How does thought increase the number of brain cells?

In lesson 6, review question 56, of The Master Key System, the answer states, "Thought produce brain cells......" My understanding is that thought will affect the cells in our body, but to actually produce them is hard to grasp. So if we think too much, our heads will explode! Just kidding. But I would like some clarification about the "producing" vs. "affecting" brain cells by thought.

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In a sense, yes. This book lays it out, and you can get a gist of its contents and findings on

(31 May '13, 00:48) lozenge123
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I ain't no expert on the subject but here's a couple of articles that certainly corroborate the idea that thoughts do create brain cells ... "Scientists used to believe that the brain stopped making new brain cells past a certain age. But that belief changed in the 1990's as a result of studies ..."

"Before we could observe active changes in the neurons of the brain, neuroscientists assumed the brain was either static, with no new cells, or deteriorating, with cells dying as we age. With increasing technology, scientists can now see that this was wrong. Important parts of the brain continue to make new cells throughout our lives."

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Jai Recants!!!

@Sonja- Hey,there! Jai here..Up until recently, it was believed that unlike the other cells in our bodies, we are born with all the brain cells we will ever, ever have! New studies have shown some promising results. See for more.

Thought does increase brain pathways and cellular action in the brain. All the experiences witnessed by our senses are stored in long chains of DNA molecules in those cells, and the brain is still by far the best computer on the planet as far as complexity goes. The more we process things in our heads, the more connections are made between the sides of the brain and also between various sites of the brain.

So, our heads will not explode no matter how much thinking we do, nor will it explode from too much data. But- and this is a big but- Homo Sapiens Sapiens' brain and skull are generally getting bigger species-wide. In some countries, a tenth of the births are by C-section, partly due to the larger head size of our children these days. (Believe me, I pushed out four kids, and I thought my body was going to rip in half- gross but true..I know, TMI>>>LOL!)

So...Think away, my friend!....



Sorry about screwing up your name!

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@Jai put your glasses on - not snow.. or do you know something I don't?

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@ele- Thanks for the heads up! I am tired...

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sorry @Jai too late to delete my comment.. It's ok - must be going around - I've been mixing up some stuff lately myself. I wonder if you would have wrote a slightly dif answer if you didn't think it was snow who asked the question.

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