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My question is that I can't really imagine what it would be like to be with my soul mate without imaging a certain person. Not one person in particular it varies but there has to be someone in my visuals. Lately its been one particular person but I do know that its not actually him but someone like him that I really want. Does that delay my manifestation regarding love?

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I had this same problem! It took some concentration to stop seeing a particular person, and to instead see the bigger picture, but with repetition, it does get easier. I visualized scenes such as this one: My wedding day and seeing a male hand slip the ring on my finger--felt the weight of the ring and etc. I turned around to see how happy some family and friends were to be at my wedding, and I felt the feelings of being loved and happy, and knowing that I was with the right person for me. I didn't see his face because I didn't look! I looked down at my wedding costume, and was happy with it, etc. I don't know if this will work for you, but it sure did for me. Best wishes!


answered 03 Oct '10, 20:36

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LeeAnn 1

I just told my subconscious the following two affirmations.

  1. I am attracting my perfect mate.
  2. My perfect mate and i are being drawn together.

Did this for a year or so and didnt give anything else a second thought. When my mate appeared a lot of my other problems were solved as well.

I was very surprised that God gave me someone as nice as the wife. Frankly my expectations were surpassed. Im a big believer in leaving the details to the Deity.

Must also admit that i did little or no creative visualisation..i just affirmed until it became the first thought that entered my mind every morning. Hey..i could just have had bit of good luck....but i doubt that!



answered 04 Oct '10, 09:20

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Monty Riviera

I wouldn't use another as an example of whom I wish to manifest as my soul mate.In a way I do feel as though it would get in the way of you getting your true love. My soul mate, is like nothing and no one I was capable of percieving myself being with (I was 18.) He was a penniless immigrant with broken English, thinning hair and a walrus moustache! Yet he was kind, generous, gentle, intelligent, polite and I was head over heels in love with him and couldn't see my life with anyone else! As it turned out, we shared a class in college and he'd been trying to get my attention for 2 months! We're married now for 24 years, and the frosting on our happiness is he turned out to be a financial genius :)

So don't limit yourself to that one example of manhood, open your eyes as well as your heart, you might truly be surprised "whom" you might find.

Have fun! namaste


answered 04 Oct '10, 08:41

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I think your question is at odds with itself. You say "soul mate" as if it's a random person and then say a particular person. My feeling is that you are focusing your attention on the lack of that particular person. The Universe answers what you put your attention to, "bad" or "good". So as you try to manifest a soulmate for yourself, your are also paying attention to a lack of that other person.

I suggest that you write down all of the QUALITIES of that person and just focus on those things. What if you could be with a person that had ALL of the qualities that your particular person had? Even looked lie them? Then you would truly be happy. More than likely we are "in love" with the idea of a person reather than the actual person (in this case I may be wrong).

But if I could be with a person who I lost in my past that had all of her qualities, I would be happy.

Thanks, I think I will manifest a person just like her! See, your question just helped me.

Much love to you and I know you will be with the person that you are meant to be with and you will have endless JOY.



answered 05 Oct '10, 12:23

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jim 10

What do you hope to see when you visualize your perfect mate?

Do you want see the person's good looks? Do they have blonde hair, blue eyes? Are they tall, athletic?

What about their other qualities? Are you looking for someone that has integrity? Is kind? Has a sense of humor? Knows who they are? Has a career? Appreciates you for who you are, and not some idealistic image?

The intangible qualities of a person (what you cannot see with your eyes) are certainly as important as their physical attributes, if not more so. And you already know what those qualities "look" like.


answered 03 Oct '10, 20:34

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It should not matter what image you give to your soul mate but rather the thoughts associated with the type of person you desire. You need to identify the feelings associated with the person you desire. You may want someone who can make you smile and feel good. The person you are now desiring will manifest those characteristics or you will attract someone else who does. Either way you will get what you desire. But you must maintain an open mind.


answered 04 Oct '10, 23:57

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Life is full of surprises, so although you cannot see your soul mate in your visualization exercise that does not mean that he will come to you or you will not get what you want. In fact, you might end up getting something much more rewarding than you asked for. So, do not panic, continue using the LOA to manifest your heart’s desire.


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I would say Yes. If you are intent upon a particular person, then you are not open to who your Soul needs. The final stage in manifesting is surrender to God/Infinite Wisdom/the Universe. It's not about asserting what or who you Ego thinks you need.


answered 19 Jul '14, 16:20

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