an aspect of our own beliefs, definitions and consciousness. Put another way, Rob brings a version of TReb Bor yit-Ne through who still contains the elements and misunderstandings of war because those ideas are still contained within Rob’s consciousness. If Rob cleaned up his own ideas, maybe TReb Bor yit-Ne would report that his civilization has disbanded its army and has been accepted by the galactic council, just
a thought


I am a 3rd density being who understands the nature of war. And that knowledge came to me from another 3rd density being. A lot of other information that resonates with me comes from Abraham (higher than 4th density?) and Bashar (4th density) and my higher self. Those beings may say: 'this information is no longer available (appropriate) through this channel,) but they never say 'I don't know.'

I don’t want to compare or judge any being because I realize that there must be reasons for the apparent discrepancies, although I do have a puzzling question for TReb Bor yit-Ne. He’s a 5th density being, so why does he, quite often, state that he doesn’t know? Surely a quasi-physical 5th density being would know as much as Abraham and Bashar? I propose that TReb Bor yit-Ne be given the opportunity to reply himself and a video of his reply be posted here, what do you say?


answered 10 Apr '11, 03:47

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hello eddie, i do not disagree with the fact that my subconcies can interfear with this, i do want you, if you have not had a chance to look at the vid that he say to him , somthing he has never said before is sometimes the messages that he tryes to relay are not able to be sent because of this, heres the exct part, this is a VERY good posibility, u nee to listen from where i marked it to the about 7min. ok this he tellas this guy himself that i am still having to work on that and i have NEVER counted that out as a possibility. love n light

(10 Apr '11, 04:23) TReb Bor yit-NE

i wasnt able to ask him a few of ur questions,unfortunatly he already responded to this before you posted, i do not understand where or in what vid he keeps saying i dont know, from my recalection he has answered many questions uless he wasnt able to read an energy from a spicific person,it isnt as easy he explained to read one energys from over half a world in my week body as say in a room, also mot of the worst connections we had were in the early vids,, i still am new at this and i only share this to try to help others most who understand channeling know that teh connection can effect info

(10 Apr '11, 04:39) TReb Bor yit-NE

I think that TReb Bor yit-Ne's "I don't know" might be referring to Rob himself - that Rob might not still understand how to put TReb Bor yit-Ne thoughts across in words that humans would be able to understand. It's just like Abraham and Esther Hicks having to go through long methods and ways just to deliver something simple.

(10 Apr '11, 16:33) kakaboo

@Kakaboo: If what you said is correct, then perhaps, it would make sense for him (Rob) to get someone to help him to interpret, and document the messages that he is receiving, so that that everyone can understand it easily!

(14 Apr '11, 00:03) Inactive User ♦♦

@Vee no its not that.. its like Abraham so called transmit their thoughts to Esther Hicks in the form of vibration rather than human language, and Esther tries to find the best words in the English language to represent these thoughts. In TReb Bor yit-Ne and Rob case, it may be the same.. that Rob has troubles finding the exact words to convey TReb Bor yit-Ne thoughts in something which humans can understand.. its not just a simple thing of getting someone to intepret what his source is saying -.-

(17 Apr '11, 05:42) kakaboo

that is VERY true,, teh way that it is communicated ,, he has said that it has been hard to do this for my vocab is horrible and that my beliefs can also interfeerre! thank you all!

(07 May '11, 01:44) TReb Bor yit-NE

be the circle not the yin or the yang. then you will not atttract neither. you will be in control.

(07 Nov '11, 05:51) white tiger
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The "Law of Attraction" doesn't do away with fear-based ego's and the false defensive "self". Until that time, "armies" and defense mechanisms will be needed, whether human or other. People channeling entities usually have a hard time distinguishing their own garbage from the "entity", hence take it all with a grain of salt.


answered 08 Nov '11, 02:29

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it is said if you want peace prepare for war. and it is not the fact that you have a weapon in case a robber comes at home that will bring the robber. usely the robber will not come if he sense danger. in martial art to be on the defense and being calm is a sure way to win. sensen no sen. experience and enjoy.


answered 07 Nov '11, 05:43

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

yes,, this is one way top see it and in teh book we did,, it gets much more in depth in these ideas. love n ligfht my freind

(07 Nov '11, 18:45) TReb Bor yit-NE

he its is my friend rob glad to ear from you. hope everything is going find.

(08 Nov '11, 00:49) white tiger
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